JD.com’s Blog Divulges Free-Range Chicken Program

Jingdong, China’s largest online retailer’s corporate blog continues to share relevant news, stories and programs at JD.com. One of the most recent blog posts shares information regarding Jingdong’s Free-Range Chicken Program. The aim of the program was to revolutionize the chicken raising industry, and the impact of the program has been obvious during the two years since it’s inception.

Coined as “Running Chickens” at launch, the JD’s 27 hectare free-range chicken farm in the Hebei province has taken a unique approach to poultry-rearing and has improved economic standings in one of China’s poverty stricken communities. The program boasts chickens wearing pedometers from birth to processing, with a goal of each chicken taking a million steps in it’s lifetime. This system produces meat said to be more ethical and lower in saturated fats, while being higher in omega 3-acids and vitamins A, B and E.

In addition to providing a higher quality meat, the program has brought better quality of life to the area. By providing part time jobs, farming potential, and it’s residing county has since been removed from China’s poverty list.

The off-beat programs success is a huge boasting point for Jingdong, and has lead to even more creative farming practices. Swimming Duck and Flying Pigeon are the newest similarly structured practices resulting from the Running Chicken story.

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Edwin Miranda On Ever-Changing Marketing Strategy

Edwin Miranda is a marketing professional who formerly worked as the CEO of a drug-making organization in Florida. For Miranda, taking the journey on marketing firm is similarly both a project and a challenge. Marketing agencies closing doors are also replaced with consultants. However, consultants cannot cope with big companies, and the prices for smaller firms cannot be challenged.

But Edwin Miranda has a different opinion for the dying agencies, and he believes the closing of marketing firms is not worth the cost as some companies would portray. According to Miranda, most of the marketing companies out there have no proper balance between productivity and creativity. While in previous years things have focused more on productivity, creative directors and artists have shifted on to the consultants. Unfortunately, that deserted marketing agencies without any talent of keeping them competitive.

By looking on the unfolding things, Edwin Miranda commenced by ensuring he had a whole creative department which had the best brains that are not only productive but also creative. That is how Edwin Miranda arrived at working with a team of productive and innovative individuals in his marketing agency KOI IXS. By using the strategy, he managed to create great teams and got hands-on with every group not just to ensure they worked excellently as a team but to make certain his vision was clear.

Edwin Miranda never wanted his organization to dwell in the past as he looked forward to ensuring his firm always advanced with ever-changing technology. As a result, Miranda hired technology specialists to assist the promoting teams in building strategies on matters of using new technologies. That way, KOI IXS never had to play catch-up whereby the company is always upgraded readying itself for those technologies being developed. Currently, Miranda takes pride in achieving his dreams and believes that for every flourishing company, there is an expert excellent team behind.r

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How Unroll Me is Helping Businesses Protect Digital Integrity and How the EU is Fighting it

Unroll Me, a new subscription service that was designed for the purpose of helping you keep your inbox de-cluttered, is also able to eliminate emails that don’t belong there. This is why more companies are looking into this service to aid in keeping the integrity of their digital platforms and other tools as safe as possible. This means that if there is a way to live a safer life in a digital world, it is certainly made possible with the help of the two young men that created this service.

Protecting digital files, as well as keeping your email clear of problems is a true benefit when you choose to sign up for Unroll Me. Your personal data and other information is often relayed through email. This means that your personal information is up for grabs when the right person is able to crack the code. Your personal safety is really on you. So, what can you do?

When you do get these emails, make sure that you read them and know the privacy policy. You don’t want to invest in something or some company that is going to gather your personal information for the purpose of selling it to someone else for the use of making a buck or building another database. Another beautiful aspect of Unroll Me is that they developed an app for Android. This means that your digital devices or smartphones are also protected.

Many folks read their email on their phone, and having an app available for your phone that makes this possible to continue to filter out the junk is important for your protection of your personal information. Unroll Me initially released this app for iOS, and Android was second. However, users are pleased and report feeling better about exchanging their information through digital technology.

The only drawback so far with Unroll Me is that the EU is examining all sides of their policies to see whether or not it will interfere with their ability to do business. The release of the GDPR is all about keeping anything private as such, and not compromising on that one bit.


Kimberly Bakker Do’s And Don’t s For The Holiday Season


The holidays are one of the best times of the year, we get to take a small break from work or school and our family comes into town, however, too many of us the holidays are also a time of stress. Wanting to provide our family with the best Thanksgiving or Christmas experience possible we often get caught rushing from store to store attempting to put together an event in a matter of days. What if you could have one of the country’s most sought-after event planners?

Kimberly Bakker is just that person, with a plethora of experience working for the San Francisco’s mayor’s office and growing her own successful business, Kimberly Bakker is the go-to person for event planning.

Here are some of her best tips for reducing your event stress during the holidays.

Make family events about family again

Kimberly Bakker recommends placing out on the floor a family heirloom.

For example, Bakker often incorporates her grandmother’s silverware during her events as a way to add warmth, hospitality and a sense of togetherness. It doesn’t have to be something as fancy as silverware, a simple object with meaning can do the trick.

Manage family personalities

Making sure that those two family members who always have it out for each other rarely have to be next to each other is difficult, so Kimberly Bakker suggests that you avoid any games that involve competition. Instead, Kimberly Bakker advises us to form games that bring the family together. For example, asking everyone to simply write down their favorite family holiday memory is sure to lighten the mood. Get More Information Here.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We know, if you want something done right you got to do it yourself, however, leading with this mentality will only place you in a more stressful state. As CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, her own consulting firm, Bakker delegates the smaller tasks such as setting out all the baked goods on the table is a great way to remove unnecessary stresses from your workload.


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The Success Of Vinod Gupta


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group, an investment group with specialties of funding database startups, acquiring failing businesses and generally using database technologies effectively. Born in 1946 in India, Vin Gupta had the opportunity to immigrate to the United States and eventually earned a degree at the University of Nebraska.

After college, Vin Gupta began working for a company that made mobile homes. His job was to get the company in contact with mobile home dealers, and he discovered that there was no comprehensive directory of the contacts he needed. Therefore, he created one himself, which was a long and arduous task. When his directory was complete, however, it was understood by everyone involved that he had created a valuable tool.

From the experience, Vin Gupta realized the value of resources for business-to-business communication, and he went on to form his own company. As his company developed alongside the digital revolution, he moved into the emerging field of computer database management where he has stayed ever since.

Philosophy of Business

Today, as Everest Group moves into new markets such as digital printing and background checks, he relies on the team he has put together over the years to take care of daily operations while he devotes his own energies to looking ahead and planning long term. As a leader of a business, he believes it’s important not to get bogged down in detail but rather focus on the big picture. See This Page to learn more.

Vinod Gupta has seen radical changes in his field since he got out of college, and he has embraced them all. Looking to the immediate future, he is excited by the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence and wants Everest Group to be part of this upcoming revolution. Despite all his success, he has experienced many failures and learned from them.


Source:   https://interview.net/vinod-gupta/