Jason Hope Promoting the Use of Internet of Things Technology

One of the serial entrepreneurs in the United States, who is well-known for his passion for the technology and futuristic thinking, is Jason Hope. He has helped many young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by funding their start-ups as well as guiding them to transform their vision into reality. He is heavily invested in the mobile marketing and development industry and owns several mobile application development and technology firms. Jason Hope says that the mobile technology seems like saturated from the outside, but there is the tremendous potential that remains undiscovered. He is working hard with senior developers and industry experts to bring forward mobile technology that can help change people lives on both personal and professional front.

One of the new technologies that Jason Hope is highly excited about, considering he is a passionate futurist is the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that would connect different electrical appliances to help work in a coordinated fashion. Many different sectors have already started researching on and developing applications of IoT technology for their industry. The Internet of Things technology would help in many different ways to improve efficiency and productivity in companies, and more information click here.

The workload on employees would be reduced by a significant margin with the use of IoT technology. In the aviation sector, the Internet of Things technology has already been implemented by many airline companies. It is helping the technicians to keep a check on damages and repairs and take the necessary corrective measures without spending hours. It is because the IoT technology is helping the technicians to know precisely where the damage has occurred and doesn’t have to spend hours locating the area where the repairing is needed.

Similarly, Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology can be used extensively in the transportation sector to reduce traffic and accident and increase the use of public transport. The IoT technology would help in ensuring that the people can get real-time data about traffic in the areas they would be visiting and the route they would be taking. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology would change the way people use technology in the future. He says that IoT technology would replace the smart technology that is being by people these days in the future. Jason Hope is also a passionate philanthropist and believes in giving back to the communities, and is associated with many charity organizations in Arizona, and Twitter.com.

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Louis Chenevert- Former CEO UTC

Louis Chenevert is an accomplished business executive in Canada. He has been the General Manager at General Motors. However, his biggest achievement has been at the United Technologies Corporation where he served as the chief executive officer. Louis Chenevert is a French-Canadian who holds a bachelor in production management. Louis served as the general manager at General Motors s for about 10 years before moving on to join the Pratt &Whitney unit. This is one of the business and production units of the United Technologies Corporation. He served at Pratt & Whitney unit for 6 years after which he was appointed to the position of the president of Pratt & Whitney unit in 1999. At Pratt & Whitney, he served as the president for 7 years. He was then appointed to the position of the CEO and President of the entire UTC.

Louis Chenevert achieved a lot as the leader of the corporation, which is worth more than $100 billion. What Louis Chenevert managed to achieve in just a single year is what many business executives achieve after years of work. One of the initiatives that he undertook after taking over the executive role in the company is to recommend the purchase of Goodrich. UTC purchased the company for $18.4 billion.

For Louis Chenevert to succeed at UTC, he identified two areas that he needed to work on. One was technology and the other was human resources. Having been in the business sector for a long time, he had the requisite knowledge and experience to manage such a high profile position. He wanted to make the company better than he found it. Louis Chenevert believes that investing in technology will move a company by a great length but when a company invests in the people sit will move to greater lengths.

Through the Employee Scholar Program, he ensured that many more employees of UTC accessed further studies. UTC has helped over 40, 000 workers further their education. Many employees have attained degree courtesy of the program. In the U.S alone, UTC has spent more than $1 billion in education for its workers.

Dick DeVos Has Made Great Strides In Public Service

Dick DeVos and his wife have always been heavily involved with local communities in Michigan. The couple is very passionate about education and has made several donations to support organizations that make it easy for children to attend school. They became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. The Education Freedom Fund is a program that provides money for low-income families, which allows them to attend the school that they choose.


The Children’s Scholarship Fund donated 7.5 million dollars to the Education Freedom Fund. Dick and Betsy DeVos matched the 7.5 million with 7.5 million of their own. They also cover all of the expenses for the operation of the Educational Freedom Fund organization.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation provides millions of dollars in donations to many different types of programs. The basic subjects include art, education, religion and free market economic organizations.


The DeVos family commissioned the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. It is the first of its kind in the nation. It is unique because it is a charter high school. Establishing the West Michigan Aviation Academy as a charter high school means that there is no tuition required to attend. This makes it possible for anyone to experience this unique academy.


Dick DeVos always had a passion for aviation and believes that it provides an interesting perspective for high school age children. Betsy DeVos is dedicated to education. It was her who suggested that her and her husband combine their to loves and present them as an opportunity for others.


The DeVos family supported Artprize. Artprize is an art competition that is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The event started in 2009. They donated 22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts management. The Institute was later named the DeVos Institute of Arts at the Kennedy Center. The institutions provides training to art managers and board members on the different levels of professional development on an international basis. The focus point is the institute’s Capacity Building Program. The program offers technical assistance through seminars, web chats as well as on site consultations.


Dick DeVos is a native of Grand Rapids Michigan. He went to a public school there and eventually attended Northwood University. He attained a bachelor’s degree and then briefly studied the Wharton School and the Harvard school for business. DeVos returned home from college to join his father’s business in 1974. Dick DeVos worked in every aspect of the company as he rose to the rank of Vice President.


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Why Do Prison Rely on Securus Technologies?

I am employed in a state prison as a guard, and I can tell you first hand how invaluable a service Securus Technologies has provided our facility. To start, our jail has become one of the most violent in all of California, mostly due to the increase in gang population over the last decade. These gangs think they run the prison, and they try to rule with an iron fist and make examples of those who do not comply, including the police.


My superiors have realized over the last few years that officers need help because the gang population continues to explode. Each time younger offenders reach are jail and are recruited, the gangs get stronger. The only things we can do to try and turn things around is limit access to weapons and drugs, to help keep the inmates from being in a more dominant position.


In the past, the only way that we could do this was to scan inmates and guests and the visitor center for contraband. If we could stop guests from bringing things to the jail and inmates from bringing those items to their cells, we could reduce violent episodes in the prison. That was all about to change when we reached out to Securus Technologies to update our jail phone system.


Securus Technologies makes telephone monitoring systems that are software driven, allowing my team of officers to be able to get back on the front lines instead of being stuck in a room listening to phone calls all day. If the LBS software picks up on conversations related to illegal activity, the alert goes out and now we are in a very unique position to be able to get ahead of the trouble.


With the help of Securus Technologies, violence has significantly dropped in our facility over the last six months.