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Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global. It’s a full-service BPO service Jamaican based company that specializes in service delivery for other businesses looking to outsource. As a successful entrepreneur, he has many responsibilities. Among his many responsibilities he takes time when he can to do his favorite hobbies and includes his daughters along with him.


One of his favorite hobbies he states is going fishing. The other is golfing. They are both sports that can be either alone or with friends and family. Paul Herdsman started to go fishing at 6 years old out of his own interest alone. He loved it so much that he now fishes once a week. He was able to start playing golf after high school, as he was involved with too many sports at the time. Now he plays golf once a week and he plays twice a year at his bucket list locations. He has a long bucket list that will probably only get bigger he stated. Find Related Information Here.


He loves to play both games and he likes the challenge that is represented in both games. His two daughters love to fishing with him and they love to go to the course to drive golf balls and play around. For his daughters, it gives them the ability to challenge their minds and problem solve for various factors in both games. If he had more free time, he says that he would love to fish and golf 3 or 4 days a week between the two.


All in all, Paul Herdsman is a man who loves his work and does a great job at it. He is also a family man who loves to include his family in his free time by including them in his favorite hobbies.


Aside from sharing how his hobbies impacts his leadership at NICE Global, In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives also shares six business lessons to people who likes to succeed in the business world like himself.



Businessman Vinod Gupta Shares The Opportunities Of Education With Others Through Philanthropy


India-born businessman Vinod Gupta built a highly successful business listings company from the ground up. He founded his company in the 1970s and first tackled the mobile home industry. By acquiring Yellow Page directories from around the United States he painstakingly built a database of every mobile home retailer in the country.

Vinod Gupta sold this valuable information to mobile home manufacturers which proved to be a highly successful business. Over the years he extended this concept to other industries and eventually his company was worth $680 million.

He is now the managing general partner of an investment firm, Everest Group. Vinod Gupta invests in private companies as a venture capitalist and is also a consultant specializing in providing his expert advice to those with failing businesses as well as those whose business model is built on database technology.

Being a philanthropist is a huge part of his life. By providing financial resources he has improved the lives of thousands of people in both India and the United States. He is originally from Rampur Maniharan in India and helped to build a school that promotes Women’s Education, the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic.

He donated $1 million to this cause in 2000 which now provides an education to women who want to study in areas such as IT, web design, and mobile applications. He also provided funding to set up a school for younger women there and also pay for things such as textbooks and buses. Get Related Information Here.

Vinod Gupta says that it was his father who impressed upon him the need to give back to others and the value of a good education. His father had been a physician and had been very thankful of the opportunities education had provided in his life.


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Paul Mampilly: The Opportunities of the Biotech Industry

Paul Mampilly is one of the writers who is contributing their articles for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Paul Mampilly is known for his writing style, which is described by his readers as clear and straight to the point. His works are published through the company’s periodicals, and sometimes, he is also posting it through their company’s website. Paul Mampilly also has an active Twitter account, sharing articles which interest him. One of the most recent articles that he shared pertains to the role of the biotech industry in the world today. According to the article, the biotech industry grew tremendously in the last decade because of the advancements made in the field of technology.

The number of inventions in the biotech industry also increased dramatically, thanks to those who are actively participating in the development of the industry.One of the most recent innovations introduced by the biotech industry would be the treatment for cancer, successful transplant operations, and precision medicine. The creation of 3D printing also made it possible for scientists to create human-made body parts that are made up of human cells, which can be installed in the body. This would mean that the future would no longer require an individual to donate their organs because the scientists can reproduce the same organ using the patient’s cells. This is promising, considering that a lot of people are looking for transplant after their organs have failed.

Since the dawn of the 2010s decade, many drugs have been approved by the FDA. These drugs are used either as a prescription, as a treatment, or as a supplement. The future of biotech is promising, and the industry would require more people to work, generating employment. The world environment is quickly changing, and it is expected that more ideas will be realized.Paul Mampilly’s vision of the future is also the same as the articles that he is sharing. In his articles, he is looking forward to a bright future ahead as economies around the world start to diversify. He also projects that revolutionary inventions in the field of science and technology would become an advantage for the economy to grow.

National Steel Car: Changing The RailRoad Industry One Car At A Time


National Steel Car is a prominent company incorporating some of the highest tech standards for railcar design. They have been international leaders in the field for more than twenty years. Much of their recent success is due to the careful attention to detail and planning of CEO Greg Aziz. Gregory James Aziz is known for his personal and valuable approach to business design and deployment.

Not only has James Aziz been responsible for new innovations at the company, but he has also taken an active role within the organization too. Prominent examples include meetings with multiple levels of management, careful attention to detail with regards to corporate culture, as well as consistent communication with all employees. These high standards help make National Steel Car a great place to work while encouraging the highest caliber of results when it comes to crafting railcars themselves.

National Steel Car is based in Canada and completes projects for railroad services around the world. A large portion of their presence is in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This exorbitant presence in North America has established the National Steel Car as an industry leader.

With years of experience, thousands of railcars deployed, and innovative technologies, it is hard to compete with this incredible organization. National Steel Car has set the bar high for anyone interested in manufacturing cars for the railways. They have also facilitated a high-quality environment for customers and employees to connect. The results have been excellent as the customer base of National Steel Car has grown profoundly in recent years.

Some of the notable accomplishments of National Steel Car include greater efficiency in processes, higher quality materials, and more solid construction. The results have generated some of the most reliable railcars in service to date. They are also some of the most cost-effective solutions for mass transportation. National Steel Car is a fierce competitor because of their resiliency as well as motivation to craft new and innovative solutions to incumbent problems. By taking it upon themselves to create solutions, they have propagated change throughout the railcar industry time and time again. See This Article to learn more.

Ultimately this organization has progressed a great deal in recent years. Happier employees, greater international presence as well as steadfast improvements to services make National Steel Car a premier organization to work with. Led by Gregory James Aziz, they continue to service clients around the world and are motivated by the highest standards in research for manufacturing.

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Paul Herdsman Sets Up Office In Montego Bay, Jamaica


Paul Herdsman is a talented business person who has vast experience in development and management of businesses. Herdsman is an expert on matters such as customer acquisition, customer retention, marketing, and operational execution. He has learned these skills through practical experience while building his own company. He is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. This company has enabled him to earn a position as a brilliant entrepreneur in the international platform.


NICE Global is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company specializes in offering business solutions to businesses looking to outsource services. NICE Global is helping businesses to achieve the most essential factors in the success of a business. They have a focus on customer retention, lowering overhead cost and increase business revenue. No matter the kind of business that one has, these are the factors that will differentiate between a successful and a failed business. NICE Global is committed to offering investors an opportunity to grow their business by assigning some of the services to them. They have professionals who can handle customer service impressively.


NICE Global pay keen attention to the performance of their employees. They have established various metrics to measure employees’ performance. They reward hard work and boost the skills of their employees by engaging them in skills-enhancing programs. Paul Herdsman knows that the link between the company and the client is essential, and the people to facilitate the link are the employees of NICE Global. Get More Information Here.


Paul herdsman had worked with other organizations before starting NICE Global. From the previous occupations, he realized that he was keen on streamlining operations in businesses to enhance long-term prospects of business success. Paul loved developing customer service solutions that would improve the reputation of the organizations he worked for. Looking at his organization today, it is right to say that he has accomplished his target.