Gareth Henry The All Star of Investment Managers

Gareth Henry is an American investment manager. He is currently a partner and Global Head of Investor Relations for Angelo, Gordon. Gareth Henry also holds a position with the Fortress Investment Group as the head of International Investor Relations. He graduated in 2001 from University of Edinburgh Scotland with a Science degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. Gareth Henry‘s degree would usually pull an individual towards the field of insurance but Mr. Henry thinks he was drawn to finance because of his ability to have positive relations with colleges and strange’s in regards to investments. Mr. Henry was able to figure out how to merge finance with mathematics.

There’s not another mathematician that has matched the success of Gareth Henry when it comes to utilizing finance and mathematics together to formulate financial success. Another key aspect of Gareth Henry’s success is his passion for customer service. Helping customers achieve financial success and providing great customer service is a recipe for success. Gareth Henry is also well traveled and diverse across many cultures. He has done business with individuals across the U.S, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Henry has so much experience that he was actually offered the partnership at Angelo, Gordon because of it. Mr. Henry is big on being active he believes that activity creates opportunity. This is why his calendar is always full from morning until night. These activities can range anything from morning calls to late night dinners. Read more on

As the Head of Global Relations for Angelo Gordon comes much responsibility, such as communicating with existing investors and keeping them up to date on current events. One of the most challenging task for this position is bringing new investment dollars. Gareth Henry’s peers talked about in an article how he was very good at getting investment dollars through hard work and relationship building. You have to stay ahead of the curve in investment management. Meaning sometimes you may have to use alternative forms of investments to keep ensuring client returns. Mr. Henry has had great success because he found his calling and perfected it.


Ted Bauman’s Five Basic Tips on Asset Protection

Ted Bauman has postgraduate degrees in history and economics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. While there, he volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and traveled throughout Latin America. A non-profit organization that he helped to found, Slum Dwellers International now serves approximately 35 countries.

Ted Bauman is a writer and editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Today, he specializes in low-risk investment strategies and protection of assets. When he was young, Ted Bauman worked at two fast food restaurants and a gas station. Ted Bauman says he does not regret doing so because those jobs made him appreciate the plight of the working class and to think of them when he presents his ideas.

Here are Ted Bauman’s five tips for securing liquid assets:

1. Invest in a lockbox that’s both fire- and waterproof. Do ensure that it can be bolted down. However, Bauman also advises to not keep all assets in one place and lockboxes are usually not the safest alternatives. Particularly if you live in a high crime neighborhood.

2. Safe deposit boxes. Since these are located in banks, it is definitely safer than just storing them at your home. One disadvantage is that the consumer has to insure them themselves because safe deposit boxes are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Also, this hasn’t happened in the U.S. so far, but if there’s another major financial crisis, the government could raid the boxes.

3. Safe deposit box in a foreign bank. Countries such as Switzerland, are protected from any government, including foreign government, confiscation. That being said, if a fellow U.S. citizen tries to go after your wealth, they have to jump through major hoops of presenting a legal case to do so.

4. Independent vault in the U.S. There are some vaults not affiliated with financial institutions. Unlike banks, private vault companies are not obligated to surrender your information to the government. The only way anyone can get into one of those vaults is by an official court order.

5. Independent vault in a foreign country. Some countries, such as Switzerland, aren’t privy to government regulations, cash or asset reporting. However, they are very costly and you have to be present to open your account and ship your deposits.

Adam Milstein – The Positive Impact of the Jews in the US

Adam Milstein is a remarkable philanthropist in the history of Israel. He has implemented philanthropic activities towards strengthening his native land of Israel and the Jewish people in the United States of America and all across the world. Adam had a wife who was also in the same as Milstein. Apart from his philanthropic activities, Milstein has also been in the frontline in combating anti-Semitism. The fight against anti-Semitism is precisely the Jewish people fight against discrimination. Discrimination against the Jewish community has been in various forms in many parts of the world. Anti-Semitism has led to some of the most disgusting events in the entire history of humans. However, having some great and essential people such as Milstein has enabled the fight against these tragedies to be a success.

