Talos Energy Of Houston Continues Its Expansion In The Oil And Gas Industry

Talos Energy, Inc. is a dynamic firm in the oil and gas industry which was founded in Houston, Texas, in 2011. It’s founders were Stephen E. Heitzman, John A. Parker, and Timothy S. Duncan. Duncan is the president and chief executive officer, Heiztman is an executive vice president and chief operating officer, while Parker is the executive vice president of exploration. Their firm has holdings in the Gulf Coast as well as deeper in the Gulf of Mexico where they operate multiple offshore drilling platforms.

This company was established in 2011. For the past five years, they have been recognized as one of the Top Work Places in Houston by the Houston Chronicle. Their strategy is to recover oil and natural gas through the use of new technology that had been previously unreachable. They acquire the rights to areas and explore and exploit it through the use of their seismic database and other resources. Their management and employees have a lot of experience when it comes to operational geophysical, and geological processes.

Talos Energy has made a few mergers and acquisitions in the past few years. The latest one involved Whistler Energy II, LLC, which was also based in Houston. They are now a subsidiary of Talos Energy was they acquired Whistler Energy as of August 31, 2018. Whistler Energy had produced about 1,900 barrels of oil so far from their wells in the United States year to date. Talos Energy paid $52 million in this transaction.

During the negotiation to buy Whistler Energy, Talos Energy’s Tim Duncan was able to negotiate a release of around $77 million of its cash collateral. This money had been held in reserve in order to secure their surety bonds. Of this money, Talos Energy got $31 million while the seller got the remaining $46 million. Whistler Energy had $7 million in cash as of the day this deal closed which was also acquired by Talos Energy. In all, Talos Energy had to spend $14 million in order to acquire Whistler Energy once you take out the cash considerations.

Distinguished Architect and CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects is a body of architects and professional designers in the United States, it is the largest and the oldest body in the industry and was formed in 1857. The organization stands to see that the public gets valuable, safe and healthy buildings. The organization has over 200 international and local chapters, and as such, it is promoting the industry to the whole world. The organization is concerned with the wellbeing and economic vitality of the people.

AIA also play a role in boosting the welfare of the members. In today’s dynamic world, the organization has a role of updating the members on changes that are happening in the industry. By providing them with tools that will make them aware of the changes in the industry, this organization is building a lifetime career for its members. It also engages the government and other bodies to incorporate the role of architects when finding solutions to some of the community challenges. Members of this organization adhere to a strong code of conduct and ethical behaviors that will keep the industry and the organization clean. Find out more about Robert Ivy at bizjournals.com

Robert Ivy is the current CEO and executive vice president of AIA. His role in this organization has been to drive the development of the architecture industry and careers. His role has been vital in getting the members of the organization up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, a lot has changed, and the organization is doing more to establish a strong link between the people and the architects. Building awareness about the industry is something that should be encouraged since it will make the public realize that there is a lot that this industry can do to enhance their surroundings.

Robert Ivy is the winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018. He was chosen for the great career and phenomenal achievements as an architect in the 21st century. His contributions have been recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Letter and Arts and became the first architect to receive this award. Robert Ivy joins a list of high profile artist such as Morgan Freeman who have won this award in the past.

More about of Robert Ivy: http://architecture.tulane.edu/alumni/profile/robert-ivy-faia 



Sahm Adrangi Believes He Can Make Things Better for Everyone

Since Sahm Adrangi started helping his clients come up with good ideas, he knew there were things that would allow him the chance to give back in the community he was a big part of. He also knew things would keep changing as long as he became a bigger part of the industry. For Sahm Adrangi, the idea of helping other people is what motivated him to do the best job possible whenever he worked with others in similar situations. Thanks to his hard work, people could see him as someone who knew what he wanted in the industry. It set him apart and allowed him to continue showing people he is an expert at capital management. While he continues growing his firm, he can show other people the right way to get all the options they need. He wants them to realize they’re among the best and they can do things the right way no matter what.

