The Ambitious Leadership Of Louis Chenevert

United Technologies Corp is currently under the leadership of Louis Chenevert who is serving as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. He has been the president as of April 2008 and Chief Executive Officer as of January 2011. Since March 20016, Mr. Louis served as one of the directors of the company. Before Joining the United Technologies in March 2006, he worked at Pratt and Whitney as from 1999 in April.

Prior to working at Pratt and Whitney, Louis Chenevert worked at the General Motors for 14 years as the General Production Manager. He is currently serving as one of the members of the executive committee at the United Technologies. He is in charge of the committee responsible for tax and the fiscal policy. He graduated from the University of Montreal HEC with a bachelor’s degree in Production Management in 1979. He got his doctorate honors in May 2011 from the University of Concordia.

He has retired as CEO of United Technologies Corporation although he remains a vital instrument of the company. In his leadership, he believed that any Chief Executive Officer had the responsibility of leaving the company better than they found it. He, therefore, maintained a sharp focus throughout his leadership by investing in innovation projects, setting long term goals, and being the steward as well as a role model for the people he led. Since the organization mainly focused on investing in technology and people, Louis always in mind that any decisions made would have an effect on the success of the company in the future.

Mr . Chenevert had the drive and motivation of investing in technology because of his need in seeing the United Technologies grow. This has seen the company grow as one of the major driving force in the growth of the United States’ economy as well as the production of manufacturing jobs in the country. His first company to work for, the Pratt and Whitney has grown and build branches all over the United States. They have plants in Florida, New York, and Georgia among others. They are able to create a supply chain that covers the whole country.

Catching up with Nitin Khanna of MergerTech

Having held various training and consulting positions in Oracle Corporation and Saber Solutions, Nitin Khanna has been the CEO of MergerTech since 2016. MergerTech is a technology form of a bank that offers merger and acquisition advice to their customers. He was born in India in March 1971 and has so far settled in Portland. In 1998, Khanna co-founded Saber Corp., a tech company which he later sold to EDS at four times its worth. Selling the company four times its revenue is what kept him inspired in starting MergerTech according to an interview by IdeaMensch. At his age, he has done extraordinary things through helping clients in finding the best financiers and strategic advisors for them.

Nitin Khanna is an alumnus of Purdue University where he attained a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering. Khanna was employed at EDS where he oversaw business operations by the government leading to an increase of employees by 300 and revenue of 300MM dollars. Recently, Nitin got into the rapidly growing cannabis industry and founded Cura Cannabis which is among the most significant oil providers in Oregon. In a few years, the industry will move to the legal market thus being accepted by many. Follow this link to read more about Cura Cannabis Solutions.

Due to his passion for movies, he has been part of producing films like Terms and Conditions May Apply and What Lies Upstream. He has also made two world-class wines namely Four Handle and Oregon Pinot Noir. Meeting clients and his team are what makes Nitin’s day more productive since he can associate with them and understand the loopholes within the company. Nitin Khanna also serves as a mentor where he helps stabilize and grow an idea of their client through help from experts in that particular field.

The social media trend excites him so much since one can use it to grow his or her business faster. Being investigative by nature, Nitin tries to use different approaches that may give way to significant results. Working hard and knowing how to plan is a technique that Khanna advises his staff and the youth to use to achieve their goals.

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How Fortress Investment Group is Growing

Did you know that Fortress Investment Group is known for assisting companies with specialized sectors? The key here is bringing controlled focus to various types of investments. The goal with high-level investments is to create cash flow long-term. Additionally, the firm is sought out by companies that have assets backing them in an attempt to bring growth and stability. This is why Fortress Investment Group is at the top of the list for controlled investing.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank, in an attempt to bring more expertise to the table. SoftBank is known for their portfolio that are all built on technology. This was a new move for the bank, and it was smart for them to buy into a company that has millions in assets that are completely diversified. Although the purchase was made near the end of the year, the daily operations at the firm will not change.

The purchase price of the firm was over $3 billion, and it’s the shareholders will enjoy the shares that are outstanding. Those shares which were outstanding and deemed Class A were put into a pool for those shareholders to receive the shares in cash at just over eight dollars per share.

SoftBank is more than a buyer, but they are focused on setting the trend in the area of information. Although both companies are strong on their own, the purchase will make each company stronger as a result of their personal areas of expertise. Diversified investments have historically always won big, and between both companies this is where it stands right now.

