Daniel Taub as the Ambassador of Israel to Britain

Only a few people can be able to handle the task of an ambassador. This is because of the many sacrifices that you got to make. You have to leave your country and leave the country you are representing your country. This means new diet, weather, and culture and government policies. As an ambassador, you need to adjust to this new conditions. You also have to remember you represent every member of the country.

Daniel Taub has been able to handle this position with a lot of success. He has united Britain and Israel. They are enjoying all the benefits that come along with good diplomatic relationships.

There is lifestyle and education exchange between the two countries. Then there is the economic sector. His reign has been marked by success. It is described as the golden era.

The trade between the states is currently at $7.7 million. This has made a difference in both countries. Israeli investors have set 300 businesses in Britain. This is because of the peace that prevails in the two countries. They are confident that no harm could come to their companies. The chance to outsource and expand the market has improved the economy of the two states.

The business setups in Britain have also benefited the occupants in many ways. This is because they now have a variety of products to choose from when shopping. They are also enjoying standardized prices and quality products because of competition. Then there is employment. This is a global problem. The Britain is lucky to have an expanded platform for employment.

Daniel Taub says that his job has given him a great experience. This is because of the cooperation that the individuals showed during the legal setups.

Final Verdict

Many benefits that come along with good diplomatic relationships between countries. Apart from the economic relations and cultural exchange, their other benefits. For instance, when the countries are facing financial chaos, this is due to natural calamities or civil ways, it is the other state that bails out to stabilize everything. In civil ways, other countries also intervene through peace talks. This helps in peace restoration of the countries.

Thanks to Daniel Taub, Israel and Britain can enjoy all these benefits.

Daniel Taub is happy to have accomplished the goals that he set four years ago. Everyone in his party is sad to see him vacate his position. They are hopeful that his replacement will be better if not him competent like Taub.