Jason Hope Promoting the Use of Internet of Things Technology

One of the serial entrepreneurs in the United States, who is well-known for his passion for the technology and futuristic thinking, is Jason Hope. He has helped many young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by funding their start-ups as well as guiding them to transform their vision into reality. He is heavily invested in the mobile marketing and development industry and owns several mobile application development and technology firms. Jason Hope says that the mobile technology seems like saturated from the outside, but there is the tremendous potential that remains undiscovered. He is working hard with senior developers and industry experts to bring forward mobile technology that can help change people lives on both personal and professional front.

One of the new technologies that Jason Hope is highly excited about, considering he is a passionate futurist is the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that would connect different electrical appliances to help work in a coordinated fashion. Many different sectors have already started researching on and developing applications of IoT technology for their industry. The Internet of Things technology would help in many different ways to improve efficiency and productivity in companies, and more information click here.

The workload on employees would be reduced by a significant margin with the use of IoT technology. In the aviation sector, the Internet of Things technology has already been implemented by many airline companies. It is helping the technicians to keep a check on damages and repairs and take the necessary corrective measures without spending hours. It is because the IoT technology is helping the technicians to know precisely where the damage has occurred and doesn’t have to spend hours locating the area where the repairing is needed.

Similarly, Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology can be used extensively in the transportation sector to reduce traffic and accident and increase the use of public transport. The IoT technology would help in ensuring that the people can get real-time data about traffic in the areas they would be visiting and the route they would be taking. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology would change the way people use technology in the future. He says that IoT technology would replace the smart technology that is being by people these days in the future. Jason Hope is also a passionate philanthropist and believes in giving back to the communities, and is associated with many charity organizations in Arizona, and Twitter.com.

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Sheldon Lavin, President of OSI International Foods Ltd.

Lavin went to the University of Illinois and Northwestern University to study accounting and finance. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. In 1970, he was involved in the financing of Otto and Sons that developed into the OSI group of which is titled OSI International Foods Ltd, of which Lavin is now CEO. OSI is based out of Aurora, Illinois. OSI provides varieties of meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, and specialty dough products in the restaurant and food service distribution sectors. He is also responsible for growth outreach in Europe and Asia and read full article.

Lavin would like to remain committed to environmental and sustainability goals that he has been awarded for having. Lavin has been awarded the Global Visionary Award, which is given to those who have converted their dreams into reality such as Lavin has. He has been running OSI Group since 1995, which has locations in India processing vegetables, fruit and meat. The British Safety Council in London gave the 2016 Globe of Honor to OSI Food Solutions UK and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

OSI Group specializes in value added food products that is all about custom food development worldwide. 43 years ago, Sheldon Lavin started his career in the banking industry and branched out into the food industry. In the late 1970s, McDonald’s persuaded Sheldon Lavin to join the business full-time. By the time of the early 1980s, Lavin had controlled interest of one-half of OSI Group. Lavin gained control of the company when the last partner retired, expanding into the Philipines, China, Japan, India and South Africa. They also maintained a presence in Europe and Brazil. UK’s Flagship Europe, an OSI Group company, managed to win the Best Global Diversified Food Supplier – UK award and Sheldon Lavin on Facebook.

Lavin is pushing his company forward into Europe and Asia. OSI Group is the largest meat supplier to Mcdonald’s and they run 55 supporting facilities for McDonald’s around the world. Lavin contributes to the Jewish United Fund and a number of other Jewish charities. Lavin also contributes to Evans Scholarship Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the United Negro College Fund, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Talk Fusion – Social on the Next Level

Talk Fusion is a nine year old Marketing and Technology company which specializes in the video communication business. Talk fusion makes their services simple by compacting Video E-mail, video chat, broadcasting to sign-up forms into video communication products. Talk Fusion is built around innovative technology and groundbreaking video communication products which allows them to be able to connect to people around the world. Not only does Talk Fusion have Cutting-Edge Video Technology but they are very kind in giving back to non-profit animal charities.


CEO and Founder Bob Reina started off as a law enforcement and he was on vacation in North Carolina when he thought up of his idea because of a problem. Bob tried to send his mother a video of a home he wanted to buy but the file was too big to send. Bob thought it would be a good idea to make up a solution (Talk Fusion) to be able to send out e-mails with larger files. He started off by coming up with a solution of sending out e-mail videos for as low as $25 a month, supported by world class support by marketing and technical side.


Talk Fusion distinguishes themselves from other competition by having customize graphics to helping people build their brands. Talk Fusion takes pride in their customer’s success and Talk Fusion takes the positive energy when they are able to watch businesses succeed. Talk Fusion recently introduced a 30-day free trial, no credit card required at jointalkfusion.com and for non-profit animal based charities that would like to use Talk Fusion will get this product for absolutely no cost at all. By allowing free usage to animal charities, this will help them with fundraising and promoting animal awareness to getting the word out in public.




Market America Unfranchise Business


Market America Unfranchised is a company that is providing those with an opportunity to own their own business. What makes it different compared to other affiliate companies is that it takes away the whole franchising concept, hence the term unfranchise. With a franchise, you are bogged down with franchise fees, royalties fees, set hours-of-operation restrictions and so on. This is not the case with the Market America Unfranchised business model. You do not have to worry about these as well other restrictions that come with franchises. The best part is that you can take advantage of some of the good parts of owning a franchise such as standardization, uniformity, marketing tools, high visibility and tax advantages.

The products Market America Unfranchised is involved in is varied. From health, nutrition and lifestyle products, to marketing tools such as ma Web Centres, Market America Unfranchised is making its mark.

Ma Web Centers

Ma Web Centers is a successful product by Market America Unfranchised. It is a one stop shop for all of those people who need help in internet marketing tools. They will help you with the complicated world of SEO/SEM, e-mail marketing, statistics for websites, and a system establishing and maintaining an online presence that even a novice can use. For those of us trying to make a mark in the crowded and noisy world that we call the internet, ma Web Centres can make all the difference.



Adam Milstein’s Role In The Israeli-American Community

Antisemitism has been on the rise in recent years in both Europe and the United States. One of the lessons that Jewish people have learned over the years is that they can’t rely on others to protect them so they must fight antisemitism themselves. One of the community leaders engaged in this fight back against antisemitism is Adam Milstein. He is a leader in the business community and, along with his wife Gila, established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which financially supports a number of Israeli-American activist organizations. Adam Milstein has also founded a number of non-profit organizations himself and serves as a leader in them.

After World War 2 and the Holocaust, most Jewish people moved to either Israel or the United States. After Israel had been established in 1948 they were attacked by six Arab armies. They were able to defeat these armies and establish themselves securely in this new nation. Israel now serves as a defense for Jewish people around the world.

Jewish people in the United States have been increasingly attacked in recent years by the media, academia, and political figures. This antisemitism has also been taking place on college campuses across the United States and up to and including physical assaults.

As a leader in the Israeli-American community, Adam Milstein works to strengthen those in his community as well as strengthening the State of Israel. Adam Milstein also fully supports a close U.S.-Israeli relationship. He is an active philanthropist who uses his money to support others in the Israeli-American community such as college students and those who want to learn more about their heritage.

Adam Milstein is a prominent voice in other ways as well. He operates a podcast called The Adam Milstein Podcast where he talks with elected officials, artists, activists, and others who are leaders in the community.