Neurocore Proves that Focusing the Brain Improves Athletic Ability

Neurocore strives to understand the unique abilities and quirks of how the human brain functions, and is tapping into that knowledge to help people accomplish amazing things. The brain is a complex organ, but follows a set of rules and principles like the body’s other organs. The more those rules are followed, the better the brain functions. The goal is to move toward an optimum state. Neurocore’s mission is to create training programs based off of data and assessments to help people of all ages with concentration, stress and sleep. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Recently Neurocore used some of the research they’ve gathered on muscle memory to help a sports teams conquer the common human experience of failing under pressure. The repetition of practice hones in the body’s ability to accomplish tasks without thinking about them. However, the conscious state can become distracted and stressed and interfere with what the subconscious is doing. Basketball players who sink every shot during practice sometimes miss during the heat of the game because of this occurrence.


While common sense tells us we need adequate rest to achieve focus, and should relax in those moments, it is easier said than done. Neurocore has developed techniques to help the brain cut out distractions and achieve an optimum state. They realize keeping the brain rested, comfortable, and “in the zone” is crucial to ensuring the performance of the subconscious. The Portland Trail Blazers basketball team is using that data to improve their performance on the court. A dedicated “brain room” is a haven where they optimize their brain so that their entire body operates like it needs to. This time in the brain room helps to break them out of a cycle of stress, anxiety and decreased mental performance.

By sitting comfortably and watching a movie while electrodes monitor their brain activity, they are training themselves to relax and focus. Each time they get distracted the monitor detects it and turns off the movie. Only by refocusing and relaxing will the movie start again. In a span of half of an hour this system delivers over 2,000 reinforcements that ensure their minds wind down into lower frequency and recover efficiently. As a result, this crucial time off the court improves their performance and focus on the court. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.