Allied Wallet for product payment processing

Allied Wallet is a payment processing company with offices in the U.S., the UK, Germany, and China which has processed over a billion payment processes for firms throughout the world (AlliedWallet).

Allied Wallet’s technology and computer software enables a business or firm to integrate their eCommerce site with Allied Wallet’s payment system within 24-48 hours. Owing to Allied Wallet’s global nature, merchants may accept payment in up to 164 different currencies and accepts payment from over 16 different major credit and debit cards, and in total up to 100 different payments. Payouts as well, are in up to 25 different currencies. Allied distributes pre-paid debit cards to companies as a means of paying their employees.

Allied Wallet provides turnkey processing for merchants at a rate of approximately 1 percent, plus 10 cents per transaction. Allied charges no sign-up or set-up fees to create an account, and offer a quick integration service. They also do not run credit checks in order to be accepted as a merchant.

The company does require merchants to keep a rolling reserve to protect against fraudulent purchases and chargebacks, but this reserve is spelled out in advance of becoming a merchant. At the same time, Allied Wallet has sophisticated computer technology to protect merchants from being scammed by shoddy consumers.

Another concern by some merchants is in the area of recurring billing. Allied Wallet allows recurring billing purchases of up to three months in length. The company has high standards when it comes to risky businesses, and rejects high-risk business such as file-sharing, tobacco, drugs, body-parts and many more. Better Business Bureau complaints are infrequent and minor.

Firms interested in processing transactions with Allied Credit do need to request a quote directly from the company, so all transaction fees are not readily apparent, but the company is quick to respond to requests for quotes.

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