Kimberly Bakker Do’s And Don’t s For The Holiday Season


The holidays are one of the best times of the year, we get to take a small break from work or school and our family comes into town, however, too many of us the holidays are also a time of stress. Wanting to provide our family with the best Thanksgiving or Christmas experience possible we often get caught rushing from store to store attempting to put together an event in a matter of days. What if you could have one of the country’s most sought-after event planners?

Kimberly Bakker is just that person, with a plethora of experience working for the San Francisco’s mayor’s office and growing her own successful business, Kimberly Bakker is the go-to person for event planning.

Here are some of her best tips for reducing your event stress during the holidays.

Make family events about family again

Kimberly Bakker recommends placing out on the floor a family heirloom.

For example, Bakker often incorporates her grandmother’s silverware during her events as a way to add warmth, hospitality and a sense of togetherness. It doesn’t have to be something as fancy as silverware, a simple object with meaning can do the trick.

Manage family personalities

Making sure that those two family members who always have it out for each other rarely have to be next to each other is difficult, so Kimberly Bakker suggests that you avoid any games that involve competition. Instead, Kimberly Bakker advises us to form games that bring the family together. For example, asking everyone to simply write down their favorite family holiday memory is sure to lighten the mood. Get More Information Here.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We know, if you want something done right you got to do it yourself, however, leading with this mentality will only place you in a more stressful state. As CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, her own consulting firm, Bakker delegates the smaller tasks such as setting out all the baked goods on the table is a great way to remove unnecessary stresses from your workload.


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Kimberly Bakker: Event Planner Extraordinaire


Family has played a tremendous role in Kimberly Bakker’s life. She is proud of her lineage as a member of a pioneering California family that arrived in the state in 1848. Her parents raised her in an enchanted environment and she is seeking to do the same with her daughter. While Kimberly Bakker is a hands-on parent of a young child, Bakker is also the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, a successful event planning company.

Just as developing relationships is the key to success within the family, Kimberly Bakker believes relationship building is the path to success in business. Bakker uses local vendors who represent the best talent in her community. Kimberly Bakker believes that local vendors offer personalized customer service that isn’t available from national firms. As for her staff, Bakker has built a team of assistants who know her company’s goal is to make the client happy. View Additional Info Here.

Bakker realizes that a good event planner develops a niche and does not try to plan every type of event. She specializes in upscale, private events that are family oriented. In addition, Kimberly Bakker believes in getting to know her clients so that she can provide them with a personalized event that seems like it was planned by a close friend. Kimberly Bakker serves clients and guests from every imaginable background and she wants each of them to feel welcomed and included when they participate in one of her events.

An event planner must be attentive to detail. Bakker always confirms key details with vendors. Before heading out to one of her events, Bakker makes a second check that she has all of her equipment. Bakker adds touches from her family life to her events. She has been known to use her grandmother’s china and tea sets at her clients’ celebrations.


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Kimberly Bakker Adds A Special Touch To Every Event She Hosts


Kimberly Bakker is a motivated self-starter who starts each day by spending quality time with her daughter. After this, she takes a look at her to-do-list, which helps her to be prepared for what it is to come during the day. While others are still in bed dreaming, she is already on her way to her next even.


Kimberly Baker is the CEO and founder of Kimberly Bakker Events, and her meticulous planning has always served her well. She hosts many intimate, bespoke events and pulls each one off with ease due to her ability to delegate tasks to her team. Bakker loves to add an extra dose of feeling and sentimentality to each one of her events and has been passionate about event planning since she was younger. Kimberly Bakker treats each event as something very special that requires a personal touch. Sometimes she will even use her own heirloom silver to add something extra and always works to make every other detail just right.


When an event is finished, Kimberly Bakker loves to go home to see her daughter. They talk with each other about their days, and then Bakker gets to work putting together her to-do-list for the following day. Bakker draws inspiration from her own family’s rich heritage, which she is very proud of. See This Article for additional information.


Bakker hopes to pass this heritage down to her daughter and loves that her home is full of heirloom family items that fill it with love. Many of these are sitting in her daughters room, which she has put together with the same creativity she uses when she hosts events. Many of these same heirlooms are used during the events she hosts, and this is another detail that makes her strand out from other event hosts. At the end of the day, Bakker is doing what she loves, and that is what matters most.


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Professional Party Planner Kimberly Bakker Provides Tips For Hosting A Trouble-Free Holiday Party


The holidays can be stressful enough but throw hosting a party into the mix and it can be a pretty difficult season to get through. Kimberly Bakker, of Kimberly Bakker Events, has offered some tips and tricks to make hosting a party a breeze and one that you get to enjoy yourself rather than running yourself ragged.

Creating multiple lists has been called by Kimberly Bakker the “party lifeline”. This goes a huge ways toward being organized and hosting a party people will remember fondly. An example of one of these lists is who you are inviting and who has accepted. Other lists include things such as the menu and what decorations you want to get set up.

A holiday party is a great time to pay homage to the past, Kimberly Bakker wrote in her article about this subject. Kimberly Bakker greatly enjoys using the china and silverware that have been handed down in her family but even a beloved passed-down Christmas tree ornament is a fine choice as well. Any of these can generate conversations and guests reminiscing about the past.

Kimberly Bakker says that when it comes to the food you will be serving it is a lot less stressful if you stick to your allotted budget. Also, while you probably want to serve the adults an elegant menu that likely won’t appeal to any children who are attending as most are fussy eaters. She says giving them pizza or chicken nuggets is a great solution as they will like it and not become cranky from hunger. Visit This Page for additional information.

Kimberly Bakker has been running her event hosting and consultation business for the past 18 years. Kimberly Bakker has been in the hospitality sector since 1992 when she was working at a Southern California hotel as their director of sales and marketing.


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Kimberly Bakker Helps Others Plan Events


Kimberly Bakker is a professional event planner based out of San Francisco. Her passion for ensuring events come together in the best manner possible goes back to her childhood. She is acutely aware of the importance of annual events for families and businesses across the region. As the holiday season approaches, it becomes peak event planning season. During a recent IdeaMensch post, Kimberly Bakker gives a series of tips for avoiding last minute planning stress.

The most important part of event planning is to create a list for everything. Having a list of attendees, items to purchase, and preparation steps will give a clear picture of how much needs to be accomplished. Kimberly Bakker then gives a reminder that enjoying the party yourself is just as vital. A good host is one who not only puts a good event together, but also one who genuinely loves the experience of everyone around. Dividing up tasks among people you select can also go a long way in ensuring the event comes together flawlessly.

When it comes to the stage design of the event venue, Kimberly Bakker encourages using familiar items that reference the past of the host. It doesn’t matter how small the item is, as its presence adds to the traditional feel of the event. Background music should be a low volume so individuals can talk. Naturally, many families have a few members who don’t particularly like each other. Knowing how to manage those situations will go a long way in making sure the mood stays upbeat. Go Here for additional information.

Planning an event requires focus from conception to the conclusion of the event itself. Having a group of trusted individuals helps with making sure everything comes together. Kimberly Bakker does everything possible to make sure everyone has a good time.


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