Another area in which Fortress Investment Group has been active, was the winter Olympics in 2010. This is because there were numerous challenges in Vancouver, linked mostly to financial challenges. Fortress Investment Group along with other partners were the main contributors for the skiing village. The partners that are involved in the Olympic Games are always poised to put up a substantial amount of money, but in this case, the timeframe to raise more money for the games and ensure all debt was kept to a minimum ended up in a tight squeeze.

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Founder of Lincolnshire Management Receives Honorary Recognition

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management is uniquely characterized as being a private equity firm that specializes in executing controlled investments to project the growth of middle market labeled companies. For more than 30 years, the firm has made an extensive amount of investments in recapitalizations, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, growth equity, and in the acquisitions of more than 85 different private companies. As of today, Lincolnshire Management is estimated to have one of the top quartile ranking private equity funds with over $1.7 billion of these funds placed under their management. Moreover, in addition to being headquartered in New York, the firm has also expanded to include offices in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

In having acquired and maintained their reputable reputation for administering expertise-driven service, Lincolnshire Management attributes such long-term success to their collaborations with operating partners who routinely strive to generate new ideas/strategies to expand the growth of products for these middle market companies. Nonetheless, the private equity firm too utilizes a team of professionals who are well-endowed with operational and managerial experience to better assist in specific portfolio builds for these companies. Of the various industries that Lincolnshire chooses to invest in, they have developed a distinctive business interest in investing within service industries, manufacturing, and distribution. More on this capable leadership is provided here.

Yet, neither Lincolnshire nor their associates would be in the elevated position that they carry today if it wasn’t for Lincolnshire’s founder, Steven Jay Kumble. Kumble is a man who prior to creating Lincolnshire, accumulated a lengthy history of financial investment experience while working for several firms over the years via his titles as Chairman, Founder, and Director. Upon forming Lincolnshire Management with his late partner in 1986 and establishing himself as Chairman once more, Steven Jay Kumble incorporated his professional financial experiences for over a period of 20 years and led the company to have over $1 billion in buyouts. Furthermore, for his remarkable history of achievements in private equity investments, Steven Jay Kumble was honored by Continental Who’s Who in 2017 with a Pinnacle Lifetime Membership. With the receipt of his membership, Kumble advised the masses that one’s plans in life typically tend to change, but when doing so to make the most out the opportunities given and to never underestimate hard work.

More about how Steve Jay Kumble has raised the firm to its present status can be read through this link


HGGC, LLC, And Its Leadership Explained

Private equity firms are regarded as some of the most elite financial institutions on planet Earth. Tens of thousands of fresh college graduates apply to work among the ranks of the roughly 3,300 private equity firms headquartered in the United States. Considering that no more than 100,000 people are directly employed by these firms, one can imagine just how painstakingly difficult landing a career in the field can be.

Founding a private equity firm is even more difficult. The co-founders atop private equity companies work hard to break their businesses into the fray of the high-demand, big-money industry.

HGGC is a big-name private equity firm founded by these four business masterminds

Palo Alto, California, has been the residence of HGGC’s corporate headquarters since its foundation in 2007. Three professionals who spent their entire careers in business, finance, and investing joined forces with a now-retired big-name NFL player to form HGGC. The founding team’s four-man roster looks like this:

Greg Benson serves HGGC as an executive director, a position in which he manages three major business investments made by the firm that constantly need hands-on evaluation and adjustments.
Richard Lawson, boasting an ever-prestigious master’s in business administration from Ivy League frontrunner Harvard University, is the one and only CEO HGGC has been led by since its inception 11 years ago. Mr. Lawson played integral roles in founding two investment firms in the 2000s and is extensively involved in the oversight of 19 companies HGGC manages.

Ben Gay fills a role similar to Mr. Greg Benson’s – executive director. Mr. Gay is the most well-tenured veteran as far as world-class investment firms are concerned, having spent 15 years with global asset management firm Bain Capital. He’s also had his hands deep in the soils of humanitarian aid for nearly two decades.

Steve Young, a five-fold chairman of the boards of directors of companies that his financial co-creation either owns outright or a majority of. These five companies are Innovative, DealerFX, AutoAlert, IDERA, and Integrity. Young played 15 years in the National Football League.