Betsy Devos, a Woman of Integrity

Betsy DeVos is one of the quintessential women in politics today. She has proven that you can come from a humble household and become a political leader. After many years of hoping to become a legislator in Michigan, DeVos rose to become the 11th US Education Secretary. Her educational choice beliefs were seconded by President Trump who believed that she was the right person to change up the system and end common core method.


These were policies that had been talked about before, but they didn’t receive so much press until Betsy DeVos started campaigning for more states to have educational choice options. Many states were hesitant to add these programs because teachers were very critical of the program. The reason was that it would put students first and possibly pull students out of schools where they were zoned to start learning in virtual schools.


DeVos has seen that charter schools and private schools can help communities. He was able to work with many educational leaders in Michigan when she drafted the “Kids First!” Coalition, which sought to put kids’ needs first when it comes to school. DeVos wanted students to have the option of rejecting their zoned school for something better.


Educational choice isn’t all about private schools and charter schools either. IT’s also about being able to pick where you go and how you get an education. Some students are better off learning from home, while others simply prefer to pick a program that will interest them. Many public schools continued to be stuck in teaching for the standardized test.


Education reform isn’t a new topic. It has been a challenging program to reform since the 1980s, when a report was first revealed to the Reagan Administration about the poor performance of America’s schools. It was these kinds of reports that would come up again in the “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl. The interview asked personal questions of DeVos, as well as what she thought was the most successful program since she had taken office.


DeVos replied that Florida was the most successful because of its educational choice programs and the only tuition-based scholarship program. DeVos has been working with First Lady Melania Trump to visit schools in Florida, starting in Miami. DeVos will continue to work towards educational choice reforms across the country. At the same time, she is also concerned with school safety and worked hard to bring security leaders and school administrators to get a better handle on lockdowns and making sure students are safe from guns.


DeVos will continue to fight hard for her educational choice platform through 2020.


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New Office For Executive Director To Lead At GCPS


The Public schools foundation in Gwinnett County has in the recent past started a new position for an executive board member to assume as senior executive director. Aaron C. Lupuloff became the first board member to assume this position. He has assumed this position bringing with him experience in spades as far as forming a foundation for the Norcross High School goes. In this position, he will be expected to assist with building capital as well as an endowment.

While congratulating Aaron on his new appointment, the President of GCPS, David Seago said that Aaron brought with him financial expertise and that he would be able to work devotedly to the course of philanthropy and public education. His work in positions of leadership and management were the attraction in his selection to occupy the newly created office at the foundation. Seeing as the foundation would like to improve and build its capital base, the clear candidate for this position was Aaron Lupuloff. See This Page to learn more.



A big part of Aaron’s career was spent in leadership. His over 20 years’ experience in various companies includes senior managing director at Bear Stearns/JP Morgan. Aaron Lupuloff also had a stint as managing director at Raymond James, where his work helped steer the company to greater heights. His most recent managerial position was with Fifth Third Bank. He dealt with securities and other portfolios. Working with Norcross Foundation he wore many hats including treasurer, then vice president and finally president. Needless to say at Norcross he was a club officer for booster.

Aaaron Lupuloff’s appointment to the position does not come as a surprise to many since Aaron Lupuloff is a founding member of GCPS Foundation. In deed Aaron was once an advisory board member for Georgia Tech Parents. His career in the financial sector started back in the day: 1982.


Education Passion and Family

He went to school in Alabama and graduated with a business degree from the University of

Alabama. Aaron Lupuloff is passionate about various issues and likes to give back to society. Together with his wife Jan, they follow and work with organizations dealing with victims of domestic violence: Partners against Domestic Violence. They also work with the Diabetes foundation which caters to juveniles. Aaron and Jan are blessed with four children.


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How Rocketship Education Gets it Right

As a charter school, there are a lot of things Rocketship Education has done right to make sure their students get the best education possible. The company spent a lot of time focusing on what they could do to change the way people saw charter schools. They also made sure they were offering their students the best education possible since they knew more people would be able to take advantage of everything they had to offer. Since it took a lot of time for people to focus on what they could get out of the company and out of the way they handled things, some were skeptical about the way the schools were able to operate. The system knew they had a good idea and knew a lot of people would be able to get better experiences based on how hard they worked to make everything easier for their clients.

