Vijay Eswaran, the Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is a successful Indian entrepreneur and is the founder and the Executive Chairman of QI Group. The e-commerce company specializes in wellness, telecommunications, education, collectibles, and corporate investments. Although it operates in Hong Kong, the company has other offices across the world. Vijay has traveled widely, and it’s through his traveling and education that transformed him into a philanthropist and motivated leader. He believes in living today and focusing on the future and not relying on the past or many days to come. Additionally, he follows the teachings from Mahatma Gandhi, St. Thomas of Assisi and Nelson Mandela that guide him in overseeing charitable activities, leads him on his business path and personal developments.

Every day, Vijay Eswaran admits that he starts the day with a moment of silence in honoring St. Thomas, Gandhi, and Mandela. The process gives him energy and balance to face the day as he meditates the peacefulness on the philosophies of the three heroes. Vijay believes that humankind advances by having two ears, two eyes, and one mouth meaning that the person looks and listens without talking. However, he learned that the mouth is the only human organ that uses words and less power. During his stay at IBM in the United States, Eswaran admits that he learned self-expression from the Americans because they liked to talk so much. That is how he became a motivational speaker after discovering the power of the mouth.

The entrepreneur loves to give back to those who need help and supports various charitable activities. He also empowers people in entrepreneurship guided by his success in his business that is available in over one hundred countries and a workforce of over one thousand and two hundred employees. Additionally, his company serves over eighteen million people worldwide, and that is one of the reasons Vijay has a heart of donating to charities. He makes sure that the donated money reaches the dependents. Ten percent of the company’s income is always set aside for philanthropic activities Vijay Eswaran: Write an Article About This Individual

Robert Deignan: How to Make Technology Work for You

ATS digital Services was born through the hard work of Robert Diegnan, a co-founder and the current CEO. Diegnan is a product of Purdue University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership under a full football scholarship. His entrepreneurial abilities started working after he founded a company, Fanlink Inc. The software industry did not call his name immediately as he first played for the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, before proceeding to work for iS3, a company that manages software malware. Employees of iS3 faced a stumbling block when it came to installing software in users computers, and it’s after that challenging moment in 2011 that ATS Digital Services was born.

Together with his friends, Robert Deignan founded the company, where they developed a system in which they can remotely install a program in the computers of their clients, and monitor malware. ATS Digital is mainly founded on the trust of its clients, and their ability to provide exceptional services in finding solutions for technological issues, and having ready answers for queries that may arise. Due to its exemplary performance, Robert Diegnan’s company was awarded a certificate of quality by AppEsteem.

Robert Deignan’s ability to work alongside the changing trends in technology has enabled the great recognition of his organization. He aims at making himself indispensable in the era of technological advances. Besides, he has been able to identify the lack of proper customer service in the technical field, and that’s the reason his organization is deeply rooted in service delivery.

Quality service delivery wins the seller confidence from the consumers, and in return enablers the organization to gain maximally from the created relationship. Income in this case is generated through subscription, which is increased through confidence in the quality, and Robert Diegnan is not one to miss this point. Besides, technology has allowed Robert to advertise his services in various platforms such as Facebook and linked in. The employed marketing strategy ensures that technology works in his favor, and maintains the relevance of his company in a technologically savvy world.

Robert Diegnan has mastered the art of employing the right personnel in his Company, since he believes that, an organization should only hire workers who will conform to the ways of that organization. And having adopted an interactive strategy, ATS Digital Services matches the praises it bestows upon itself with excellent customer relationships.

Matt Badiali Says Now Is The Time To Own Gold Miners If You Don’t Already

Matt Badiali, the founder of Real Wealth Strategist, says that now is a great time to buy and hold the stocks of mining companies. He advised his readers that if you’re an investor who has yet to purchase mining stocks you are behind the eight ball. He says that gold hit a value of $1,051 an ounce on December 17, 2015. Investors weren’t very happy with this because it was the lowest price in the past five years. Gold mining companies had their stocks hit hard during this time as their profits fell by a significant amount.

He says that investing in gold can get a bum rap from some quarters. Matt Badiali says that some investors think it’s too risky a thing to invest in with worries about mines shutting down their operations. Another issue is the gold mines tend to exist in volatile parts of the world. Those who are willing to do it, though, can make quite a windfall he says. He says that more and more people are willing to add gold to their portfolios nowadays, though, despite the risks.

Gold is a great way to diversify an investor’s portfolio, he says. It helps protect investors against the stock markets ups and downs. As gold is a limited commodity he says that investors in it can gain from the inflation that results from the global economy continuing its expansion.

The value of gold isn’t correlated to the stock market. This is the main reason why gold is a good investment to make. If an investor only puts their money in the stock market they are taking on too much risk and they will lose money when the markets take a deep dive south. Matt Badiali also says that after the price of gold hit its lows the gold mining firms restructured and are now operating more leanly than ever, making people who invest in them wealthy. To know more about him click here.

Matt Badiali has an educational and professional background in the earth sciences including geology. He has worked as both a geologist and financial analyst during his career and uses this unique background to advise investors who want to put their money in natural resources.