Isabel Dos Santos Champions for Development in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and is ranked as the richest woman in Africa. She is the daughter of the former president of Angola José Eduardo dos Santos, who reigned from 1979 to 2017. Research conducted by Forbes revealed that Isabel net worth hit two billion US dollars, translating to her being the first female billionaire in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos is the principal of Angola’s largest telecommunications company, Unitel and has a wealth of experience in economic development, the creation of infrastructure, innovation and implementation of new technologies. Under her umbrella, this field has created more than 50000 job openings in her country. Isabel dos Santos attended primary and secondary education at Cobham Hall day and boarding school in England. She later enrolled in King’s College London and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. This pursuit served her natural interests in science and also helped her to develop problem-solving skills that she puts into use in the vast world of business.

Apart from her interests in communications, Isabel dos Santos is also involved in several industries like construction, entertainment, media production, energy, and finance. In her career which extends for more than twenty years, the businesswoman has served management-level positions in a wide array of companies inclusive of entertainment establishments, banks, and retail organizations. This vast experience has resulted in her extensive understanding of the world economy and economic approaches that can be adopted by countries in Africa that still struggle with rampant poverty.

Isabel dos Santos is also renowned for her comprehensive efforts in the realm of development. She has devoted her finances as well as personal time in several projects in this field and particularly focuses on the development and advancement of entrepreneurs. In a bid to promote economic development in the grassroots, Isabel dos Santos has produced videos and other kinds of media which place emphasis on the efforts of aspiring entrepreneurs and the actions that they take to chip in the economy. The businesswoman is also involved in speaking engagements. For instance, she was given an invitation to speak at the European Parliament in Brussels where she heavily championed for the need to develop digital infrastructure in Africa.

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Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Foundation


Grace Farms is a foundation that covers an area of more than 80 acres of cultural, educational, and natural practices. The farm is open to the public on a daily basis where they learn and participate in the programs in it. The idea of establishing the farm was as a result of the availability of land. People from diverse backgrounds are able to interact when they are learning and listening to the various leaders invited.

Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation which was founded in 2009. The foundation aims at enhancing the lives of the individuals by engaging them with nature, faith, and arts. Grace Farms has been a place of peace and grace for everyone. She is a nominee of several awards across the country due to her passion for nature and personal lives. Sharon Prince received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity. Sharon Prince fights to end of child labor and human trafficking which led to a written report by the United Nations. Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways.

During summer, Grace Farms shines brightly because of the natural surroundings and the Cattail pond where fishing is normally done. During the season, gaming activities and opportunities for exploring are created. The view is more desirable due to the presence of red flowers, trees, and bright oranges. Photos are casually taken because of the beauty associated with the farm.

Winter brings a source of joy to most individuals because of the snow-filled canopies in the trees. Photography is offered at its peak during this cold season since creatures that appear at this time are breathtaking. Bird-watching experience is significant at this time since birds like the owl and hawks are available at this season. The Farm offers a habitat for the indigenous wildlife thus improving the ecosystem around the vicinity. Refer to This Article for related information.

Sharon Prince Grace Farm serves as a home to more than 40 species of birds including the butterflies and falcons. Tour groups visit the farm to explore the species and learn about them. Grace Farm has a community garden in it which offers sustainable gardening practices to various households. With all these in place, the farm is able to improve the lifestyle of the people in the area.


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