How Serge Belamant started Zilch Technologies

After creating the initial version of blockchain technology, Serge Belamant went ahead to work for a series of companies. His love for coding, especially when it comes to digital transactions, enabled him to propel these companies to great heights. Currently, he is the founder of Zilch Technologies, a company that specializes in providing online payment solutions to people across the world. In one of his published interviews, he decided to talk about the idea that led to the formation of this company. Here is a recap of the things that he talked about during that session.

A casual chat with his son

According to Serge Belamant, he was only having a casual conversation with his son when got the idea to start this company. The son is an IT engineer and studied computer science. During one of their usual conversations, they talked about how recent trends such as social media were impacting individuals and companies. It was at this point that they realized that these trends and systems are used all over the world. Therefore, the came to a concussion that by using these tools, there is no place in the world that one cannot reach. Find out more about Serge Belamant at

Leveraging these trends and systems

When they talked about using social media and other popular platforms, they found themselves talking about the possibility of giving people an opportunity to make better us of them. They imagined how people would live if things such as social media were used to make more informed decisions. The idea that came to their minds was Zilch, and that is how it started. Being the entrepreneur that he has always been, Serge Belamant got down working on modalities that would turn this idea into a reality. He had a lot of research to do, but he is a professional in this industry and o, everything came to be.

Although Serge Belamant was born in France, he moved to South Africa at a young age. He attended school there including joining the University of Johannesburg. He has been at the helm of many companies before starting Zilch, and most of his innovations have been used far and wide. This is a company that is based in the UK.

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Bernardo Chua Creates A Whole New Market

Bernardo Chua, originally from the Philippines is a businessman and medical professional who played a key role in the introduction of Ganoderma mushroom to the Global nutrition supplement market. His research found that the herb had many medicinal uses which he developed to put in the market. Bernardo graduated with a Bachelor of Science and started working as a manager in the family’s garment business. He, later on, moved to Gano Excel where he managed the direct selling company and promoted Ganoderma-infused coffee and other supplements. Due to his good work, he was chosen to lead Gano Excel’s new branch in Canada. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

After working at Gano Excel for over six years, Bernardo Chua decided to start his own company. In 2008 he founded Organo Gold which provided customers with products ranging from Ganoderma infused coffee, teas, and supplements to coffee infused shampoos and skin care products. Mr. Chua aimed to incorporate the Ganoderma mushroom which is a Chinese herb into his products. Using direct sales as his business model Bernardo was able to grow his company globally and develop a sustainable market.

Over the years Mr. Chua has earned several awards. These are the Dangal Bayan Award for Business and Industry from Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards. His company has also been recognized as the top direct selling company by the National Shoppers Choice. Bernardo Chua has also received the Direct Sales Company of the Year award several times.

Mr. Chau believes that every child has the potential to be successful in life and that is why his company is the sponsor of OG Cares Foundation. This foundation aims to educate and enrich the lives of young men and women; it provides them with mentorships and equips them with the skills to become great leaders. Visit:

Max Salk shares tips on productivity and success

Max Salk has built a name for himself in the business sector as a shrewd investment analyst. Apart from a career as an investment analyst, he is also very enthusiastic about photography. He fancy’s taking photographs of landscapes, and this has allowed him to travel all over the world when he is not working on his other job. Max attended the University of Illinois where he graduated with a Degree in Finance. After his graduation, he went on to pursue multiple professional avenues in the exploration of his many passions and finally settled on investment analysis and photography. Recently, Max Salk was invited for an interview by where he shared his tips on productivity and success.


Key success strategies


In this interview, this investment analyst started by talking about his key success strategies. He mentioned that investment analysis was quite different from other fields of business. From his experience in the field of investment analysis, getting a better understanding of what you are working on is very crucial to success. Max Salk went on to point out that he has always sought to get a better understanding of every task that he undertakes and this has played a significant role in his success. Since his work involves doing a lot of presentations, getting a better understanding of the subjects that he is supposed to present has been key to his success. He urged other young professionals in his field to try out this strategy if they were looking to succeed.


Productivity and success


According to Max Salk, productivity and success go hand in hand. For one to be successful, they have to make sure that their productivity is always optimal. This investment analyst and photographers pointed out that it’s very important for anyone in any profession to embrace learning new things and asking questions. Learning new things and asking questions have been the pillars of his success. Max went on to point out that investment analysis, in particular, is not an easy career path. Max Salk stated that increasing his productivity by learning new things and asking questions have greatly influenced his success.

Robert Deignan Encourages Businesses to Embrace New Technologies

There are people in the world who accomplish amazing things. Some of their accomplishments have benefited mankind in special ways. Robert Deignan is one such person. While he is not well-known, he is a businessman who has achieved high success. He also happens to love advanced technologies and encourages businesses to create a healthier relationship with their technology.

Today, Robert Deignan is the CEO of a company called ATS Digital Services. The company began its journey by removing viruses and malware from computers. ATS Digital Services was able to take hold of a consumer’s computer by utilizing remote technology. His business immediately took off after finding its niche. He starts his days early and fills the day by consulting with colleagues and analyzing his company’s operations.

According to Robert Deignan, technology does have it downsides. An example is how many people are distracted by their cellphones in everything they do. This distraction can be found on trains, buses, and airplanes. It also occurs when people walk down the street or drivers focus attention on their cell phone while waiting for a traffic light to turn green. He also reminds people that an unhealthy consumption of technology can be bad. The question is how a person, or company, defines their relationship with technology.

Technology can shape the human brain, and it is important to examine how it achieves this. Technology is so invasive that it trains the brain to exert a different type of focus. Technology also happens to be addictive. While this does not hold true for every type of technology, it does hold true for a host of devices.

This modern age places a premium on capturing a consumer’s attention. Advertisers and businesses require that app developers create products that people will engage with. As such, technology creates opportunities for entrepreneurs like Deignan to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Jojo Hedaya Motivation To Develop Unroll.Me

Despite where we are, whether traveling, at work, at the beach or even on a night out, we cannot escape our emails. This is because it’s a great way of communicating with loved ones, making business appointments or even a great way of distributing work when it comes to school. With subscriptions from numerous newsletters, our inbox slowly but surely becomes crowded and with no time we Are not able to read each email send and this can lead to missing important business appointments as well as missing important messages from friends etc. This was the same problem for the 24 years old Jojo Hedaya some years back before the development of with the help of Josh Rosenwald.

Jojo Hedaya says that his partner wasn’t replying to his emails because he always had a problem finding them because of his crowded inbox. This was one of the many reasons for the creation of the service. Jojo Hedaya with the help of Josh Rosenwald created an application that scans through one’s inbox and sorts all emails putting them according to the subscriber. The emails are sorted into Rollups which can be read any time of the day depending on the time a user wishes to read newsletters from the subscriptions they have.

Jojo Hedaya met Josh while he was studying in Israel for their college education. They were the only students who possessed Blackberry phones at that time. They had the same interests and had almost the same narrative of their college life. They both never graduated for their college despite the fact that Jojo was the Vice-President. In an interview, Jojo said that modern life requires skills and more than graduating with a degree. Unroll was a result of many trial names in Jojo`s inbox from Josh. They both concentrated on making the interface as simple as possible to make it usable. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald share the same birthday.

Jojo Hedaya was born on 30th December back in 1989. In addition to being one of the CEO`S, Jojo Hedaya is also one of the co-founder of