Anthony Constantinou: A Researcher For Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is slowly integrating into our society, and according to scientists, they will be the key to the future. AI research is one of the most in-demand courses in universities today, and a lot of people are trying to study the effects of an AI-supported society, and how it could affect our technological advancement. In the United Kingdom, numerous schools and institutions are dedicating their time and effort for the creation of research studies about the role of artificial intelligence in our world today.


The Queen Mary University of London, known for its prestige and high standard in the academe, is one of the places where AI research is being practiced. The school has set a high standard for the people that they hire, and they are looking at the applicant’s background before they can decide if they will be accepted or not.


Anthony Constantinou is an Artificial Intelligence researcher who managed to get through the university’s strict selection process. He currently works as the head for the research of Bayesian AI. He is also working as a lecturer assistant professor at the university. Anthony Constantinou admitted that he is fascinated with how AIs transform the world today, and Anthony is researching the field of study to discover new things that would revolutionize the way people look at robotics.


When Anthony Constantinou was still studying, he took up a degree in Computer Science and enrolled at the University of Hertfordshire. He continued his studies and enrolled at the same university, taking up a degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Go Here for additional information about Constantinou’s credentials and successes.


His studies did not stop from finishing his master’s degree, as he enrolled at the Queen Mary University of London and took up a Ph.D. degree. Today, the research works that Anthony made through his entire life at the university are used for the advancement of the AIs.


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