Unroll Me, The Long-Term Solution To Junk Emails


Unroll Me is an email subscription management company founded by Josh Rosenwald, Perri Blake Gorman, and Jojo Hedaya. This service enables people to get rid of unwanted emails by categorizing subscriptions in an organized manner on a daily basis. It uses a technique called “Rollup” to set aside all secondary emails. This start-up has been in business since 2011 and has received an acknowledgment from a majority of people who use it.


About Unroll Me

Unroll Me works by just navigating through the inbox to aggregate junk emails into a single folder like section. This app screens the mailbox every day giving users an opportunity to sort through and unsubscribe from what they do not want. Management of these emails takes place on the company’s site.

According to the company’s executives, it has more than 100,000 subscribers. Since it began operating, Unroll Me has successfully diverted over 106 million junk emails from its user’s inboxes. This feature is also said to have processed more than 225 million emails so far. Based on Josh Rosenwald sentiments, this subscription company has not invested in any marketing strategies and has been operating by word of mouth. This start-up has been focused on developing their technology rather than promoting growth. Find Related Information Here.


Unroll Me leadership

One of the things that have made this company succeed is the leadership. Its founders are enthusiastic young people with a desire to make life easier. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald are childhood friends and went to the same college. They sought out to establish this service upon realizing that the presence of junk emails was making it difficult for them to read primary emails. These entrepreneurs came up with the idea while in college and decided to quit school to nurture their startup. Currently, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald serve as the Co-CEO’s of Unroll Me.

On the other hand, Perri Blake Gorman came on board to assist them to grow the brand. This professional is a tech expert with a broad range of skills that have made Unroll Me thrive. Under her management, this email subscription company continues to evolve while bringing on board numerous users.


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