Distinguished Architect and CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects is a body of architects and professional designers in the United States, it is the largest and the oldest body in the industry and was formed in 1857. The organization stands to see that the public gets valuable, safe and healthy buildings. The organization has over 200 international and local chapters, and as such, it is promoting the industry to the whole world. The organization is concerned with the wellbeing and economic vitality of the people.

AIA also play a role in boosting the welfare of the members. In today’s dynamic world, the organization has a role of updating the members on changes that are happening in the industry. By providing them with tools that will make them aware of the changes in the industry, this organization is building a lifetime career for its members. It also engages the government and other bodies to incorporate the role of architects when finding solutions to some of the community challenges. Members of this organization adhere to a strong code of conduct and ethical behaviors that will keep the industry and the organization clean. Find out more about Robert Ivy at bizjournals.com

Robert Ivy is the current CEO and executive vice president of AIA. His role in this organization has been to drive the development of the architecture industry and careers. His role has been vital in getting the members of the organization up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, a lot has changed, and the organization is doing more to establish a strong link between the people and the architects. Building awareness about the industry is something that should be encouraged since it will make the public realize that there is a lot that this industry can do to enhance their surroundings.

Robert Ivy is the winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018. He was chosen for the great career and phenomenal achievements as an architect in the 21st century. His contributions have been recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Letter and Arts and became the first architect to receive this award. Robert Ivy joins a list of high profile artist such as Morgan Freeman who have won this award in the past.

More about of Robert Ivy: http://architecture.tulane.edu/alumni/profile/robert-ivy-faia 



Surf Air Is Offers LA Travelers Membership Mobility

The big airlines keep changing the rules. Airline researchers discovered that the airlines are adding extra time to their flight schedules in order to maintain an on-time arrival record. Some airlines added 30 minutes to their flight times to ensure punctuality. And to make matters worse, United Airlines increased the cost of checking bags. The first bag fee is $30 instead of $25, and the second bag is $40 instead of $35. JetBlue and Air Canada also changed their checked bag fee.



Getting to your final destination costs more, and it takes more time to get there. Plus, the airplane boarding process is still the crowded nightmare business and vacation travelers try to avoid. But avoiding the travel mess in most cities is unavoidable. But there is hope things will change in the airline industry. One airline is breaking out of the congested travel mode and offering passengers a more sensible and futuristic way to fly.



Surf Air, the California-based membership airline is offering passengers membership mobility in Los Angeles, Texas, and Europe. Millennials who use Rideshare and electric scooter options to avoid traffic gridlock want an airline that lets them book flights 30-minutes before takeoff. And they want an airline that has legroom and decent food. They want an airline that lets them fly as much as they want every month for an affordable membership fee. Surf Air is the airline that offers passengers those options, and more.


The company operates Pilatus PC-12s in executive interior configuration to and from convenient airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Metro Area, Santa Barbara and Truckee Lake Tahoe, with service to additional locations to follow. See This Page for additional information.


If people want to fly from LA to Las Vegas four times a month without the seat-booking hassle and the long security line frustration, they choose Surf Air. And if European Millennials want to fly from London to Munich several times a month, they choose Surf Air. Surf plans to expand their membership service to other cities, and Millennials in those cities are waiting to embrace this five-year-old airline with open arms.



Check out Surf Air’s new app on https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/surf-air/id592008851?mt=8

Jeff Herman: A Career With Meaning


Jeff Herman began his long career in law as a commercial litigation lawyer. During that period, Jeff worked with cases that handled large corporations and small businesses and their various legal issues. However, twenty years ago he was asked to represent a young boy who had been molested. The case was one that changed his entire career. Jeff Herman didn’t feel fulfilled protecting companies in court. Finding justice for that young boy twenty years ago made it apparent that he needed to focus his work on helping other children.


The case that defined Jeff’s career wasn’t just a case of a young child being abused. It was a case that showed how institutions can fail to protect the children attending them. The man who molested Jeff’s client was a teacher for a preschool. He was also a known sex offender. Normally, a sex offender wouldn’t be allowed to work at a preschool or other institutions that have children present. However, the man lived in California when he was first convicted as a sex offender. Jeff Herman later moved to Florida where he became a preschool teacher for autistic children. The school didn’t perform a proper background check and that’s how the sex offender was able to become a teacher and victimize his students.


