Alec Sellem Talks About His Start In The Gold Mining Industry


Alec Sellem is the founder and CEO of Sellem Industries LLC., a gold mining, and refining company based out of England. Sellem was born in France and attended University in Switzerland. During his time in Switzerland, he studied abroad in Africa while studying abroad he came fell in love with the continent. He loved the beautiful wilderness and the rich cultures of Africa.


Sellem Industries operates several gold mines and refineries throughout the continent, mainly in the country of Sierra Leone. Sellem has revolutionized the mining industry by building infrastructure to localize the mining and refining processes. He hires local workers from villages to work in the mines and refines the gold in their villages. This has helped grow local economies and help streamline the gold refining process.


Alec Sellem is a hands-on CEO that plays an active role in the management of Sellem Industries. Sellem meet up with to talk about where the idea for his business came from and what sets his business apart from other mining companies.


Alec Sellem always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, as a kid, he always dreamed of owning his own successful business. The idea for entering the gold mining industry came after a friend asked him to help trade and sell gold. He would research the gold and gold mining industries thoroughly before entering the business. He learned that most of the world’s gold was mined in his favorite continent, Africa, However, most of it was shipped to be refined overseas. Doing this added extra costs to the overall business. Sellem instead created local refineries that employed local workers and boosted the local economy.


Sellem Industries differs from other mining companies in that they take a “big picture” approach to business. Majority of gold mining companies only focus on profitability, Alec Sellem focuses on long term sustainability. He built new infrastructure which helps maintain long term operations and improves the economic conditions of local residents by giving them gainful full-time employment.


In an article with BlogWebPedia entitled, “Alec Sellem: The Social License Of Responsible Gold Mining”,  Sellem shared his views as a leader in RGMP, a market development organization for the gold industry that provides information about responsible gold mining practices.


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