Matt Badiali Has Some Important Advice For Investors Related To The Energy Sector

Matt Badiali joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 when he started up the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. As an expert in investing in natural resources, Badiali earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State University. He also earned a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic and began to work on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. Before finishing up his Ph.D., he was convinced to get into finance and investing by a college friend.

The friend just knew that Matt Badiali would make the perfect natural resource investor due to his knowledge of science and geology. He was absolutely correct because Badiali soon became the expert investor his friend envisioned, and he traveled all over the world to check out his investments and to learn more about the different sectors he was entrusting his money to. Badiali’s travels have taken him to Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, and many other countries, where he has explored abandoned mines, worked on oil platforms, and interrogated CEOs about the state of their company.

Matt Badiali understands that it takes a lot of education and experience to be able to read the natural resource market. A lot of speculation is involved, and the sector has a very cyclical nature, according to Badiali. This means that a successful investor will not only have an understanding of the market, in general, but also of the science pertaining to the natural resource world.

Matt Badiali has been working to alert his readers about a change that is coming. This change will be taking place in the energy sector as the world transitions from a fossil fuel-based industry to one powered by electricity. He believes that the only thing standing in the way of this happening is the current holding power of the planet’s batteries. Once a battery is created that can hold a significant amount of power, the change in the energy sector will begin to move forward. He is alerting investors to the fact that now is the time to begin to invest in the kinds of companies that will be capitalizing from this shift.

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In the modern world where loans are pretty much necessary, credit scores are very important. If you have a poor credit score, you won’t be able to qualify for a lot of these terrific loans with low interest rates. There are many reasons why people obtain and maintain poor credit score but one reason in particular sticks out to me. A lot of these people have poor credit scores because of consumer debt. What does this mean? They most likely bought a whole bunch of things that they really didn’t need on credit, racking up a bill they couldn’t pay when it was due. A lot of this comes from food, clothing, entertainment, and many other things. The good news is that if you currently have a bad credit score or are just looking to improve it in general, there are two wise tips that I am going to recommend you implement into your actions. These two tips will make or break your credit.

  1. Pay off all debt

The reason credit card companies kill your credit is because you are simply horrible at paying them back. First, you are going to want to pay off all remaining debt that you have on credit. Whether it is one hundred dollars or ten thousand dollars, you have to commit to it and take full responsibility for it. Pick up extra work or cut your expenses so that you can start putting some more money towards this debt. If your debt is pretty large. I would recommend using the debt avalanche method. This method saves you money over time because you have already paid off the debt with the largest interest rate.

  1. 2. No cash, no credit

If you cannot afford to buy something with cash, you probably shouldn’t buy it. Then again, this is easier said than done. You must build the discipline to follow this rule at all time.

If you are looking at loans, go with GreenSky. GreenSky is a very credible company. GreenSky has loaned over one billion dollars since they were founded. GreenSky also has 12,000 active merchants ready to help you at a moments notice. All in all, GreenSky is the company you should do business with.

What Separates Waiakea Water From Other Bottled Water Brands

Nowadays there are tons of bottled water brands, including coming from different sources. There is fresh water, filtered water, spring water, and so on. It’s tough to stand out from the crowd but Ryan Emmons of Waiakea Water has found a way. The founder and chief executive officer of this company, he discovered a great source of Hawaiian volcanic water when he was in his early 20s.

His company sources water from the Big Island on which the enormous Mauna Loa lies. Standing 13,678′ tall, water in the form of rain or snow falls on this volcano virtually every day. This water drains down through the volcano. It picks up trace minerals along the way such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These minerals and the natural alkalinity of the water are a great way to replenish the body.

The average pH of a water bottle of this brand is 7.9. This is well above the neutral number of 7 pH which means that drinking it helps the body to reach its optimal balance of being acidic/alkaline.

An unfortunate truth in the bottled water industry is that a mere 20 percent of their bottles get recycled. This leads to billions of water bottles ending up in the environment where they don’t break down for upward of 1,500 years. Another big problem is the amount of energy it takes to create these plastic bottles, not to mention the pollution that is generated.

Waiakea Water bottles have always been rPET bottles, created from recycled plastic. These were certified as Carbon Neutral. Now this company is doing one better and using TimePlast in their manufacturing process. This material is built into the bottles and causes them to decompose in just 15 years. Ryan Emmons hopes that other bottled water brands start to use this material as well.

By drinking Waiakea Water you’re also helping rural Africans obtain clean, fresh water. They financially support Pump Aid who dig wells and build pumps in areas where the lack of water is a serious problem. This led to Waiakea Water earning the Best in Biz Awards for their social responsibility.

Doe Deere: Hope for the American dream

How does a homeless newly immigrant child to the United States go from waiting in church lines for food to becoming one of America’s most successful CEO’s? Doe Deere, founder of makeup company “Lime Crime” and advocate for empowering women through her products and company message. Doe Deere employees a team of over 35 individuals all leading the way to show women that they can be anything they want to be and more.

Doe Deere’s journey begins in across the world in Russia where she was born and lived throughout her younger years. There, she would watch American movies, listen to American music and wonder at the English language, hoping one day she too could have a slice of the pie that is the American dream. Doe would have that change at the age of 17 when her mother decided to take her sister and her to begin a new life in New York City. Quickly her thoughts went to the quote she had heard so often in movies, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, and Doe Deere was determined to make it.

Unfortunate events, however, led to her family to homelessness within here first few years in New Yor. Her mother, an accountant in Russia, had not seen success in transferring her credentials, therefore she was forced to take on low paying jobs such as house cleaner. It was not until social worker and advocate for struggling immigrant families Dorchen Leidholdt stepped in to bring relief to the family. With Leidholdt’s help, her mother would finally find an accounting career and her sister would obtain a scholarship to attend Columbia University. Leidholdt, after seeing Doe’s sketches recognized her talent and guided her to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lastly, Deere reminds us that not all American families start off as Americans and that sometimes, those with the hardest struggles might be the ones to contribute one day to the greatness of America.

Louis Chenevert: Changing Operations Using New Technologies

Louis Chenevert is an entrepreneur that values what technology has to offer. Chenevert, who was the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) before retiring in 2014. He has served in different positions in many companies, which has helped him appreciate technology as a whole.

While working at UTC, Louis Chenevert knew the importance of embracing new technologies. However, he agrees it is not easy to keep up with technology. New technologies keep emerging and ones that are more new expected to arise in the coming days. Just the other day’s people were talking about Blockchain and its technologies a few years later, and they are now talking about Artificial Intelligence.

UTC is a well-known company especially for its work in the aerospace industry. They have done many projects including supplying NASA with fuel cell power plants for their missions to space since 1966. UTC has also worked with the military and private companies in aerospace to create innovations. To accomplish all these projects, UTC has dramatically relied on different technologies.

During his six years with the United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert helped the company grow and strive in the industry. He invested in research and different innovative technologies to help improve the business. While at the company, Louis Chenevert focused on engineering and operation talent to create ideas that made them stand out from other companies in the industry. It is this line of thought that helped the company over the last couple of year.

Louis Chenevert work in the company helped UTC improve the F135 engine, which eventually changed the military propulsion system. Over the years, the company has made more improvements to the F135 engine increasing its thrust from 7 to 10. The engine also has better cooling systems for the turbine blades among many more changes. The engine is now less noisy and burns 20 percent less fuel.

Due to the constant changes in technology, Louis Chenevert has learned to have a liberal ideology, which allows him to accept changes that come with technology. He always looked for ways to utilize new opportunities to grow the company.