While Rocketship Education continues growing and more people are seeing the schools in their areas, they know they have to do more to let people know what they’re working toward. A recent article highlighted all the ways the company got it right and why they were doing a great job at maintaining all the opportunities other charter schools struggled with in the past. For Rocketship Education, this meant they had to make sure they were giving people the best opportunities. It also meant they would need to focus on what they could do to change the way others saw them as a legitimate charter school. Read this story in details in this article.

Between the way the company offered schooling to students who might not have had a lot of other options in the past and the way they created a better learning environment, they knew what they could do. It was important for the business to keep growing but it was more important for them to show the students they had a lot to offer. Through intervention, technology and new techniques, Rocketship Education grew the number of students they had and made sure students had a chance to experience more than other schools gave them the opportunity for.

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Has there ever been a time when you thought about doing something that you never thought you would do?

Michael Lacey first started his career off going to college which is something that most people do. This is something that made him understand that he had to do the career that he was trying to. Michael is an American mathematician which means that he was born and is doing his career here in the United States. He worked hard in his life to get where he is today but is still working hard to get even further in life. He has worked hard and has been rewarded with many awards that talks about the hard work that he has done. He has been known to be one of the smartest people in the United States which is something that many have not done. He has worked with many other people teaching them how to something similar with the career that they have picked. This makes it where he is able to talk about all the things that he has done in life along with the advice that can encourage the younger people that are working to become the same thing.


When he was younger there was a time when he thought that this was not going to be the career that he was going to do but when he got further into his life he understood that this is something that he enjoyed doing. Not only this but there are so much out there that can be done when they are a mathematician. He also has worked with many students that have gone on to do something similar to what he does which is why they are working with him. He has also mentored many people who now have their post docs. This is something that he takes pride in when he is working with them and something that he will continue to do for many more years to come. This career is really something different compared to the others that are there in the world and are rising.

Team Player Betsy DeVos

Betsy and Dick DeVos have made Grand Rapids, Michigan, there adopted home. When you ask people there about Betsy, they will quickly tell you that Betsy DeVos is a great team player. Even people who disagree with her say that she is very personable to get along with and willing to listen. Learn more about why President Donald Trump should be proud to have Betsy DeVos as his United States Secretary of Education.




Betsy DeVos is extremely reliable. Those above her like Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump can rely on her to do what she agrees to do. Those working under her can expect the same behavior. She also demands reliability from those answering to her.


Good Communicator


When President Trump relied on Betsy to deliver the message that he was rescinding the order allowing transgender students to use the bathroom meeting their identity, they did not have to worry about rather she agreed with the message or not. They knew that she would communicate clearly the expectations of the Trump administration. Furthermore, when Betsy wrote her educational platform for publication in the Federal Register, it was written so that anyone taking the time to read it could clearly understand where she expected to lead the schools. Even states who had their initial plans rejected had no doubt on what this boisterous grandmother wanted corrected in them.


Does More Than Asked


Betsy could have followed the lead of previous secretaries and hidden behind her desk in Washington D.C., but she chose to call the two presidents of the largest teachers unions in the United States to suggest that they tour schools together. While one refused to talk to her, she has gone on many school tours with the other one. Even when she has met with opposition, she has still gone on with her plan because she feels that the schoolchildren of America and their parents are counting on her actions.




Betsy DeVos proved she was adaptable before she ever went to Washington D.C. After she valiantly fought for school vouchers in Michigan and lost the battle, she applied what she learned from that fight to charge ahead. The result is that school children in many other states now have the right to attend schools chosen by their parents.


If you are going to assemble a team, you need women like Betsy DeVos on it. Her ability to consistently be a team player allows others to accomplish their tasks. While she realizes that she will not agree with everyone, she tries to build bridges wherever possible. After making up her mind, she is swift to take action while still relying on those above her to make ultimate decisions.


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