“We’ll Give Our Customers Valuable Data On New Treatment Options, Marc Beer Says After Receiving $42M Of Funding “

Marc Beer, the ex-Aegerion CEO is a man of his words. Since he co-founded Renovia, a medtech startup in 2016, he hardly says what he cannot deliver. It is for this reason three other startups have joined hands by giving Renovia Inc. $42 million. The money, which will be issued in two batches of $32 million and later a $10 million venture debt will go towards the production of the company’s other products that have been in the pipeline.


The former ViaCell CEO has used his more than 25 years of experience to help produce diagnostic and therapeutic products that lean toward helping women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. When Marc Beer and a few of his colleagues started Renovia Inc in 2016, he did not know that he would be playing a major role in helping solve a problem that affects millions of people. In a recent estimation by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 250 million women worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders. While these are just estimates, the fact that more cases will be lying unreported make Marc Beer sensitive each to continue with the innovation of products that will help diagnose, treat and even alleviate various PFDs.


In April 2018, a few months before the announcement about the Series B funding was made, Renovia Inc. attained its first major achievement. In that month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Leva, Renovia’s debut device that helps to diagnose and treat urinary incontinence and related complications. Although since then, there have talks on how to improve Leva, the product has done a lot in helping alleviate the urinary incontinence condition among women.


Series B funding, which was first announced in August 2018 came through thanks to three other healthcare investment companies that share the same vision with Renovia. Longwood Fund, which was the first healthcare startup to announce its funding to Renovia during the production, launch, and successful FDA approval of Leva, is among the funders. The other companies that have given their donation to Renovia are Ascension Ventures from Missouri and Perceptive Advisors, a reputable healthcare company based in New York.


When receiving the funds, Marc Beer expressed his gratitude to the companies when he said, “We are thrilled to have the support of this group of leading healthcare investors who share our vision to better diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders.”


Before Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc. he was CEO of ViaCell, a company that deals with the collection, preservation and development of stem cells that originate from umbilical cords. The father of 3 is an accomplished manager, the reason why many companies that he has led emerge the top in what they do. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html


The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Explains How The Duo Is Redefining Electronic Dance Music

Electronic dance music has been one of the fastest growing in the music industry after some of the most famous faces in the world moved into this area. One of the most mysterious aspects of the music industry has always been the superstar DJ who places beats over a song written by a professional songwriter and sung by a guest vocalist. Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers has recently explained how the duo is looking to change the way the music industry looks at artists such as himself and musical collaborator Andrew Taggart.

Nothing about the way Alex Pall and collaborator Andrew Taggart go about their work as musicians fit the archetype of the DJ who has little impact on the music they give their fans. The duo has made the conscious decision to step into the writer’s room and add their own expertise and experiences to the songs they are writing alongside experienced experts.

For Alex Pall, music has always been something he wished to explore and thought his best chance of success was to be from playing DJ sets as part of a New York-based DJ collaboration. In 2012, Alex Pall saw his first collaborator leave The Chainsmokers just as the duo were becoming so successful Pall was trying to quit his day job and focus solely on music. After a short period questioning his future, Pall was put in touch with Andrew Taggart, a recent college graduate and part-time DJ intent on moving to Los Angeles and finding success in the music industry. After meeting the pair immediately began working daily on their new sound and forged the image Pall is so careful to protect he keeps a careful watch on the Instagram page of the duo.

Working together for a number of years before the release of their breakthrough album, “Memories… Do Not Open” allows the pair to express their creativity even more as they have stored enough material to release numerous albums. Keeping themselves at the forefront of the creative process is the main aim of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as they move towards greater success as The Chainsmokers.


Debt Consolidation not a solution for excessive debts repayment, says Graeme Holm

Debt consolidation is considered one of the effective ways of handling excessive debts repayment. However, is this true? Should you go for debt consolidation? Financial expert Graeme Holm helps us to answer this question. Holm is the founder and a director of Infinity Group Australia. This company is found in Australia and helps Australians with debt reduction and money management issues. There are very many Australians struggling with excessive debts and have no working solutions to get out of debts. It is for such reasons that debtors are using the debt consolidation route to minimize the debts. Graeme Holm understands the frustration that these people are going through and has a solution to their dilemma.




Graeme Holm discourages debtors from using debt consolidation. As a financial expert, he believes that it does not work. Debt consolidation is a way of consolidating all the loans and paying them at a certain interest rate. In the end, what you will realize is that there is no much difference with the paying each loan separately. You will still be subjected to the same high-interest rate and long repayment period.




Infinity Group Australia is offering long-term solutions to financial management needs. They have a plan that incorporates training of their clients on financial management. The lesson you get by working with Infinity Group will last a lifetime. As their client, you will be shown how to go about creating a cash-based budget. The main goal of the Infinity Group Australia is to lower the amounts of money spent on frivolous expenditure. If Australians are shown how to create budget plans which discourage wastages, the verdict is already out that they can save more. Where is the verdict? The results of the clients who have already worked with the Infinity Group Australia are proof that it is possible to clear loans repayment in a very short time, by taking care of the household budget.




In five years, Infinity Group Australia under the leadership of Graeme Holm has offered financial solutions to hundreds of Australians who have agreed to work with them. Their clients are saving an average of $41,000 in a year. Also, projections show that it will take about 7-10 years to complete repayment of loans which could have taken 30 years.




Once the company has helped the client to develop a budget plan, they do not stop there. They make a follow-up plan which ensures continuous review of the clients’ budgets. Each client is assigned a personal trainer.




The reviews that Infinity Group Australia has been getting are phenomenal. Clients are very happy with the outcome of the plans. In a short time, clients who worried about their financial status because of excessive debts are becoming debt free.




The impact is felt in the whole financial industry. Infinity Group Australia has surpassed many companies in the region with an impressive delivery of innovative solutions. In a recent review by the Australian Financial Review which measured the most innovative companies, Infinity Group came out at number #58. Learn more: https://medium.com/@graemeholm