Matt Badiali Has Some Important Advice For Investors Related To The Energy Sector

Matt Badiali joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 when he started up the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. As an expert in investing in natural resources, Badiali earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State University. He also earned a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic and began to work on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. Before finishing up his Ph.D., he was convinced to get into finance and investing by a college friend.

The friend just knew that Matt Badiali would make the perfect natural resource investor due to his knowledge of science and geology. He was absolutely correct because Badiali soon became the expert investor his friend envisioned, and he traveled all over the world to check out his investments and to learn more about the different sectors he was entrusting his money to. Badiali’s travels have taken him to Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, and many other countries, where he has explored abandoned mines, worked on oil platforms, and interrogated CEOs about the state of their company.

Matt Badiali understands that it takes a lot of education and experience to be able to read the natural resource market. A lot of speculation is involved, and the sector has a very cyclical nature, according to Badiali. This means that a successful investor will not only have an understanding of the market, in general, but also of the science pertaining to the natural resource world.

Matt Badiali has been working to alert his readers about a change that is coming. This change will be taking place in the energy sector as the world transitions from a fossil fuel-based industry to one powered by electricity. He believes that the only thing standing in the way of this happening is the current holding power of the planet’s batteries. Once a battery is created that can hold a significant amount of power, the change in the energy sector will begin to move forward. He is alerting investors to the fact that now is the time to begin to invest in the kinds of companies that will be capitalizing from this shift.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews, Smart TV for the New Age

An award-winning TV program named NewsWatch TV has the perfect formula for keeping its audience entertained for more than two decades now. It shows reviews of different electronic gadgets, devices, new technology, and news on health, celebrities, travel, and entertainment. Bridge Communications, LLC owns this TV program. This company is committed to communications and video production. The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Michael Tropeano and Michelle Ison. The reports are shown by Amanda Forstrom, Leslie Alston, Scott Steinberg, and Chris Vaughn.

People can catch the show, NewsWatch TV every Monday at 7 AM. It is shown on ION Television network and the AMC Network as well. You can also catch it on other privately syndicated local channels.

One of the main reasons behind this show’s success is its constant evolution. It always tries to keep up with the latest trends and technology. The show’s very first episode was aired in 1990. It started as a monthly program that only featured financial news. But the company realized that it had to keep up with other trends as well, and so, it started featuring other news by mid-1990. It was covering news and entertainment as well. Thanks to this move, the show’s audience grew spectacularly.

NewsWatch TV began focusing on tech gadgets in 2011. The program introduced its consumer reviews where they would review different tech devices and gadgets. This move of adding a new niche in their program resulted in a huge audience and views growth. NewsWatch TV has also worked with several Fortune 500 firms to produce paid reviews. This has helped the program with its evolution as well.

The program also features a segment where they interview different celebrities from time to time. Chris Pratt, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Skerritt, and Julie Bowen are the some of the names that have made appearances on the show.

Eric Lefkofsky Starts New Company To Help Cancer Doctors

There are a few guiding principals to entrepreneur Eric Lfkofsky’s professional career. These are to be bold in execution, take calculated risks, and constantly pivot. He is applying these principals to his latest Chicago-based firm, Tempus Inc. His companies goal is to provide doctors with cutting-edge technological tools they need to successfully treat cancer.

Tempus is helping oncologists deliver personalized care to their patients who are battling cancer. They do this by providing interactive analytics and an online platform based on machine learning. They built the largest cancer care database in the world which is analyzed by artificial intelligence and provides doctors with the best treatment options for their patients. This is all based on genomic sequencing where the cancer patients that have been treated in the past better inform the treatment of current patients.

Many people are most familiar with Eric Lefkofsky as one of the co-founders of the global e-commerce marketplace Groupon. He is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded many other prominent companies such as Mediaocean which is offers other firm’s integrated media procurement technology. He also co-founded Echo Global Logistics which applies technology to outsourcing and transportation. Another company Eric Lefkofsky co-founded is Lightbank which invests in promising technology startups. Click here to watch video.

