An Interview With Todd Levine About the Changes in Litigation Over the Decades

Miami lawyer Todd Levine handles hundreds of legal cases annually representing clients in real estate, property, and investment cases. The University of Florida graduate holds a JD Law degree and has almost 28 years of experience in legal proceedings. In an interview posted on the Kluger Kaplan Blog, in September 2018 he discusses the changes in litigation and his musical talents. Over two decades, technology has made a remarkable impact on his career practicing as a licensed attorney in Florida.

In the past ten years, since the beginning of the 2008 Great Depression, Todd Levine said business disputes will consistently rise regardless of the condition of the economy. It was his response after being asked about how commercial litigation evolved over the past 10 years. He says the difference between now and then, is the disputes type he witnessed in the courtroom. Todd saw many litigation cases involving distressed and troubled assets. Today, there are more disputes over ownership to receive shares of profits earned by companies and corporations. See more here

Technology has a positive impact on his legal practice in the past 20 years as it continuously changes with new developments. Todd Levine said in the blog, that it improved the efficiency and productivity for him and his partners at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L, in Miami, Florida. Their tech resources enable them to find relevant law pertaining to prior federal and state law cases quickly. The tools available today makes their jobs manageable dealing with the amount of evidence in documents in a huge database.

Before technology, it would take Todd Levine weeks to months to search case laws, statues, and thousands of legal documents. It will remain a major factor of the legal practice that makes information accessible within minutes. Not only has technology impacted his career, but his musical talents contributed to shaping his life in the courtroom and home. He enjoys playing the guitar which he’s played since the age of 10. He ended the interview saying that his musical background allowed him to discover his creative side for clients and develop different approaches to resolving legal problems.

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Jacob Gottlieb a Healthcare Investment Expert

Jacob Gottlieb is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has investment interests in early-stage startups in the healthcare industry. Gottlieb latest venture in the healthcare sector is Altium Capital that is headquartered out of New York City. Altium Capital is a firm that focuses on investing in startups that have the potential for growth and above all provide essential health including medical treatment advances.

Jacob Gottlieb before setting up his latest venture Altium Capital founded Visium Asset Management in the year 2005. Visium management just like any other startup had humble beginnings. The firm within ten years had grown to be a leading asset management firm with assets worth more than 8 billion dollars and employed over 200 people. The firm moreover under Gottlieb leadership expanded both locally and internationally and had offices in New York City, San Francisco and also the city of London. Gottlieb a serial entrepreneur before establishing Visium co-founded another investment company known as Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. At the firm Gottlieb made a name for himself as one of the top portfolio managers who made huge gains on investments. Other firms that Gottlieb has served and helped established include the New York-based Merlin Biomed Group where he also served as a Portfolio Manager and Sanford C. Bernstein & CO., LLC where he worked as a healthcare investment analyst.

Gottlieb is an alma mater of both Brown University and the New York University Medical School where he earned a BA in Economics and an MD respectively. Gottlieb is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a P.R.M expert.

Jacob Gottlieb at Altium Capital has already identified three potential companies to invest in. One of the firms is Oramed Pharmaceuticals that is making advances in the treatment of diabetes. The firm is reinventing the treatment method through the innovation of oral treatment alternative as opposed to injectable drugs. The other firms are Amarin Corporation which focuses on the development of cardiovascular drugs and Oragenics.

Gareth Henry Lessons On Reposition In Real Estate

Investor guru Gareth Henry recently posted about value ad real estate investing as a means of maximizing money with minor repositioning. This coincides with the main objective of real estate investing to make most of the money for investors. Repositioning has become an essential trend being harnessed today.

A while ago, urban renewal was a common addition to the developing cities such as Detroit, Cleveland. A major account of the firms and families sort refuge and convenience in other parts of the cities.