He founded Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


Jeff Herman knew he had to do something that would make a difference. Jeff now uses his experience in law to hold negligent institutions accountable for actions that cause such heinous crimes to be made possible. He challenges churches, schools, extra-curricular sports groups, scout troops, and any other institutions that allow children to be harmed by neglecting to follow basic procedures that are designed to help the victims.


Jeff Herman provides useful information that’s critical in preventing your child from becoming a victim themselves. He says that children are often targeted simply because they don’t know what sex is that it’s an inappropriate action. Educating your child through honest conversation is critical in protecting them. No one can completely protect their child, but by educating them and telling them what type of behavior is wrong and what they should do if someone does abuse you can arm your child with the mental tools necessary to stop abuse. Click Here for more information.



For my information about Jeff and a more detailed list of things to teach your child: Visit https://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeff-herman-childs-champion/


Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI group. He also currently serves as the president of OSI foods international Ltd, LLC. Sheldon joined the meat industry approximately 43 years ago and has a tremendous performance in this sector.

He became the chairman and CEO of the OSI group, and since then he converted the organization into an international food supply corporation which provided a regular supply of foodstuffs to the global food market. Mr. Lavin gained much experience and professionalism in industrial development in the 1970’s. He was involved in offering financial aid in Otto and Sons which ultimately developed into OSI group.

Through hard work and dedication, Mr. Lavin managed to help in the growth of the OSI group into an international company. The company therefore can brag for having more than 60 locations across 60 different countries with a workforce of over 20,000 personnel worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin has been an outstanding entrepreneur and in recognition of his dedication to his work he has been awarded major vital awards. This includes, The Global Visionary award that he was given by India’s Vision World Academy on 20th February 2016. Through persistence, perseverance and dedication of Sheldon Lavin to the OSI group, the company has received numerous awards under his watch.

Some of the awards gifted to the company include the Globe of Honor Award given by the British Safety Council. Sheldon Lavin has also greatly helped in the expansion of the company’s operations through the entire world. He has greatly impacted in the growth of the food and beverage industry by formulating proper solutions in the industry. His fruitful efforts were recognized by Forbes by ranking OSI group as the 66th company in beverage and food market and named it as the leading firm in the universe.

Sheldon is therefore one of the leading entrepreneurs and an inspiration to many future generations. Sheldon’s achievements are countless, and his impeccable administration strategies have earned him the admiration and respect he from many of his peers who aspire to as successful as he is.

For details: cityscene.org/the-life-and-achievements-of-sheldon-lavin-osi-group-ceo/

Stream Energy: A Sweet Melody Many Disaster Victims Will Live to Sing

When catastrophes strike a community or place, humanitarian help is not optional. Some people in certain countries lose their loved ones and properties through some inevitable natural disasters. Houston is a place many people remember well due to the devastating Hurricane Harvey that struck it. Many people were left homeless and without any hope of another better life. Nonetheless, some organizations came to help the victims get back on their feet. Stream Energy was one of the companies that showed incalculable compassion. It gave a lot of financial and material support to the victims. Some people informed the company’s officials in their Dallas office about the catastrophe, and they were amazed to see how quickly the company responded.

Stream Energy is a company known for the quality discounted energy products is supplies. Most of its products are highly consumed in Dallas, Texas. The company is also effective in nurturing other entrepreneurs and supporting philanthropic programs. Many other companies in this city find Stream Energy a role model. This company works closely with other companies it owns such as Stream Cares. With the help of other philanthropic organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army, Stream Cares has made a huge impact among the less fortunate in the country.

The company played a great role in helping the affected people get on with their daily lives and return to their homes during the Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy was also sensitive to its customers who owed it some money, and it forgave them their charges. This company is always available and supportive in any of the development programs the local communities have. Being philanthropic is a culture Stream cannot denounce. All the employees in the company are passionate about philanthropic activities, and that’s why they quickly respond whenever they are informed about it.

How Stream Energy responded to the Hurricane victims will linger in people’s minds for a long time. The company used its charity kitty to ensure the victims were up on their feet again. Many people consider Stream Energy, a true corporate citizen in the country. It does everything possible to make the community better than it was. For this reason, the company has managed to penetrate the energy market, and it has increased its public visibility.