Adam Milstein has also played a significant role towards encouraging pride between the Jewish Americans. He has served as the central figure when it comes to the rekindling and re-ignition of the Jewish pride towards their identity. The Jewish people have profoundly contributed towards the progress and development of the United States of America, their native land of Israel as well as various nations all over the globe. Despite that the Jewish Americans occupy 2 percent of the US population, they have the highest impact in multiple sectors such as art, business, media, academia, literature, science and much more. They have all the reason to be proud of many developments taking place in the US. Adam is the leader of the Jewish community who is tremendously and genuinely proud of his identity and roots. He has played a significant role towards empowering and strengthening the pride of the Jewish community.

The fact is that the achievements made by Adam Milstein in the world of business have been quite impressive. However, Milstein has never been satisfied but keeps raising his bar and aiming higher. He is always concerned about improving the standards and values of the world around him. Adam Milstein has applied various mechanisms towards to ensure that he makes his mission a success. Some of his strategies include philanthropy, organizing for young Jewish Americans to visit their native land of Israel, fostering a positive relationship, educating the young generations of their roots and culture, and much more.

Sahm Adrangi Believes He Can Make Things Better for Everyone

Since Sahm Adrangi started helping his clients come up with good ideas, he knew there were things that would allow him the chance to give back in the community he was a big part of. He also knew things would keep changing as long as he became a bigger part of the industry. For Sahm Adrangi, the idea of helping other people is what motivated him to do the best job possible whenever he worked with others in similar situations. Thanks to his hard work, people could see him as someone who knew what he wanted in the industry. It set him apart and allowed him to continue showing people he is an expert at capital management. While he continues growing his firm, he can show other people the right way to get all the options they need. He wants them to realize they’re among the best and they can do things the right way no matter what.

By thinking of positive influences, Sahm Adrangi can show people what they can get on their own. He believes in the power of helping people with everything they need. When he started Kerrisdale Capital Management, he made it his goal to always serve his clients the best way he knew how. There were times when he struggled to remain true to this goal in a world that didn’t value everything he was doing, but it was important to him to keep doing it.

Thanks to his hard work and the dedication he put into place with the company, more people began coming to Sahm Adrangi for help with their money. They saw him as an expert in a field that was sometimes difficult for people to understand and that’s what made him the best in the business. Thanks to his hard work and the dedication he put into everything he did, Sahm was able to show people he was the best in the business. He was also able to make sure he knew how to help them get positive experiences despite running into some issues with capital management with other financial firms.

Shervin Pishevar Has Managed To Accomplish Quite A Lot In His Lifetime

Shervin Pishevar is an angel investor, researcher who has published plenty of his work, a tech entrepreneur, and an active member in the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. As an incubation expert and advisor and mentor for startups, he is also a Managing Director and co-founder for The Investment firm and a Chairman and co-founder of Hyperloop Technologies Inc. Pishevar has done plenty of work to make Menlo Ventures a better company, and he sat as the company’s Managing Director as well as its Venture Advisor from 2011 until 2014. Menlo manages a $4 billion venture capital fund, and he sits on the boards of Fab, Warby Parker, Tumblr, Machine Zone, and Uber to serve the company. He was also a part of the efforts to create the Menlo Talent Fund for the company, which launched in 2011.


Shervin Pishevar attended the University of California at Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree, and later on he served the Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland as its Vice President Pro Tempore. While there, he worked in a managing capacity for a system of schools that had 15,000 teachers and 120,000 students. After getting his education all finished up, Shervin Pishevar founded the company, WebOS, and served as its CEO from 1997 to 2001. He also helped to co-found Application Corporation as well as Seges Capital after this time. During 2001 until 2004, Pishevar was the Director, President, and the Head of Sales as well as Business and Product Development for Ionside Interactive. He moved on from the company in 2005 to take on the role as COO and founding President for Webs, Inc. See This Article to learn more.


Shervin Pishevar was given the Outstanding American by Choice award by the United States government, and is an angel investor in a spread of companies in various sectors. He has published works in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and has also authored many different U.S. patents. Shervin Pishevar has also been chosen to be a part of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council where he serves as one of only 10 members in the exclusive foundation.


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