Surf Air Is Offers LA Travelers Membership Mobility

The big airlines keep changing the rules. Airline researchers discovered that the airlines are adding extra time to their flight schedules in order to maintain an on-time arrival record. Some airlines added 30 minutes to their flight times to ensure punctuality. And to make matters worse, United Airlines increased the cost of checking bags. The first bag fee is $30 instead of $25, and the second bag is $40 instead of $35. JetBlue and Air Canada also changed their checked bag fee.



Getting to your final destination costs more, and it takes more time to get there. Plus, the airplane boarding process is still the crowded nightmare business and vacation travelers try to avoid. But avoiding the travel mess in most cities is unavoidable. But there is hope things will change in the airline industry. One airline is breaking out of the congested travel mode and offering passengers a more sensible and futuristic way to fly.



Surf Air, the California-based membership airline is offering passengers membership mobility in Los Angeles, Texas, and Europe. Millennials who use Rideshare and electric scooter options to avoid traffic gridlock want an airline that lets them book flights 30-minutes before takeoff. And they want an airline that has legroom and decent food. They want an airline that lets them fly as much as they want every month for an affordable membership fee. Surf Air is the airline that offers passengers those options, and more.


The company operates Pilatus PC-12s in executive interior configuration to and from convenient airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Metro Area, Santa Barbara and Truckee Lake Tahoe, with service to additional locations to follow. See This Page for additional information.


If people want to fly from LA to Las Vegas four times a month without the seat-booking hassle and the long security line frustration, they choose Surf Air. And if European Millennials want to fly from London to Munich several times a month, they choose Surf Air. Surf plans to expand their membership service to other cities, and Millennials in those cities are waiting to embrace this five-year-old airline with open arms.



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