Fortress Investment Group Continues to Rise

Fortress Investment Group has made a mark in the financial world ever since it was founded back in 1998. It started as an authoritative hedge fund that later on grew into a global investor and finance company. Last 2007, it became the first company with an IPO or Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange. The Fortress Investment Group has experienced its transition, growth, and expansion last 2018. The company has been known for more than two decades now because of the impact that it has made in the world of investments and finance. Last year, they were able to combine and have a partnership with SoftBank Group Corporation and it is considered as one of the world’s most notable financial conglomerates. Bought for more than 3 billion US Dollars, it will be used as a foundation for the company’s cutting edge innovations and developments in terms of private equity funds and real estate.

The Great Synergy

According to the Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank, Rajeev Misra, the primary objective of the fund is to be the biggest shareholder in the wide range of technology companies around the globe after it has invested all of the money. They want to build an ecosystem of tech companies in the globe. Rajeev Misra was a former head of strategic finance at Fortress Investment Group before being hired last 2014 by SoftBank. More than 40 billion US Dollars of global assets are managed and being integrated into the global strategies of SoftBank by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone who are based in New York, as well as Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco.

SoftBank is a company that is committed to supporting and financing. It has an ownership stake in Uber, Sprint, Alibaba, and other major stakes in the United States of America. The company is backed by notable companies such as Qualcomm and Apple which made it develop innovative technologies and are able to provide financial backing. The strategy of SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group has big projects that involve building infrastructures and developing one of the largest solar power projects in Saudi Arabia.

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How Gareth Henry Developed A Great Reputation In The Financial Industry

Gareth Henry is a person of Scottish descent who works in the financial industry. After completing his secondary education he attended Heriot-Watt University. In 2001 he graduated with honors and earned a bachelor of science degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. Upon graduation, he was hired by Watson Wyatt where he was engaged in management research. He then joined Schroders which is a money management company. He was employed in their multiasset-class group where was was one of the product managers.

He changed positions in June 2007 and joined Fortress Investment Group, an American alternative assets management firm based in New York City. Gareth Henry worked in their London, England, offices. He started out as the head of international investor relations, a position he held for six and a half years. In January 2014 he was promoted to global head of investor relations in this firm’s Fortress Liquid Markets division.

During the course of his professional career, Gareth Henry has been referred to as a person deeply experienced in global investor relations. He has shown that he is more than capable of meeting the needs of his clients including those in Europe, the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and in Asia. He can adjust financial strategies based on market cycles and deliver strong results to his clients. The types of assets he has managed include credit, fixed income, private equity, and hedge funds.

Every year the Institutional Investor Hedge Fund identifies 30 rising stars in the financial industry. The criteria for being named on this list include reputation, financial expertise, and showing a willingness to try new strategies and do things differently. In 2011 Gareth Henry made this list. They called him a “reformed math geek” who had shown the ability to really think outside the box. They said that he had been able to forge really good partnerships with insurance firms, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds. They also credited his hard work and ability to deftly manage marketing efforts during his time with Fortress Investment Group.

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Madison Street Capital international investment banking

Madison Street Capital is a global venture saving money firm dedicated to honesty, brilliance, initiative, and administration in conveying corporate monetary warning administrations, merger and obtaining ability, budgetary suppositions, and valuation administrations to openly and secretly held organizations. These administrations position our customers to prevail in the typical commercial center. In embraced each new venture, the customer’s objectives and destinations turn into our own, extending from budgetary warning and useful capital raises to M&A exchanges to exchanges of possession. Madison Street Capital perspectives developing markets as the center part driving the worldwide development of our customers, and will keep on focusing unique resources on these business sectors. Our firm has earned the trust of customers around the globe through our steadfast commitment to the most elevated amounts of expert models. –(–


As indicated by the report, flexible investments industry resources are at a record-breaking high in spite of the normal execution crosswise over most speculative stock investments techniques in 2015. While fence investments execution slacked, institutional financial specialists are progressively making allotments to the elective resource administration division with expectations of accomplishing higher required returns to coordinate rising liabilities.


Littler multifaceted investments administrators are attempting to pull in new capital and subsequently, are working underneath ideal portfolio limit levels. Generally speaking, chiefs are bringing about higher operational expenses while in the meantime confronting descending weight on charges. These elements are causing support investments directors of all sizes to think about critical choices. The exceedingly divided fence investments industry will keep on seeing the combination, particularly entrepreneurial organizations that extension appropriation to item offering,” says Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC.


Madison Street Capital comprehends the time affectability of the corporate fund and can react rapidly and relentlessly to circumstances. Our approach makes corporate back exchanges where both entrepreneurs and financial specialists commonly advantage. We have the information, experience, and connections to coordinate purchasers and merchants, and additionally to coordinate the proper financing and capitalization structure to every particular customer circumstance.


Throughout the years we have helped customers in many industry verticals achieve their objective in an auspicious way. Our experience and comprehension in zones of the corporate fund and corporate administration is the reason we are a leading supplier of money related warning administrations, M&A, and valuations. With workplaces in North America, Asia, and Africa, we have embraced a comprehensive view that gives square with accentuation to neighborhood business connections and systems. Our corporate culture oozes high vitality and energy. Our representatives are urged to challenge business as usual. Our staff doesn’t should guide – we employ the individuals who step up with regards to a ‘can do’ state of mind.


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