Carsten Thiel: Leadership In Medicine With An Impact


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany and lived there throughout his youth. He went to the University of Bristol in the Southwest of the UK, where he got a Bachelor of science, after which he began to study, biochemistry. He then attended the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, where he earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology, where his project was to study the changes in healthy cells as to why they become a cancerous cell. He gained a position at Hoffman La-Roche, an innovative biotech firm. Thiel’s specific involvement in making medical breakthrough therapies has improved the lives of many a patient.


An article from IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel shared how he started his foray into the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals and further expressed his views about the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.


He started off as a Communications and Product Manager at Hoffman La-Roche. Thiel’s work ethic involves giving good customer service. Carsten Thiel has also been the former General Manager of Insadong Eastern Europe, having had years of experience with successful product launchings. Thiel has a strong code of ethics where he has proven to be a prominent leader in the workplace.


Carsten Thiel uses a calendar although he may wind up with too many commitments in one busy day sometimes. He spends 20%-25% of his day with the board of the company. Carsten Thiel bring ideas to life means that he tries to use his leeway to bring together a cooperative effort. He feels that technology keeps being invented and we are keeping up with the new inventions.


Things that were previously not thought possible are becoming possible, such as decoding the human genome now takes four days. In the future, it could be cut down to an hour or less to do so. We are looking for ways to treat illness or outright disabilities because people in future generations will see this as a progressive time. Great success has been found at his company. Read This Article to learn more.


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