Shafik Sachedina: The Doctor Who Helps Dementia Patients

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions. His main function as the department head is to coordinate the activities from the 16 principal areas of the Ismaili community. He is also responsible for connecting with the Aga Khan Development Network programmes to the Ismaili communities in Central Asia. In addition to these, he is also the owner of Sussex Health Care.

Originally from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Dr. Shafik Sachedina moved to London to pursue his studies. He finished his studies as a Dental Surgeon from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975. He also offered dental services in England for many years. However, as an entrepreneur at heart, he decided to pursue his interest in entrepreneurship and in the health-care sector which was developed in his years of practice. Because of this, he opened up the Sussex Health Care with Shiraz Boghani.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina revealed that his motivation in the opening the Sussex Health Care is to offer assistance to Dementia patients as well as their families. He understands both the patient and the family are having hard times dealing with the case. Sussex Health Care has been handling Dementia patients since 1985. With Dr. Sachedina’s visionary approach gives access for patients to do leisure and recreational activities which are tailored to the patient’s earlier life activities and hobbies. There are also physical activities to help the patients stay active and in a good shape as well as keep them engaged in nature and their surroundings.

Even the diet of the patients are monitored by the facility and is an important part of the treatment. Dr. Shafik Sachedina always makes sure that every patient gets a nutritious and good meal every day. Another important part of the treatment includes puzzles and quizzes to help patients reduce memory loss and deteriorating cognitive abilities. In addition, patients with disabilities are with their 24/7 staff that helps them in any way possible.

In addition to people who are fighting against Dementia, Sussex Health Care is also providing care for the elderly. They also provide help for people with Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Huntington’s Disease. A separate team is also available for people with Brain Injury.

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Matthew Autterson Makes Positive Changes To CNS Bioscience

Taking over as the CEO of CNS Bioscience was one of the best things Matthew Autterson was able to do for his own career and for the people who used the company. He knew what it needed and was confident his skills would allow him to continue working to help other people. He had tried to always look out for the things that were going on and for the things that would make a lot of sense to him and other people. As long as Matthew Autterson knew what he was doing and as long as he tried to always give the community what they were looking for, he was aware of the right things to do in different situations.


Even when Matthew Autterson was making the right choices for CNS Bioscience, he was prepared to give people what they wanted. He also knew things would change and people would have a chance to experience more based on what they were doing. He also knew things would always be the best they could be no matter what, so he was trying to make things easier on the people he was able to help. For Matthew Autterson, this was his way of giving the community what they were looking for and giving people the right opportunities, they needed to be successful.


As long as Matthew Autterson knew what he was doing and as long as he had tried to show people the right things to do, he knew there would be other ways people could do their best to give attention to the issues that were happening. Matthew Autterson liked to show others how they could enjoy different things and that’s part of what made him the best he could be. For Matthew Autterson, this was his way of making the world a better place and giving the medical community what it needed.


There were many ways in which Matthew Autterson was able to try his best and there were ways that would change how he was doing things. For Matthew Autterson, things would get better and things would grow, and the business would profit. Depending on what people wanted and what people needed, Matthew Autterson was able to give them different things. He saw how everything would get better if he put a lot of extra work into the company. CNS Bioscience grew a lot in the time they were working to help people out. See Related Link for additional information.



Matthew Autterson Gave Attention to People in Medical Positions

Working as the CEO of CNS Bioscience has given Matthew Autterson the chance to connect with many medical professionals. He knows what they need to handle neuropathic and biomedical issues and he works to provide them with the tools that can help them. He has come up with new opportunities to give people what they are looking for and that’s how he’s going to continue \making things easier on all the people he works with. For Matthew Autterson, this is part of the business and it is part of what he could do to make sure the business is as successful as possible.


By looking at each of these things, Matthew Autterson is making sure he can help people and making sure everyone knows what they’re doing. He wants to show people they can have a better life if they’re going to try and bring attention to issues that are going on around them. For Matthew Autterson, this is what makes the CEO part of his job the best it can be. It is also how things will be brought about in different instances. If he knows what the medical companies need, he can use CNS Bioscience to give it to them.


Even when Matthew Autterson is not working in the CEO role, he is helping out CNS Bioscience. He is also a board member and that’s what has made him better at what he does. By seeing things behind the scenes, Matthew Autterson is prepared to show people how they can experience a better future. He also likes to make sure everyone knows they’re getting a more enjoyable experience no matter what issues they’re facing or what they’re doing to make those issues happen in different situations.


Matthew Autterson served on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit organization known as Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). The mission of FAB is to help those individuals who are handicapped from neuromotor disabilities, so that with assistance, their ability to both interact with and control their environment would be enhanced and improved. Go To This Page for more information


As long as Matthew Autterson knows how to change things for people and as long as he is aware of the issues that are going on, he plans to keep helping people with neuropathic medicine. He has always wanted to make sure people knew what they were doing or what they were going to be able to do. It was his way of providing people with all the options they needed no matter what they were facing or what they were doing to bring attention to the issues going on around them. It was his way of giving back to people who were in different situations on their own and with their opportunities.