Doe Deere – Impacting the Future Generations

Doe Deere is known for her first company Lime Crime Cosmetics that she founded with her husband. This line consisted of multiple vibrant colors for females to wear. Her brand was known for being vegan and cruelty-free. Deere started the company on a whim when she noticed others who would purchase the clothing she sold on eBay were interested in her makeup. She realized that others may enjoy the vibrant colors that she enjoyed. Once she found a manufacturer to get the product out, the company skyrocketed and was soon bought out.

Deere got the idea for Poppy Angeloff when she discovered some family heirlooms. The jewelry is vintage looking and is designed to bring out the vibrant colors and to encourage young women to be creative. She found the Victorian Era to reflect more of her design and taste. Her desire is to have the jewelry be passed down from generation to generation.

Her entrepreneurship has been shaped through her life experiences at 17. When her family arrived in the United States, they were homeless. Their survival depended on odd jobs and the help from others. This moment in her life drove her desire for success. Deere has found that success is only found in three areas. The first is to find your passion and to dig deep into that passion. The second part is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Knowing your customer and their desires and needs will help drive your business. Lastly, it’s important to take the risks needed in the field. Every step isn’t clear cut, so it is important to take those leaps of faith and try.

Deere has found that her passion in all of the businesses she has found is the color. She loves the vibrancy of the colors and finds the color to change the mood in any situation.

Meet Sunday Riley: The Woman Behind the Infamous Beauty Brand!

Sunday Although much is known and loved about Sunday Riley the beauty brand, little is known about the woman behind the brand, creator and Texas entrepreneur, Sunday Riley. She has been gracious enough to let us into her world and share some of her personal beauty secrets, her thoughts behind launching new products, and the deciding factors or motivations behind making huge product changes within the beauty line. She feels a sense of responsibility to provide the best product possible for consumers.

Sunday Riley explains how when she launched the company in 2009, there was a serious lack of knowledge and resources in what she calls “green technology.” Green technology includes the combination of botanical ingredients and science-based ingredients. She expresses her desire to make the absolute best products as possible for consumers. If she feels as though one of her products are not performing to the capacity in which she desires, she pulls it from production. She realizes that producing the perfect formula takes time, patience, and dedication, in which she is willing to see through if that means providing consumers with the best product possible.

Most of what Sunday Riley learned was on the job. Everything from texture, scent and experience is thoroughly considered during the formulation process. She holds a great amount in all of her products, however if that prides dwindles in the least bit with any product, she cuts them from the line. If there is any room for improvement, she will certainly find it, even if it takes 100 tries.

She understands that the key to a beautiful complexion, is healthy skin. The ever-popular product “Good Genes” which is a lactic acid treatment helps to cleanse the skin by removing impurities and dead skin. As she explains, one has to cleanse their face. A person can spend billions of dollars on the best products that the world has to offer, but if it’s being slathered on dead skin, then the process is pointless.

Her products cover all of the necessities that are needed to take care of and beautify consumers’ faces from point A to point Z. Sunday Riley as a person is the entire package, and she’s teaching us how to be also through her infamous brand. It’s no wonder her Dad picked a unique and beautiful name for her. Dad knew that she was destined for greatness!