The Artful Renowned Doctor Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden was born Austin Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Doctor Walden attended another school to receive her Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship for being a surgeon. She ran her practice in New York up until 2011, moving back to Austin. Doctor Walden worked in her for eight years and counting. Out of 851 women in the field, Doctor Jennifer Walden is one of them. Jennifer Walden is one of the dozen surgeons to work in Texas. The doctors spoke on how difficult it is to stay in the medical field. It takes about six to seven years to get a medical degree and a fellowship to be a surgeon, yet delaying that chances of having kids for some women. The cosmetic doctor also states she is fine with having to prove to the mainly male-dominated field every year.

Women are the biggest clients to get cosmetic surgery, either to remove saggy skin or anything they request to be gone. Jennifer Walden understands this better than the average male cosmetic surgeon. Walden says her patients feel more comfortable with her about specifics parts of their bodies. That her patients do not feel judged because of the type of modifications they are requesting. Dr. Walden tells her patients about surgeries will get someday or had done in her life. She moved back home after her time in New York for her family and her fellow Austin citizens. SHe realized her community wanted cosmetic work done like everyone else in the world. To know more about her click here.

Jennifer Walden took classes on women and psychology. She wanted to help women in ways that a talk session wouldn’t do. She became a surgeon to help give women that confidence boost and sense of self again. Dr. Walden says that being a doctor is to help people and she wants to continue helping women. Jennifer Walden is happy to help her fellow women. She wouldn’t do her job if it was for vanity, and if it wasn’t helping people or causing strife in her gender.


Meet Sunday Riley: The Woman Behind the Infamous Beauty Brand!

Sunday Although much is known and loved about Sunday Riley the beauty brand, little is known about the woman behind the brand, creator and Texas entrepreneur, Sunday Riley. She has been gracious enough to let us into her world and share some of her personal beauty secrets, her thoughts behind launching new products, and the deciding factors or motivations behind making huge product changes within the beauty line. She feels a sense of responsibility to provide the best product possible for consumers.

Sunday Riley explains how when she launched the company in 2009, there was a serious lack of knowledge and resources in what she calls “green technology.” Green technology includes the combination of botanical ingredients and science-based ingredients. She expresses her desire to make the absolute best products as possible for consumers. If she feels as though one of her products are not performing to the capacity in which she desires, she pulls it from production. She realizes that producing the perfect formula takes time, patience, and dedication, in which she is willing to see through if that means providing consumers with the best product possible.

Most of what Sunday Riley learned was on the job. Everything from texture, scent and experience is thoroughly considered during the formulation process. She holds a great amount in all of her products, however if that prides dwindles in the least bit with any product, she cuts them from the line. If there is any room for improvement, she will certainly find it, even if it takes 100 tries.

She understands that the key to a beautiful complexion, is healthy skin. The ever-popular product “Good Genes” which is a lactic acid treatment helps to cleanse the skin by removing impurities and dead skin. As she explains, one has to cleanse their face. A person can spend billions of dollars on the best products that the world has to offer, but if it’s being slathered on dead skin, then the process is pointless.

Her products cover all of the necessities that are needed to take care of and beautify consumers’ faces from point A to point Z. Sunday Riley as a person is the entire package, and she’s teaching us how to be also through her infamous brand. It’s no wonder her Dad picked a unique and beautiful name for her. Dad knew that she was destined for greatness!

How Unroll Me is Helping Businesses Protect Digital Integrity and How the EU is Fighting it

Unroll Me, a new subscription service that was designed for the purpose of helping you keep your inbox de-cluttered, is also able to eliminate emails that don’t belong there. This is why more companies are looking into this service to aid in keeping the integrity of their digital platforms and other tools as safe as possible. This means that if there is a way to live a safer life in a digital world, it is certainly made possible with the help of the two young men that created this service.

Protecting digital files, as well as keeping your email clear of problems is a true benefit when you choose to sign up for Unroll Me. Your personal data and other information is often relayed through email. This means that your personal information is up for grabs when the right person is able to crack the code. Your personal safety is really on you. So, what can you do?

