The Illustrious Career Of Felipe Montoro Jens

For a long time now, Felipe Montoro Jens has been a part of Brazil’s finance industry. His contributions to the market have given him an opportunity in the limelight. The seasoned investor has also participated in a host of infrastructure projects in Brazil serving as a consultant in numerous instances.

Felipe Montoro Jens played a big part in the development of Public-Private Partnerships in the country. The partnerships allow the Brazilian government to work hand in hand with the private sector. His illustrious career has given him an opportunity to brush shoulders with notable players in different industries. At one point, the Enel Group S.P.A had employed him in their project development department. Montoro’s services extended to the structured finance area.

Felipe Montoro has offered viable solutions that state governments are using to take care of economic waste. Corporations, on the other hand, have received support in their quest to step up their financial status.

Numerous firms across Brazil make the most of his vast expertise as Felipe Montoro Jens serves in different company boards. He is an Executive Officer in Concesionaria Travase Olmos and Empresa de Generacion among other companies. He also chairs the committee of Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliarios and doubles up as a Principal at Maranon Energia SA.

Jens has since taken his services and expertise to different parts of the world. He was in both the Asian and European markets where he played an essential role in raising capital. His work in Portugal was widely applauded from different quarters. The entrepreneur has also worked in Latin America and Africa where he had to learn extensively about the mining and energy industries.

Felipe Montoro Jens studied Spanish and History at UC Santa Barbra. He later enrolled for a Master’s degree and studied Health Promotion. He also attended the American Garvin School where he completed a Business Administration postgraduate degree. His academic background gave him the impetus he needed to enjoy success in the world of business.

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Ara Chackerian’s Career in the Health Field

Ara Chackerian’s career has always been based around entrepreneurship. He has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and investing. Ara is the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions. This company provides care for those suffering from treatment resistant depression. He has been building health care companies for years. He is a board member for several different early health care companies in the San Francisco area. He is interested in digital healthcare. He believes that telecare and digital apps has brought much value to the healthcare system. Digital healthcare excites him and leads him to believe that it is a bright idea for the future.

As an experienced and successful entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian explains that one thing he recommends for aspiring entrepreneurs is to think positively. Thinking about all of the reasons why an idea will work out. But this process could also lead to some missing holes in the idea. It is important to seek the truth. Ask questions until it is understood by yourself and your team. It is important to point out the advantages and the flaws.

One of Ara’s failures as a young entrepreneur was when he and his friend ran a company. He supported the idea and held onto hope even when he knew it wouldn’t work. In this he learned that you can’t let emotions influence your decisions. It is important to understand the in fluence emotions have on decisions.

Ara graduated from the Florida State with a bachelors. Since then he has been very successful in the business world. He has co-founded several companies and is heavily involved in the environment. He has also invested his time in various non profit that seek to expand educational needs to communities. He is currently investing in organizations in United States, Armenia, and Nicaragua.