JD.com Is Now Investing In Luxury Fashion Products


JD.com, also known to many as Jingdong Mall, is the largest e-commerce retailer in China. It was formed in 2004 by Richard Liu, the founder and CEO of the company. Mr. Liu started this business in 1998 after leaving Japan Life, a company he was working with, to concentrate on his entrepreneurial calling. Since this business organization was created, it has managed to grow at an unprecedented pace. Between 2004 and to date, Jingdong has grown into a leading retailer in the whole world.

The success of this company comes from the application of cutting edge technology solutions. In recent times, Jingdong Mall has been using drones to deliver orders to customers from far-flung parts of China. In the cities, it has been using automated robots. This measure has reduced the delivery time all parts of China to between 6 and 20 hours.

Jingdong Mall has invested significantly in fashion design. As one of the fastest growing sectors, fashion design is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry and there is huge competition for luxury goods not only in the Chinese market but in the whole world. JD.com has therefore realized this opportunity and has partnered with major luxury brands from different parts of the world to give the Chinese consumers a platform to access luxury products of their choice.

In 2017, JD.com entered into an agreement with Farfetch, a London-based fashion company that will open up its portfolio to customers through the JD.com application.

  1. com has appointed Xia Ding as the president of international fashion. As an experienced expert on matters of fashion, she has given JD the much-needed expertise to invest wisely in this sector. Today, over 300 million JD.com customer can choose from thousands of luxury brands offered through JD.com.


About Richard Liu

Richard Liu believes that Jingdong will be the biggest retailer in the world in the near future. The measures that he has installed in this company will facilitate the needed growth.

In an article with WSJ, “Chinese Retailer JD.com Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service”, Jingdong talked about new package-delivery service will compete with private express carriers in a crowded market in China for parcel transportation. This marks the next step in leveraging the nationwide logistics network that JD has built over the past decade.

Currently, it is ranked as number four in the overall list of the largest companies by market value. Jingdong is currently worth over $60 billion according to a recent revelation by Richard Liu. Go Here for additional information.


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Exploring Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Decision In The Aftermath Of SARS


It’s difficult for some people to make rational decisions in times of epic strife. Most people panic and overreach or underestimate the challenges they face. When push comes to shove, what is an entrepreneur supposed to do when their back is against the wall?

The stories of entrepreneurs overcoming struggles are more inspiring because it’s not just their lives hanging in the balance. Business owners have to think about their employees and their families; that’s a pressure that easily rivals political officials. It’s not a simple decision when one person’s decision could greatly impact other people’s lives.

When China faced the SARS outbreak in 2003, everyone store owner faced challenges like never before. SARS made face-to-face contact dangerous for everyone. That mean stores couldn’t open because that put employees and customers in hazardous health situations. Overcoming such a challenge may seem obvious today, but back then, entrepreneurs struggled to find potential safe havens.

In 2003, Richard Liu Qiangdong owned 12 Jingdong stores throughout the Beijing area. His started out with one little shop that only sold magneto-optical products. The store wasn’t bigger than four square meters; it could barely fit customers inside. Get More Information Here.

From humble beginnings grew one of the most successful brands in China today. Richard Liu looked to the future with optimism and grandeur. When the SARS outbreak happened, he was forced to rethink his entire business, especially after some of his stores closed because of health risks to customers and employees.

Since people spent more time at home, fearful of unfamiliar physical contact, Richard Liu looked into reopening his business online. Today, online businesses are a worldwide phenomenon. In 2003, online stores were still new and untested. Moving Jingdong was a big risk, but people weren’t shopping in stores anymore.

Building an e-commerce platform proved to be the greatest decision he ever made. He added more products and focused on achieving a near perfect delivery system. Today, JD.com sells billions of products and ships locally within six hours.

Due to his hard work throughout the years, Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years. One of these incredibly amazing awards was the “2017 Variety500 Honoree” in the variety honors. JD.com is currently well over $44 billion in worth which is looking to continue growing upwards with time.


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Jingdong Makes Historic Drone Delivery In Indonesia


After starting their drone delivery program back in 2016, JD.com has been able to have a huge impact in China by being able to deliver the products that their customers need in even some of the most remote regions in the country. After all of the success that they have had in their country of origin, they have begun the process to expand it to Indonesia. After completing their first flight in Indonesia to deliver a donation of school supplies to an elementary school in West Java, students and adults that witnessed the event expressed their excitement about the potential of drone delivery.


