Business Professional Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur and partner at the Light speed Venture Partners. Her love for innovation and creating new things started at a tender age. Her father who was an architect fueled this passion. She was captivated by her father’s designs and models and desired to be an architect too.

Today, Ashley Lightspeed is recognized for her achievements and innovativeness. Before joining Lightspeed Venture Speed Partners, Ashley worked at Thumbtack as the Category manager. She has immensely contributed in helping Light speed Ventures create new consumer products.

Moreover, Ashley has offered strategies that have led to the growth and expansion of the company. By embracing diversification in its operations, Lightspeed Ventures Partners is currently one of the leading venture capital firms that are generating very high revenues.

Ashley Lightspeed was dedicated to pursuing her education. She graduated from Duke University with a degree in Visual and Media Studies. Later on, she continued her Master’s program in business at Stanford University. Her education laid a strong foundation in her career.

During an interview with Ideamensch, Ashley talks about prototyping as a useful tool for realizing business ideas. She also points out that the Apple Podcast App and Spotify are software that makes her more productive in her day to day activities. Notably, Ashley ability to establish good business relationships has played a role in her career. Her hard work and commitment make her an exceptional entrepreneur.

Ashley advises young entrepreneurs to be flexible and quick to adapt to changes in the business environment. She believes that people should not be afraid to try new ideas. Her extensive knowledge and experience at Lightspeed help her to offer advisory services to enterprises. Ashley explains that it is vital for a business to identify the needs of their customers and then craft products that suit them.

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Wes Edens: The Fortress Investment Group.

When policies and regulations affecting the way banks issued loans to businesses were implemented into law, there was a group of investors that decided to offer alternative assets investments. As a relatively new industry, the alternative asset investment industry has helped turn around businesses that were facing closure as well as providing assets in growing businesses. One such group is the Fortress investment which was co-founded by Wes Edens. For years the group has worked with businesses on many fronts to ensure their continuity and eventual success. The investment firm that issues private credit and equity and the dedication of a team that is focused on the growth of their investor’s returns. As the firm continues to grow, under the leadership of Wes Edens, the number of activities and ventures keep rising.

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Recently, the group pledged their initial public offering on NASDAQ which is expected to earn the investment group as much as 100 million dollars. The funds, initially, were to be directed to the newest venture for the firm, which is the supplying natural gas in Jamaica as well as improving the infrastructural needs of the community. Claims that are yet to be confirmed since IPO may take a while before it happens. The New fortress venture, headed by Wes Edens has shown much growth aspects and seem inclined to be successful. The New Fortress venture is quickly spreading from the three Jamaican terminals, there are developments in Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Mexico. Wes Edens’ New fortress was initially established in 2014 by the Fortress investment group for the gas-power venture in those three areas, as the new Fortress Energy company.

Wes Edens has participated in a number of business ventures some of which are drawn from his hobbies and passions. He is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team, a renowned skier, entrepreneur and recently he added hotelier to his resume. With his track record, the gas company under the fortress umbrella is set to experience much growth and success in the delivery of gas and infrastructures needs in the said countries. The success of the company has already started to be seen with Ita rapid growth from the initial goal, Jamaica, to other countries.

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“We’ll Give Our Customers Valuable Data On New Treatment Options, Marc Beer Says After Receiving $42M Of Funding “

Marc Beer, the ex-Aegerion CEO is a man of his words. Since he co-founded Renovia, a medtech startup in 2016, he hardly says what he cannot deliver. It is for this reason three other startups have joined hands by giving Renovia Inc. $42 million. The money, which will be issued in two batches of $32 million and later a $10 million venture debt will go towards the production of the company’s other products that have been in the pipeline.


The former ViaCell CEO has used his more than 25 years of experience to help produce diagnostic and therapeutic products that lean toward helping women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. When Marc Beer and a few of his colleagues started Renovia Inc in 2016, he did not know that he would be playing a major role in helping solve a problem that affects millions of people. In a recent estimation by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 250 million women worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders. While these are just estimates, the fact that more cases will be lying unreported make Marc Beer sensitive each to continue with the innovation of products that will help diagnose, treat and even alleviate various PFDs.


