OSI Industries Merger With Turi Foods And Other Deals Which Have Made The Marked The Company’s Spectacular Journey

The OSI Industries is one of the most popular companies when it comes to value added meat and other food products. The company has branches in different locations around the world and is still expanding. However, the company has not always been a market leader. As a matter of fact, their story is one of resilience and a relentless effort to ensure that they made it in their industry despite the odds. When the company was started in the 60’s, it was simply referred to as Otto and Sons and its vision was to become a local meat and meat products supplier.

It was a deal to supply MacDonald’s which their meat products which made the founder realize that his company had potential to move beyond its hometown and go national. At the time, the current company CEO, Sheldon Lavin, was working as an investment banking adviser in charge of the OSI Industries account. The company felt that he was qualified and knowledgeable enough to become part of their team, and so they invited him. Sheldon joined the team in 1976 and this was the turning point for OSI Industries. It is Sheldon’s leadership which has led the country to their current presence in Europe, China, Australia, and the Middle East.

Recently, the company made a huge stride into the Australian market when they merged with Turosi Pty Limited, an Australian based food processing company. The company is based in Victoria Australia and has been one of the top suppliers of value-added meat products to establishments such as specialty chicken retailers, Quick Service Restaurants, Food Service Markets and Retail Outlets in the Asian and Pacific Regions. The two companies are now set to start on a journey of becoming one huge and successful food processing industry. They will continue with their operations in their respective companies and plants in Eagle Farm, Blacktown, New South Wales, and Broadmeadows.

It is such mergers and business partnerships which have made it possible for OSI Industries to expand their operation to encompass their entire Middle East, Asia, Australian, and even African region.

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