With Indonesia being made up of different islands, logistics can be a problem in the country that Jingdong thinks can be largely solved with the use of drones. This first delivery took place in early January and was the first government-approved commercial drone flight in Indonesia. JD.com believes that this delivery method has a lot of potential to help expand their customer base in Southeast Asia as they will be able to deliver in areas that would either take a long time to complete with other methods or be considered impossible. Jingdong is working closely with the World Economic Forum as well as the government of Indonesia to ensure that this program will be a success and positively impact everyone involved.


JD.com is privileged and excited to be able to make history in the country with their delivery flight and believe that it won’t be much longer until their delivery program receives the final approvals from the Indonesian government. Not only will this logistical method help get orders to the customers of JD.com, but it will also help in the delivery of goods for humanitarian efforts as well as vital medical supplies.


With this new type of logistics systems in Indonesia, JD.com states that it will help the country become a leader in Southeast Asia because of the increased accessibility of the goods that people, companies, and organizations need and want. They are still working on the final framework and expect their logistics programs to launch in the near future. Click Here to go to their Twitter page.


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How JD.com Will Revolutionized Goods Delivery In 2019


The 2018 CES events were a true market of unmatched steps humanity has taken in the world of innovations. In 2019, JD.com will be one of the companies that will be at the center stage of the CES event. According to the company, their theme is 2019 will be in different ways to improve the delivery of goods in Asia and more specifically around China. Although the JD.com has been one of the best companies in terms of adopting new technologies, the past 12 months have redefined the company’s interactions with other stakeholders in the virtual trading such as small traders and more importantly the customers. Get Additional Information Here.


JD is also planning to incorporate smaller traders in their expansive approach to the delivery of goods in the wide market. In a realist world, it is hard for major companies to incorporate small companies in major projects like this and this collaboration according to pundits is a game changer. According to the company’s management, this will help JD.com to achieve one of their most important goals in this year and that is by making “Boundaryless Retail” a reality. JD.com hopes that this approach will also help them to achieve their goal of erasing the schism between online business and offline engagements between the trading parties.


In order to achieve a more diverse and expansive approach to the delivery of goods, JD.com has some of the best innovations. The company believes that innovations such as drone deliveries in some interior areas in China will help companies in China solve some delivery issues. This innovation, for example, means that the technology, the company has invested in the last two years, will be put in some good use. Robotics and AI integrations will be one of the reasons why the next phase of delivery will succeed according to pundits. This integration of different technologies makes JD.com a home to innovations and better operations.


The management of this futuristic company believes that 2019 will be a year where the company’s position in the tech world will be more visible. The management is, however, quick to point out that all these innovations and investments are geared towards improving the consumer experience in China and in Asia.


Watch their video on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA




JD.com Has Set Up Convenience Stores Targeting Travelers

When it comes to offering products and services, you must always ensure that your business premises is located within a suitable place. As for JD.com, the online retailer decided to target travelers by establishing retail stores at the Hohhot East Railway Station and the Beijing Capital International airport. The presence of retail stores in these two destinations will allow travelers to get access to any products that that may want at their own convenience.


These stores will make use of the retail technology of JD.com. As a result, the travelers will have an easier and more outgoing experience while shopping Jingdong. JD.com has also expanded its reach by ensuring that they have retail stores in supermarkets, stores, airports, and other areas. If you are interested in purchasing the products being offered by JD.com at the Beijing Commercial International Airport, you can access their shop at the departure lounger situated at terminal 3. The various goods and services offered range from mobile accessories, bags, beauty products, suitcases, and even clothing. Get Additional Information Here.


The smart technology being used by JD.com comes in handy since it can be used to understand the manner in which every consumer interacts with various products and services. This technology evaluates the traffic flow and the behavior of the consumers. As a result, JD.com gains a better understanding of how to select products and manage the inventories. To attract a large consumer base, JD.com will stock products that are commonly purchased by travelers.


Jingdong and the China Railway Express will also come together to open a convenience store. The store will be based at the Hohhot East Railway Station. It will also be 100 square meters in size. The partnership will greatly benefit from the technological capabilities of that will be offered by JD.com. Some of these features are such as facial recognition payment as well as smart vending machines. The payments by the consumers will be processed automatically too, thanks to the innovative technology by JD.com. JD.com and the China Railway Express have been working together since 2014 to ensure that the “JD Luxury Express” has become a total success. Thanks to Jingdong, many consumers are now able to enjoy shopping while also traveling.


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