By thinking of positive influences, Sahm Adrangi can show people what they can get on their own. He believes in the power of helping people with everything they need. When he started Kerrisdale Capital Management, he made it his goal to always serve his clients the best way he knew how. There were times when he struggled to remain true to this goal in a world that didn’t value everything he was doing, but it was important to him to keep doing it.

Thanks to his hard work and the dedication he put into place with the company, more people began coming to Sahm Adrangi for help with their money. They saw him as an expert in a field that was sometimes difficult for people to understand and that’s what made him the best in the business. Thanks to his hard work and the dedication he put into everything he did, Sahm was able to show people he was the best in the business. He was also able to make sure he knew how to help them get positive experiences despite running into some issues with capital management with other financial firms.


Sahm Adrangi: Investor Extraordinaire


Sahm Adrangi is an alumnus of Yale Unversity. Sahm graduated earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with his major in Economics. A few years after graduating, he founded Kerrisdale Capital Management ten years ago. Since founding the firm, his track record has been nothing short of phenomenatial. Starting with barely $1 million in investment capital, his investment portfolio, in 2017, is valued at $150 million.

Sahm’s Investment Strategy

How does Sahm Adrangi turn $1 million and turn into millions of dollars worth of assets? Sahm does extensive research on possible investments to short sell. With this through research, he can separate fact from fiction and in his analysis can define short sells that are nothing more than overpromised buys. With his information, like a good strategist in a chess game, Sahm Adrangi can make the right moves and increase his assets.

Adrangi came to the forefront in stock funding news when he discovered and revealed fraudulent investments originating out of China. Adrangi identified fraudulent business based in China, including China-Biotics, Lihua International, and China Marine Food Group. With Sahm Adrangi discovered these fraudulent businesses his information led to the Securities and Exchange Commission being able to take action against those companies whose practices were in question.

Before Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management, he worked for Longcare Fund Management, LLC, as an investment analyst. Previous to Longacre Fund Management, Adrangi worked at Chanin Capital Partners in the bankruptcy restructure and assignment division of the firm. In this position, represented clients of distressed and bankrupt companies and corporations. After college, Sahm Adrangi worked for Deutsche Bank in the leveraged finance department. In his work at the bank, he assisted in managing the structure and syndicate non-investment bank debt. Also, he dealt with high yield bonds, Chapter 11 exit financing, and debt reorganization funding.


Is Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm Fake News Or A Real Warning

The global economy is under siege. Trump’s proposed tariffs will create a trade war no one wants. If the trade war gets real, there’s a solid chance a global recession will be one of the by-products. Shervin Pishevar, the Silicon Valley investor, knows how fragile the global economy is. He went on a Twitter rant recently to let people know economic rain clouds are forming, and there’s going to be some serious damage from that economic rain.

Shervin Pishevar is a savvy investor. He is usually one of the first investors to spot startups that have revenue-producing potential. He invested in Uber before it went mainstream. And he invested in Warby Parker, Hyperloop One, Postmates, and other startups that are big moneymakers now. Pishevar left Investment company, the company he founded, at the end of 2017. Shervin Pishevar disappeared for a few months, but he’s back, and he has a lot to say on Twitter. One of his tweets throws Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple under the economic bus. Pishevar thinks those companies are too big and too powerful.

The stock market is riding high in 2018, but Shervin Pishevar thinks the market is going to drop by 5,000 points or more sooner than later. Plus, he thinks the bond market won’t be the safe-haven it usually is when stock prices drop. Some economists believe Shervin Pishevar is right when he tweeted the demise of some of the big hedge funds. Most of the top investors like George Soros and Warren Buffett know a recession is a real possibility. Trump’s economic policy will fuel that recession, according to another Shervin Pishevar tweet.

Pishevar is trying to let people know the United States is facing a dim economic future. Shervin knows 4.1 percent economic growth in the second quarter of 2018 is not a measuring stick for the health of America’s economy. That rate of growth is well behind India’s and China’s GDP growth. Pishevar isn’t crying wolf on Twitter because he wants attention. He is letting people know the world’s economy is heading for an adjustment.