Organo Gold Coffee Flavors that Consumers will Love

Organo Gold is a Canadian coffee brand that is sold in a variety of flavors. This coffee brand was created by Bernardo Chua. He made this coffee brand to provide great health benefits for coffee consumers. Did you know that Organo Gold contains elements that are able to lower a person’s cholesterol? This coffee brand even has antiviral qualities which means that it can fight the cold, flu or any other type of virus that might degrade a person’s health. Read more at about Organo Gold.

While Organo Gold has a lot of useful health benefits, the coffee offers a wide variety of flavors. These flavors include the original Organo Gold black coffee flavor. This is a rich coffee blend that is smooth to the taste and easy to swallow. The King of Coffee flavor has the right taste to satisfy any coffee lover. Then there is the Café Latte which is a mellow latte blend form Organo Gold. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold also offers its Café Supreme blend which is a bold and rich coffee drink. It is loaded with lots of good flavor and the taste is very appealing. Café Mocha has a has a hint of chocolate added to its flavor. Coffee lovers who love chocolate will probably take to this flavor. Organo Gold even makes their own tasty version of Hot Chocolate. Organo Gold even makes various flavors of tea that consumer will enjoy.

These tea flavors are sold in red, green and Black Ice. Organo Gold coffee products are sold by individual distributors throughout Canada and other parts of the world.