Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Foundation


Grace Farms is a foundation that covers an area of more than 80 acres of cultural, educational, and natural practices. The farm is open to the public on a daily basis where they learn and participate in the programs in it. The idea of establishing the farm was as a result of the availability of land. People from diverse backgrounds are able to interact when they are learning and listening to the various leaders invited.

Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation which was founded in 2009. The foundation aims at enhancing the lives of the individuals by engaging them with nature, faith, and arts. Grace Farms has been a place of peace and grace for everyone. She is a nominee of several awards across the country due to her passion for nature and personal lives. Sharon Prince received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity. Sharon Prince fights to end of child labor and human trafficking which led to a written report by the United Nations. Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways.

During summer, Grace Farms shines brightly because of the natural surroundings and the Cattail pond where fishing is normally done. During the season, gaming activities and opportunities for exploring are created. The view is more desirable due to the presence of red flowers, trees, and bright oranges. Photos are casually taken because of the beauty associated with the farm.

Winter brings a source of joy to most individuals because of the snow-filled canopies in the trees. Photography is offered at its peak during this cold season since creatures that appear at this time are breathtaking. Bird-watching experience is significant at this time since birds like the owl and hawks are available at this season. The Farm offers a habitat for the indigenous wildlife thus improving the ecosystem around the vicinity. Refer to This Article for related information.

Sharon Prince Grace Farm serves as a home to more than 40 species of birds including the butterflies and falcons. Tour groups visit the farm to explore the species and learn about them. Grace Farm has a community garden in it which offers sustainable gardening practices to various households. With all these in place, the farm is able to improve the lifestyle of the people in the area.


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“Marc Beer is Pioneering in Solving Pelvic Floor Disorders “

A considerable number of investors around the world have been investing in various companies with the sole aim of generating income that they can either reinvest or use in other personal activities. Some of the major investors around the world are channeling their resources in the information communication sector. However, one investor is going a different direction, which might have looked misinformed at the beginning but is now a strategic decision that is attracting positive reviews around the world.


Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc., a technology-based medical company that is focused explicitly on solving women’s health. Current studies show that health is an issue of concern in the United States. Recent reports indicate that a huge number of people have been looking for medical services and support from various medical facilities around the country. Other people have been spending huge amounts of money to try and solve their health issues, but there are no clear reports that they have been getting the services they want.


Renovia Inc. is one of the few medical companies that have targeted a niche that has for a long period been neglected by a huge number of individuals around the world. Both state and Federal Government concentrate on medical funding schemes that provide general medical services to individuals, but they don’t focus on ensuring that the specific needs of particular patients have been addressed. This explains why women with unique medical conditions have never accessed the services they would have wanted.


Renovia Inc. is specializing in women health by ensuring that there is the necessary technology that can be used in providing a solution to most of the illnesses that affect women. Noteworthy, Renovia Inc. is only focused on helping women to solve pelvic floor disorders, which has, for a longer period, been a cause for death and severe diseases among women. One of the diseases that are associated with pelvic floor disorders is Urinary tract infection, which is currently affecting a huge number of people around the world.


Recent studies show that more than two hundred million women have been diagnosed with pelvic floor disorders. The number could be huge because these data were only collated from developed countries. It is evident that developing countries have their share of women with urinary tract infections.


Marc Beer


Marc Beer is the idea behind Renovia Inc., which is a clear indication that he is focused on eliminating women-specific diseases around the world. He is an experienced medical expert who has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than twenty-five years. Many people know Marc Beer as a commercial expert in the pharmaceutical sector, which means that he clearly understands how to bring funds on the table and propel the growth of a pharmaceutical company. Learn more:


Robert Deignan insights on why to create a healthy relationship with technology.

Technology has had so much impact on almost every sector of the economy; in fact, it has created new industries such as digital service provision. ATS Digital Services one of the companies belonging to Robert Deignan, for instance, provides its consumers with solutions to some technical problems. Technology, however, comes with its challenges people stay on their screens for too much time, and as we all know too much of something is not good for anybody. Robert Deignan says that we ought to create a healthy relationship with technology to boost productivity.

