How Unroll Me is Helping Businesses Protect Digital Integrity and How the EU is Fighting it

Unroll Me, a new subscription service that was designed for the purpose of helping you keep your inbox de-cluttered, is also able to eliminate emails that don’t belong there. This is why more companies are looking into this service to aid in keeping the integrity of their digital platforms and other tools as safe as possible. This means that if there is a way to live a safer life in a digital world, it is certainly made possible with the help of the two young men that created this service.

Protecting digital files, as well as keeping your email clear of problems is a true benefit when you choose to sign up for Unroll Me. Your personal data and other information is often relayed through email. This means that your personal information is up for grabs when the right person is able to crack the code. Your personal safety is really on you. So, what can you do?

When you do get these emails, make sure that you read them and know the privacy policy. You don’t want to invest in something or some company that is going to gather your personal information for the purpose of selling it to someone else for the use of making a buck or building another database. Another beautiful aspect of Unroll Me is that they developed an app for Android. This means that your digital devices or smartphones are also protected.

Many folks read their email on their phone, and having an app available for your phone that makes this possible to continue to filter out the junk is important for your protection of your personal information. Unroll Me initially released this app for iOS, and Android was second. However, users are pleased and report feeling better about exchanging their information through digital technology.

The only drawback so far with Unroll Me is that the EU is examining all sides of their policies to see whether or not it will interfere with their ability to do business. The release of the GDPR is all about keeping anything private as such, and not compromising on that one bit.