According to Gareth Henry with the passing of time, the urban renewal concept has paved way for the repositioning of the real estate. It has become a rising trend in real estate holding a lot of potentials for investors to grow their returns. However, Gareth Henry suggests that success is not guaranteed as it requires the following of some approved guidelines.

The first step advised by this investment guru is to recognize your strengths. A common requirement of the repositioning is the change of quality, character, and purpose of the property. It calls for recognition of your limits.

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Another crucial step is choosing the targets since the concept of repositioning requires the convergence of different forces. The technology is transforming the workplace and changing the landscape while creating new opportunities for repositioning.

As expert in investing, Gareth further gave examples of minor projects which can make a great difference when under repositioning. The appearance of the project can undergo cosmetic changes to impact the tenants while at the property. It holds an immediate payoff.

While carrying out structural repositioning, it involves the change of the layout or developing new amenities. It includes adjusting or updating the mechanical systems. To run smoothly, the operations of the property also need to change. This is followed with the payoff which is well planned with a lot of research and feasible expectations.

In case you are a real estate investor, Gareth encourages for the wise choice of the location. You also need to proofread the budgets for repositioning. This is followed with a systematic assessment of the competition in the neighborhood.

Repositioning is taking over the real estate venture. Gareth Henry is an expert in private credit and hedge funds at the Global Head of Investor Relations in New York.


The Success Of Vinod Gupta


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group, an investment group with specialties of funding database startups, acquiring failing businesses and generally using database technologies effectively. Born in 1946 in India, Vin Gupta had the opportunity to immigrate to the United States and eventually earned a degree at the University of Nebraska.

After college, Vin Gupta began working for a company that made mobile homes. His job was to get the company in contact with mobile home dealers, and he discovered that there was no comprehensive directory of the contacts he needed. Therefore, he created one himself, which was a long and arduous task. When his directory was complete, however, it was understood by everyone involved that he had created a valuable tool.

From the experience, Vin Gupta realized the value of resources for business-to-business communication, and he went on to form his own company. As his company developed alongside the digital revolution, he moved into the emerging field of computer database management where he has stayed ever since.

Philosophy of Business

Today, as Everest Group moves into new markets such as digital printing and background checks, he relies on the team he has put together over the years to take care of daily operations while he devotes his own energies to looking ahead and planning long term. As a leader of a business, he believes it’s important not to get bogged down in detail but rather focus on the big picture. See This Page to learn more.

Vinod Gupta has seen radical changes in his field since he got out of college, and he has embraced them all. Looking to the immediate future, he is excited by the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence and wants Everest Group to be part of this upcoming revolution. Despite all his success, he has experienced many failures and learned from them.



Kimberly Bakker: Event Planner Extraordinaire


Family has played a tremendous role in Kimberly Bakker’s life. She is proud of her lineage as a member of a pioneering California family that arrived in the state in 1848. Her parents raised her in an enchanted environment and she is seeking to do the same with her daughter. While Kimberly Bakker is a hands-on parent of a young child, Bakker is also the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, a successful event planning company.

Just as developing relationships is the key to success within the family, Kimberly Bakker believes relationship building is the path to success in business. Bakker uses local vendors who represent the best talent in her community. Kimberly Bakker believes that local vendors offer personalized customer service that isn’t available from national firms. As for her staff, Bakker has built a team of assistants who know her company’s goal is to make the client happy. View Additional Info Here.

Bakker realizes that a good event planner develops a niche and does not try to plan every type of event. She specializes in upscale, private events that are family oriented. In addition, Kimberly Bakker believes in getting to know her clients so that she can provide them with a personalized event that seems like it was planned by a close friend. Kimberly Bakker serves clients and guests from every imaginable background and she wants each of them to feel welcomed and included when they participate in one of her events.

An event planner must be attentive to detail. Bakker always confirms key details with vendors. Before heading out to one of her events, Bakker makes a second check that she has all of her equipment. Bakker adds touches from her family life to her events. She has been known to use her grandmother’s china and tea sets at her clients’ celebrations.


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