Paul Herdsman, Founder And COO Of NICE Global


Entrepreneur and businessman Paul Herdsman is the COO of NICE Global. A company designed to provide necessary services designed to ensure other businesses’ success. NICE Global handles outsourced functions to allow the business an opportunity for continued growth and unhindered development. They provide such functions as human resources, technical support, data entry, customer service, inbound sales, and live chat services.

These services offer businesses the opportunity to focus on their customers instead of spending countless hours training traditionally revolving door employees such as customer service representatives.

What does Paul Herdsman bring to the table? Paul Herdsman worked for various organizations providing outsourcing services. Those services were spread throughout the entire world. This made managing the services difficult which did not provide for consistent growth.

Throughout his previous roles, Paul Herdsman was able to learn what type of skills are necessary to succeed in this industry. After learning those skills and together with a partner, Paul created his own outsourcing company designed to provide centralized services. The company is based out of Montego Bay in Jamaica which allows for a central hub. See Related Link to learn more.

The services are personalized for every customer to meet their specific needs. All of the employees at NICE Global have received specialized training to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to fulfill each individual job. The extensive training and education ensures each employee is comfortable making the right decisions in their day to day duties. Employees are also given the opportunity to receive the additional education necessary for promotion within the company.

In an article with TheBroTalk,  entitled “12 Success Tips”, Herdsman gives effective business insights which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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Paul Herdsman’s Keys To Building A Successful Business


Paul Herdsman, an entrepreneur, and co-founder and chief operating officer of NICE Global says that starting and maintaining a new business takes hard work, a lot of dedications, and a certain amount of know how. NICE Global is a business solutions company located in Jamaica although Herdsman is currently living in Florida.

NICE Global helps other companies find ways to retain more customers, have lower overhead, and increase their revenue. NICE Global offers many services including customer service outsourcing, to cross-selling. They also provide answering services for other companies that prefer a live person to answer their calls but do not want to have the added expense of having a department set up for this.

In the article, “12 Business Tips”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself. Some of his tips are listed below:

Herdsman says to create a culture of family first for employees and make them feel like family, so you retain them. Training new employees are costly.

Herdsman recommends investing in the players by providing proper training so that employees have the tools needed to succeed. On top of the initial training, NICE offers ongoing training, so employees are always learning new skills.

Reward employees for performing well. Paul Herdsman rewards employees based on performance indicators. He does this his employees will want to work hard and do their best each day.

Help employees understand the worth of other employees but making sure they know what each department provides in value to the company. When employees understand the value other employees provide it brings unity to the whole organization and helps things get accomplished.

Herdsman has created an employee referral program within NICE because recruiting the best talent for your business is important. Get Additional Information Here.

Solve your client’s problem. Become a great problem solver by asking the right question and to the correct people.

Herdsman’s tips should help guide any business owner to being a successful entrepreneur.


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Paul Herdsman Shares A Dozen Tips For Future Entrepreneurs…


Paul Herdsman discussed twelve tips for entrepreneurs to consider with an editor from the Bro Talk. All twelve pieces of advice are very important to consider. There were a few Business Tips that should never go overlooked, however. We’ll take a closer look at those pieces of advice today.

Paul starts with having a positive attitude. This sounds simple but is very important nonetheless for the reasons that Paul discussed. Positive thinkers are better problem solvers, they have more energy, and they are certainly more resilient than employees with a negative attitude. The old adage about performance being 90% mental, remember that? The advice has been around for some time but many younger people overlook it, neglecting its level of importance. Paul helped readers understand why the advice is perhaps the most important piece of advice than an entrepreneur can give.

Paul Herdsman suggests that hopefuls should have a clear vision. Not just of the immediate opening, but where their business will be in over a decade from now. It is this type of extremely forward thinking that creates a set of growth goals that the company can reconcile to on a regular basis. Guess what? Companies with growth goals to reconcile to (at least realistic ones) tend to grow where other entities stay stagnant.

Know your customers better than anybody else! Paul isn’t presenting anything new, just advice that probably assisted him a great deal. As always, Paul explains the purpose for young entrepreneurs. If you know that customer better than anybody else around then you are the one providing them with solutions to the problems that you already knew they were likely having! Get Related Information Here.

While Paul Herdsman didn’t invent all of his advice, Herdsman explains why each piece is important and how it worked for Nice Global. Perhaps seeing how a successful entrepreneur put the advice to use is more helpful? After listening to Paul, and seeing what Nice has accomplished, we would like to think that it actually is.


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Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global. It’s a full-service BPO service Jamaican based company that specializes in service delivery for other businesses looking to outsource. As a successful entrepreneur, he has many responsibilities. Among his many responsibilities he takes time when he can to do his favorite hobbies and includes his daughters along with him.


One of his favorite hobbies he states is going fishing. The other is golfing. They are both sports that can be either alone or with friends and family. Paul Herdsman started to go fishing at 6 years old out of his own interest alone. He loved it so much that he now fishes once a week. He was able to start playing golf after high school, as he was involved with too many sports at the time. Now he plays golf once a week and he plays twice a year at his bucket list locations. He has a long bucket list that will probably only get bigger he stated. Find Related Information Here.


He loves to play both games and he likes the challenge that is represented in both games. His two daughters love to fishing with him and they love to go to the course to drive golf balls and play around. For his daughters, it gives them the ability to challenge their minds and problem solve for various factors in both games. If he had more free time, he says that he would love to fish and golf 3 or 4 days a week between the two.


All in all, Paul Herdsman is a man who loves his work and does a great job at it. He is also a family man who loves to include his family in his free time by including them in his favorite hobbies.


Aside from sharing how his hobbies impacts his leadership at NICE Global, In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives also shares six business lessons to people who likes to succeed in the business world like himself.



Paul Herdsman Sets Up Office In Montego Bay, Jamaica


Paul Herdsman is a talented business person who has vast experience in development and management of businesses. Herdsman is an expert on matters such as customer acquisition, customer retention, marketing, and operational execution. He has learned these skills through practical experience while building his own company. He is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. This company has enabled him to earn a position as a brilliant entrepreneur in the international platform.


NICE Global is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company specializes in offering business solutions to businesses looking to outsource services. NICE Global is helping businesses to achieve the most essential factors in the success of a business. They have a focus on customer retention, lowering overhead cost and increase business revenue. No matter the kind of business that one has, these are the factors that will differentiate between a successful and a failed business. NICE Global is committed to offering investors an opportunity to grow their business by assigning some of the services to them. They have professionals who can handle customer service impressively.


NICE Global pay keen attention to the performance of their employees. They have established various metrics to measure employees’ performance. They reward hard work and boost the skills of their employees by engaging them in skills-enhancing programs. Paul Herdsman knows that the link between the company and the client is essential, and the people to facilitate the link are the employees of NICE Global. Get More Information Here.


Paul herdsman had worked with other organizations before starting NICE Global. From the previous occupations, he realized that he was keen on streamlining operations in businesses to enhance long-term prospects of business success. Paul loved developing customer service solutions that would improve the reputation of the organizations he worked for. Looking at his organization today, it is right to say that he has accomplished his target.