Distractions from the use of multiple screens

Multiple screens can distract you from being productive; people who are using more than one screen at a time tend to be less productive. There is a high rise in the use of social media and people are easily distracted as they switch from one site to another in a small duration of time. The exposure to too much stimulus according to Robert Deignan can be detrimental to your productivity. You can control your digital habits by using at least one screen at a time rather than using multiple screens; you can dictate your relationship with technology to boost productivity.

Technology can change how we think

The human intelligence is plastic and can be changed easily. A study on cab drivers in London indicated that they could memorize all the routes and hot tourist sites over time. With training, we can change our minds the same applies to the frequent use of technology, technology, however, has all kinds of distractions. The brain will develop a different kind of focus unlike that developed while reading or training. This kind of focus is bad for your brain according to Robert Deignan; reading helps people develop the imagination and build memory.

Technology creates addiction especially smartphones, modern age calls it the economy of attention, people put a premium value on attention. Addiction to devices is not slowing down any day soon premium on the value of your attention. Advertisers are now using this behavior to sell their products as the more people get engaged, the higher their change of purchasing the products. We must, however, take control of how we interact with technology to avoid getting addicted.

Doe Deere – Impacting the Future Generations

Doe Deere is known for her first company Lime Crime Cosmetics that she founded with her husband. This line consisted of multiple vibrant colors for females to wear. Her brand was known for being vegan and cruelty-free. Deere started the company on a whim when she noticed others who would purchase the clothing she sold on eBay were interested in her makeup. She realized that others may enjoy the vibrant colors that she enjoyed. Once she found a manufacturer to get the product out, the company skyrocketed and was soon bought out.

Deere got the idea for Poppy Angeloff when she discovered some family heirlooms. The jewelry is vintage looking and is designed to bring out the vibrant colors and to encourage young women to be creative. She found the Victorian Era to reflect more of her design and taste. Her desire is to have the jewelry be passed down from generation to generation.

Her entrepreneurship has been shaped through her life experiences at 17. When her family arrived in the United States, they were homeless. Their survival depended on odd jobs and the help from others. This moment in her life drove her desire for success. Deere has found that success is only found in three areas. The first is to find your passion and to dig deep into that passion. The second part is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Knowing your customer and their desires and needs will help drive your business. Lastly, it’s important to take the risks needed in the field. Every step isn’t clear cut, so it is important to take those leaps of faith and try.

Deere has found that her passion in all of the businesses she has found is the color. She loves the vibrancy of the colors and finds the color to change the mood in any situation.

The Ambitious Leadership Of Louis Chenevert

United Technologies Corp is currently under the leadership of Louis Chenevert who is serving as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. He has been the president as of April 2008 and Chief Executive Officer as of January 2011. Since March 20016, Mr. Louis served as one of the directors of the company. Before Joining the United Technologies in March 2006, he worked at Pratt and Whitney as from 1999 in April.

Prior to working at Pratt and Whitney, Louis Chenevert worked at the General Motors for 14 years as the General Production Manager. He is currently serving as one of the members of the executive committee at the United Technologies. He is in charge of the committee responsible for tax and the fiscal policy. He graduated from the University of Montreal HEC with a bachelor’s degree in Production Management in 1979. He got his doctorate honors in May 2011 from the University of Concordia.

He has retired as CEO of United Technologies Corporation although he remains a vital instrument of the company. In his leadership, he believed that any Chief Executive Officer had the responsibility of leaving the company better than they found it. He, therefore, maintained a sharp focus throughout his leadership by investing in innovation projects, setting long term goals, and being the steward as well as a role model for the people he led. Since the organization mainly focused on investing in technology and people, Louis always in mind that any decisions made would have an effect on the success of the company in the future.

Mr . Chenevert had the drive and motivation of investing in technology because of his need in seeing the United Technologies grow. This has seen the company grow as one of the major driving force in the growth of the United States’ economy as well as the production of manufacturing jobs in the country. His first company to work for, the Pratt and Whitney has grown and build branches all over the United States. They have plants in Florida, New York, and Georgia among others. They are able to create a supply chain that covers the whole country.