When you do get these emails, make sure that you read them and know the privacy policy. You don’t want to invest in something or some company that is going to gather your personal information for the purpose of selling it to someone else for the use of making a buck or building another database. Another beautiful aspect of Unroll Me is that they developed an app for Android. This means that your digital devices or smartphones are also protected.

Many folks read their email on their phone, and having an app available for your phone that makes this possible to continue to filter out the junk is important for your protection of your personal information. Unroll Me initially released this app for iOS, and Android was second. However, users are pleased and report feeling better about exchanging their information through digital technology.

The only drawback so far with Unroll Me is that the EU is examining all sides of their policies to see whether or not it will interfere with their ability to do business. The release of the GDPR is all about keeping anything private as such, and not compromising on that one bit.

Wes Edens: The Fortress Investment Group.

When policies and regulations affecting the way banks issued loans to businesses were implemented into law, there was a group of investors that decided to offer alternative assets investments. As a relatively new industry, the alternative asset investment industry has helped turn around businesses that were facing closure as well as providing assets in growing businesses. One such group is the Fortress investment which was co-founded by Wes Edens. For years the group has worked with businesses on many fronts to ensure their continuity and eventual success. The investment firm that issues private credit and equity and the dedication of a team that is focused on the growth of their investor’s returns. As the firm continues to grow, under the leadership of Wes Edens, the number of activities and ventures keep rising.

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Recently, the group pledged their initial public offering on NASDAQ which is expected to earn the investment group as much as 100 million dollars. The funds, initially, were to be directed to the newest venture for the firm, which is the supplying natural gas in Jamaica as well as improving the infrastructural needs of the community. Claims that are yet to be confirmed since IPO may take a while before it happens. The New fortress venture, headed by Wes Edens has shown much growth aspects and seem inclined to be successful. The New Fortress venture is quickly spreading from the three Jamaican terminals, there are developments in Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Mexico. Wes Edens’ New fortress was initially established in 2014 by the Fortress investment group for the gas-power venture in those three areas, as the new Fortress Energy company.

Wes Edens has participated in a number of business ventures some of which are drawn from his hobbies and passions. He is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team, a renowned skier, entrepreneur and recently he added hotelier to his resume. With his track record, the gas company under the fortress umbrella is set to experience much growth and success in the delivery of gas and infrastructures needs in the said countries. The success of the company has already started to be seen with Ita rapid growth from the initial goal, Jamaica, to other countries.

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Deirdre Baggot Extraordinary Career

Deirdre Baggot’s exceptional career precedes her reputation. She is a well respected medical practician that has been in various fields in the medical industry. Deirdre is known for being an excellent payment expert that has introduced new payment methods that are meant to generally improve the quality of care. Deirdre Baggot is very skilled and has a wide range of knowledge in the medical field which stems from her education. Baggot is a holds an MBA, Ph.D. and an RN. Baggot attended the University of Southern Illinois, Loyola University and the University of Colorado. Baggot’s venture into payment methods for healthcare institutions was stemmed from the need to create an effective method of payment. She came to the realization that the payments that were being used were difficult to implement and required a lot of time. This is a disadvantage to the patients who require a quick method that is convenient especially if they are critically ill. Visit their website at

Deirdre Baggot, therefore, created a method of payment known as the bundled system of payment. This new payment method is solely focused on providing quality healthcare. The bundled payment method takes the streamlined approach which solves all the problems that institutions had with the old system of payment. This new payment method according to Baggot is highly effective for critically ill patients as they can be attended to as soon as possible. Deirdre Baggot is willing to help healthcare organizations implement this new mode of payment. This is because she is aware it can be difficult at first and a huge adjustment will be required. However, Baggot hopes that all institutions can adjust to it as it does not focus on quantity. This mode of payment also assists institutions to focus on what is vital and what their patients need. This, therefore, ensures customers satisfaction.