Betsy Devos, a Woman of Integrity

Betsy DeVos is one of the quintessential women in politics today. She has proven that you can come from a humble household and become a political leader. After many years of hoping to become a legislator in Michigan, DeVos rose to become the 11th US Education Secretary. Her educational choice beliefs were seconded by President Trump who believed that she was the right person to change up the system and end common core method.


These were policies that had been talked about before, but they didn’t receive so much press until Betsy DeVos started campaigning for more states to have educational choice options. Many states were hesitant to add these programs because teachers were very critical of the program. The reason was that it would put students first and possibly pull students out of schools where they were zoned to start learning in virtual schools.


DeVos has seen that charter schools and private schools can help communities. He was able to work with many educational leaders in Michigan when she drafted the “Kids First!” Coalition, which sought to put kids’ needs first when it comes to school. DeVos wanted students to have the option of rejecting their zoned school for something better.


Educational choice isn’t all about private schools and charter schools either. IT’s also about being able to pick where you go and how you get an education. Some students are better off learning from home, while others simply prefer to pick a program that will interest them. Many public schools continued to be stuck in teaching for the standardized test.


Education reform isn’t a new topic. It has been a challenging program to reform since the 1980s, when a report was first revealed to the Reagan Administration about the poor performance of America’s schools. It was these kinds of reports that would come up again in the “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl. The interview asked personal questions of DeVos, as well as what she thought was the most successful program since she had taken office.


DeVos replied that Florida was the most successful because of its educational choice programs and the only tuition-based scholarship program. DeVos has been working with First Lady Melania Trump to visit schools in Florida, starting in Miami. DeVos will continue to work towards educational choice reforms across the country. At the same time, she is also concerned with school safety and worked hard to bring security leaders and school administrators to get a better handle on lockdowns and making sure students are safe from guns.


DeVos will continue to fight hard for her educational choice platform through 2020.


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