Along with his wife, Liz, he co-chairs their charitable organization the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. They fund high-impact projects that improve the lives of people in the communities they serve. He also serves as a trustee for multiple not-for-profits like the Museum of Science and Industry and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky says that idea of Tempus came about when someone in his extended family was diagnosed with cancer. He was astounded that physicians didn’t have cutting-edge technology and data to assist them. He started looking if anyone was addressing this issue and as it turns out there wasn’t. It was at that point that he decided to provide the solution himself.

He says that when he co-founds a company with his business partner, Brad, they are usually trying to find a solution to some problem that isn’t being addressed. If they spot a problem people or companies are having and if nobody is providing a solution they figure out how to act.

Gareth Henry The All Star of Investment Managers

Gareth Henry is an American investment manager. He is currently a partner and Global Head of Investor Relations for Angelo, Gordon. Gareth Henry also holds a position with the Fortress Investment Group as the head of International Investor Relations. He graduated in 2001 from University of Edinburgh Scotland with a Science degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. Gareth Henry‘s degree would usually pull an individual towards the field of insurance but Mr. Henry thinks he was drawn to finance because of his ability to have positive relations with colleges and strange’s in regards to investments. Mr. Henry was able to figure out how to merge finance with mathematics.

There’s not another mathematician that has matched the success of Gareth Henry when it comes to utilizing finance and mathematics together to formulate financial success. Another key aspect of Gareth Henry’s success is his passion for customer service. Helping customers achieve financial success and providing great customer service is a recipe for success. Gareth Henry is also well traveled and diverse across many cultures. He has done business with individuals across the U.S, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Henry has so much experience that he was actually offered the partnership at Angelo, Gordon because of it. Mr. Henry is big on being active he believes that activity creates opportunity. This is why his calendar is always full from morning until night. These activities can range anything from morning calls to late night dinners. Read more on

As the Head of Global Relations for Angelo Gordon comes much responsibility, such as communicating with existing investors and keeping them up to date on current events. One of the most challenging task for this position is bringing new investment dollars. Gareth Henry’s peers talked about in an article how he was very good at getting investment dollars through hard work and relationship building. You have to stay ahead of the curve in investment management. Meaning sometimes you may have to use alternative forms of investments to keep ensuring client returns. Mr. Henry has had great success because he found his calling and perfected it.


Alastair Borthwick: journalist and soldier

Writing a classic of its genre in a single field and to produce an entirely disparate sphere is a rare talent combination. For Alastair Borthwick who passed on at 90, this came easy. His initial literary success was Always A Little Further that was a vivid memoir of a life in the Scottish highlands. This was published in 1939. He followed it with another one, San Peur in 1946 and focused on his participation in the Second World War. Both works earned Alastair Borthwick acclaim, especially among outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Alistair Borthwick was born in Lanarkshire and bought up in Toron, Ayrshire. He moved to Glasgow at 11 years old and attended high school. Alastair left school to join Evening Times as a copy taker and later moved to Glasgow Weekly Herald. He wrote and edited women, film and children pages, and the letters to the editor. It is through the paper’s open-air page that he discovered a knack for rock climbing and what he wrote on the subject was published by Faber. This made Always A Little Further a joyful classic of outdoor literature.

Alastair went to London to work for the Daily Mirrors but left a year later. He joined BBC Radio Broadcasting, dealt with topics touching on outdoors, and had a talent for spoken word. Alastair Borthwick could produce a script that would defy anyone to know that its author was the one reading. Borthwick later joined the 51st Highland Division, 5th Seaforth Highlanders and served in the western desert, Europe and Sicily. He was promoted as a captain and in most cases worked as the intelligence officer.

Once the conflict was over, Borthwick and his wife, Ann did not return to the city but moved to Jura in a small cottage. They stayed here for seven years, and it’s the period within which their son Patrick was born. Alastair secured a three-year contract with BBC to report on post-war Scotland. He also wrote a weekly column for the News Chronicles and worked for Grampian TV in the 60s. Alastair Borthwick breathed his last on September 25, 2003.