In April 2018, a few months before the announcement about the Series B funding was made, Renovia Inc. attained its first major achievement. In that month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Leva, Renovia’s debut device that helps to diagnose and treat urinary incontinence and related complications. Although since then, there have talks on how to improve Leva, the product has done a lot in helping alleviate the urinary incontinence condition among women.


Series B funding, which was first announced in August 2018 came through thanks to three other healthcare investment companies that share the same vision with Renovia. Longwood Fund, which was the first healthcare startup to announce its funding to Renovia during the production, launch, and successful FDA approval of Leva, is among the funders. The other companies that have given their donation to Renovia are Ascension Ventures from Missouri and Perceptive Advisors, a reputable healthcare company based in New York.


When receiving the funds, Marc Beer expressed his gratitude to the companies when he said, “We are thrilled to have the support of this group of leading healthcare investors who share our vision to better diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders.”


Before Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc. he was CEO of ViaCell, a company that deals with the collection, preservation and development of stem cells that originate from umbilical cords. The father of 3 is an accomplished manager, the reason why many companies that he has led emerge the top in what they do. Learn more:


The great role of CEO Rick Shinto at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is without a doubt the number one leading company in delivery of healthcare services to the low-income earners in the United States. They have the most affordable healthcare programs that every American can feel confident about. The firm has a mission of redefining healthcare delivery in the region through application of sustainably managed healthcare plans. These plans are meant to include quality, sustainability, good coordination, and cost-effectiveness. No one will fail to get the right medication any more while they have plans that fit the bill for almost everyone.

The leadership

The growth of InnovaCare Health has everything to do with the efforts of the current team of leaders. Looking at the performance of this firm, one will tend to believe indeed that there are no bad businesses but bad business managers. The leaders have drawn up a strategy that encompasses all the basic needs of the healthcare industry. The result is that they are coming up with solutions that address the concerns of the public. InnovaCare Health is attracting a high number of patients who want to enjoy world-class services in the healthcare sector. One might want to know, who are these leaders who have come up with solutions that have revolutionized the industry?

Rick Shinto

At the helm of leadership is Dr. Rick Shinto, a man with more than 20-years experience in this industry. He has worked in clinical and operational departments in the healthcare industry. His career started in California, where he was working as a pulmonologist. He has served in senior positions of leadership in other organizations. He was the CEO of MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice.He has also served as the chief medical officer and chief operating officer at Pathways Management Company. Shinto has also worked with NAMM California as the chief medical officer.

Rick Shinto is using his experience to make the healthcare industry better. His contributions are not limited to his role as CEO of InnovaCare Health; his contributions as a scholar in medicine are also making headlines. He publishes articles and journals on various issues related to medicine. Rick Shinto holds a medical degree from the University of New York, a B.S from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Redlands.


Rick Shinto won the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. This Award goes to people who have shown excellence in finance and innovation. The same attributes are coming out now that he is leading InnovaCare Health.

Matt Badiali Has Some Important Advice For Investors Related To The Energy Sector

Matt Badiali joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 when he started up the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. As an expert in investing in natural resources, Badiali earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State University. He also earned a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic and began to work on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. Before finishing up his Ph.D., he was convinced to get into finance and investing by a college friend.

The friend just knew that Matt Badiali would make the perfect natural resource investor due to his knowledge of science and geology. He was absolutely correct because Badiali soon became the expert investor his friend envisioned, and he traveled all over the world to check out his investments and to learn more about the different sectors he was entrusting his money to. Badiali’s travels have taken him to Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, and many other countries, where he has explored abandoned mines, worked on oil platforms, and interrogated CEOs about the state of their company.

Matt Badiali understands that it takes a lot of education and experience to be able to read the natural resource market. A lot of speculation is involved, and the sector has a very cyclical nature, according to Badiali. This means that a successful investor will not only have an understanding of the market, in general, but also of the science pertaining to the natural resource world.

Matt Badiali has been working to alert his readers about a change that is coming. This change will be taking place in the energy sector as the world transitions from a fossil fuel-based industry to one powered by electricity. He believes that the only thing standing in the way of this happening is the current holding power of the planet’s batteries. Once a battery is created that can hold a significant amount of power, the change in the energy sector will begin to move forward. He is alerting investors to the fact that now is the time to begin to invest in the kinds of companies that will be capitalizing from this shift.

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