Gulf Coast Western

Leading the Industry

Gas and oil leader Gulf Coast Western are changing the way we process precious commodities such as gas and oil. Since 1970, they have been partnering with the nations top suppliers to make sure expansion within the industry continues. Mathew Fleeger CEO takes an ethical approach to business strategy “My strategy was simple. I would grow my business around honesty, integrity and creativity, and I expect the people around me to be the same way.”

Expansion and Growth

Expanding one’s prospectus is what business-making is primarily about. As an entrepreneur and before taking the reins at GCW in 2007, Fleeger had been on the fast track. But admits that too much, too soon can lead to consequences. “I was focused on expansion in the beginning and it led me to make an asset acquisition that seemed good on the surface.” With continued research Fleeger was able to better assess the company. “When I suspected it was not as I perceived it, I shut it down and cut my loses. I continued to do my due diligence which allowed me unravel it before it caused any more damage to my company.” Insights such as these, has catapulted to new industry heights.

What’s on the Horizon?

With main focuses on waste management, and tanning along with gas and oil industry expertise Fleeger and GCW are paving the way for improved standards. As more and more competitors enter the arena, the more we see different aspects of the gas and oil field. Fleeger looks to the future of the industry with renewed vigor. “The trend that excited me is the innovation and American ingenuity taking place in our oil industry. The advancements in technology have created opportunities and efficiencies that weren’t there even five years ago.”

Carsten Thiel: Impacts Medicine with Standards

A hallmark of Carsten Thiel is concern for the human side of patients in treatment and the belief in establishing prescription credibility. Carsten Thiel has a family background noted for involvement in the sciences and medicine. His family are from Berlin, Germany. His academic pursuits broadened after receiving a Bachelor of Science when he attended the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Later, he attained a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. He applied his background and learning in his first post with a noted “forward-thinking” pharmaceutical gaining experience in communications management.

Carsten Thiel has been in on the development of several medical products and therapies. His ethical standards were used in the marketing of the weight loss drug, Xenical, a medical therapy for hip fractures in post-menopausal women and in treatment protocols for hypophosphatemia, a degenerative bone disease found in the young. Medical products to his credit include Neulasta, Prolia and Strensiq.

Moreover, he advocated for using biomarker tests when Vectibix was being tried for the treatment of colorectal cancer. These tests further paved the way toward adapting an approach to treatment that strengthens accountability between manufacturer and care provider, as well as the bond of trust between patient and treating specialist.

Carsten Thiel has been one to push against the marketing strategies giving big promises at the outset to help ensure acceptance and sales. This is noted to have begun prior to the release of the weight loss medication, Xenical. Selecting audience from patient base and stakeholders resulted in this medication’s phenomenal statistical success.

Carsten Thiel regards time with family and informing himself of the day’s international headlines as important means to connect with any given day and the hours ahead. He sees the melding of technology with the concern for medical wellness as an ongoing exciting trend.

Carsten Thiel’s: Facebook Page.

HGGC Is Expanding Its Operations With New Talent And Functions

HGGC has been able to distinguish themselves despite the heavy competition in the financial markets through an approach they call Advantaged Investing. Located in Palo Alto, California, HGGC has become a top private equity company with more than 4 billion dollars invested around the nation and internationally. The company’s specialties include platform investments, recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts, growth equity, acquisitions, and restructuring throughout the middle markets.
The firm was first founded in 2007 as Huntsman Gay Global Capital and they have focused on investing in chemicals, business services, healthcare, industry, finances, consumers products, manufacturing, information processes, technology, infrastructure, and more. The majority of HGGC’s capital investments are kept within North America, but they are open to opportunities internationally as well. Today, HGGC has offices around the United States in Florida, Utah, Massachusetts, and California.
Towards the end of 2018, company management made a statement that they would be expanding their current management by adding several new hires to their roster to cover operations, investments, and financial functions across the company. These new hires to HGGC all come from reputable and respected positions at prominent companies, including Colin Phinisey, Christopher Guinn, Zachary Adams, William Spector, Patrick Malanga, and Hao Qin.
The new executive director position has been handed off to Christopher Guinn and he will be responsible for bolstering the company’s investment portfolio. Before his arrival, Christopher worked for Ply Gem Industries, Neways International, and Atrium Corporation, all of which are Golden Gate Capital subsidiaries.
The position of Principal for HGGC has also been filled and it is an important one for Colin Phinisey as he will be responsible for overseeing the company’s entire portfolio and pushing its market efforts. Colin has extensive experience in capital markets and his former position was at Deutsche Bank Securities where he operated as a Director for nearly a decade. New talent and innovation is a priority for any company that wants to rise to the top and stay there. These six new admits will be crucial in helping the company execute successful strategies for investments while continuing to promote company growth.

HGGC, LLC, And Its Leadership Explained

Private equity firms are regarded as some of the most elite financial institutions on planet Earth. Tens of thousands of fresh college graduates apply to work among the ranks of the roughly 3,300 private equity firms headquartered in the United States. Considering that no more than 100,000 people are directly employed by these firms, one can imagine just how painstakingly difficult landing a career in the field can be.

Founding a private equity firm is even more difficult. The co-founders atop private equity companies work hard to break their businesses into the fray of the high-demand, big-money industry.

HGGC is a big-name private equity firm founded by these four business masterminds

Palo Alto, California, has been the residence of HGGC’s corporate headquarters since its foundation in 2007. Three professionals who spent their entire careers in business, finance, and investing joined forces with a now-retired big-name NFL player to form HGGC. The founding team’s four-man roster looks like this:

Greg Benson serves HGGC as an executive director, a position in which he manages three major business investments made by the firm that constantly need hands-on evaluation and adjustments.
Richard Lawson, boasting an ever-prestigious master’s in business administration from Ivy League frontrunner Harvard University, is the one and only CEO HGGC has been led by since its inception 11 years ago. Mr. Lawson played integral roles in founding two investment firms in the 2000s and is extensively involved in the oversight of 19 companies HGGC manages.

Ben Gay fills a role similar to Mr. Greg Benson’s – executive director. Mr. Gay is the most well-tenured veteran as far as world-class investment firms are concerned, having spent 15 years with global asset management firm Bain Capital. He’s also had his hands deep in the soils of humanitarian aid for nearly two decades.

Steve Young, a five-fold chairman of the boards of directors of companies that his financial co-creation either owns outright or a majority of. These five companies are Innovative, DealerFX, AutoAlert, IDERA, and Integrity. Young played 15 years in the National Football League.