Business Professional Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur and partner at the Light speed Venture Partners. Her love for innovation and creating new things started at a tender age. Her father who was an architect fueled this passion. She was captivated by her father’s designs and models and desired to be an architect too.

Today, Ashley Lightspeed is recognized for her achievements and innovativeness. Before joining Lightspeed Venture Speed Partners, Ashley worked at Thumbtack as the Category manager. She has immensely contributed in helping Light speed Ventures create new consumer products.

Moreover, Ashley has offered strategies that have led to the growth and expansion of the company. By embracing diversification in its operations, Lightspeed Ventures Partners is currently one of the leading venture capital firms that are generating very high revenues.

Ashley Lightspeed was dedicated to pursuing her education. She graduated from Duke University with a degree in Visual and Media Studies. Later on, she continued her Master’s program in business at Stanford University. Her education laid a strong foundation in her career.

During an interview with Ideamensch, Ashley talks about prototyping as a useful tool for realizing business ideas. She also points out that the Apple Podcast App and Spotify are software that makes her more productive in her day to day activities. Notably, Ashley ability to establish good business relationships has played a role in her career. Her hard work and commitment make her an exceptional entrepreneur.

Ashley advises young entrepreneurs to be flexible and quick to adapt to changes in the business environment. She believes that people should not be afraid to try new ideas. Her extensive knowledge and experience at Lightspeed help her to offer advisory services to enterprises. Ashley explains that it is vital for a business to identify the needs of their customers and then craft products that suit them.

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