New Office For Executive Director To Lead At GCPS


The Public schools foundation in Gwinnett County has in the recent past started a new position for an executive board member to assume as senior executive director. Aaron C. Lupuloff became the first board member to assume this position. He has assumed this position bringing with him experience in spades as far as forming a foundation for the Norcross High School goes. In this position, he will be expected to assist with building capital as well as an endowment.

While congratulating Aaron on his new appointment, the President of GCPS, David Seago said that Aaron brought with him financial expertise and that he would be able to work devotedly to the course of philanthropy and public education. His work in positions of leadership and management were the attraction in his selection to occupy the newly created office at the foundation. Seeing as the foundation would like to improve and build its capital base, the clear candidate for this position was Aaron Lupuloff. See This Page to learn more.



A big part of Aaron’s career was spent in leadership. His over 20 years’ experience in various companies includes senior managing director at Bear Stearns/JP Morgan. Aaron Lupuloff also had a stint as managing director at Raymond James, where his work helped steer the company to greater heights. His most recent managerial position was with Fifth Third Bank. He dealt with securities and other portfolios. Working with Norcross Foundation he wore many hats including treasurer, then vice president and finally president. Needless to say at Norcross he was a club officer for booster.

Aaaron Lupuloff’s appointment to the position does not come as a surprise to many since Aaron Lupuloff is a founding member of GCPS Foundation. In deed Aaron was once an advisory board member for Georgia Tech Parents. His career in the financial sector started back in the day: 1982.


Education Passion and Family

He went to school in Alabama and graduated with a business degree from the University of

Alabama. Aaron Lupuloff is passionate about various issues and likes to give back to society. Together with his wife Jan, they follow and work with organizations dealing with victims of domestic violence: Partners against Domestic Violence. They also work with the Diabetes foundation which caters to juveniles. Aaron and Jan are blessed with four children.


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Roseann Bennett, A Passionate Family Therapist

A marriage is a union of two or more people from different backgrounds, and thus marriages and families can be difficult and complicated. For this reason, we need people like Roseann Bennett to help us in dealing with these challenges.

Roseann Bennett is a successful family and marriage therapist. She has over ten years of experience dealing with mental health as well as family therapy, and this makes her one of the best in the field. She has worked with many different families and individuals from all types of backgrounds.

She has also worked as a family home therapist where she held many responsibilities such as family and marital therapy, case management, individual therapy, treatment planning for the clients and crisis management. This role gave her vast experience and resilience. Moreover, Bennett has worked with teenagers and adolescents around Warren, Hunter don and Somerset counties. View More Information Here.

Roseann Bennett is very passionate about her job and very compassionate, she has a big heart and believes in helping people. She has proven herself to be effective and efficient in dealing with clients’ issues as well as a forward-thinking leader.

Roseann Bennett set up a not for profit organization, the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009. The facility was opened for services in 2010, since then, she has helped people with different struggles in their lives. This charitable organization is devoted to helping people and families from diverse backgrounds facing various problems. They mainly focus on helping those families and individuals that have been marginalized and disenfranchised by the community.

Roseann is also a blogger, and she maintains her blog on women and mental health in the workplace which is some of the topics that she considers critical in the today society. Roseann hopes that she can reach many people and educate them on these issues.


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The Success Of Vinod Gupta


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group, an investment group with specialties of funding database startups, acquiring failing businesses and generally using database technologies effectively. Born in 1946 in India, Vin Gupta had the opportunity to immigrate to the United States and eventually earned a degree at the University of Nebraska.

After college, Vin Gupta began working for a company that made mobile homes. His job was to get the company in contact with mobile home dealers, and he discovered that there was no comprehensive directory of the contacts he needed. Therefore, he created one himself, which was a long and arduous task. When his directory was complete, however, it was understood by everyone involved that he had created a valuable tool.

From the experience, Vin Gupta realized the value of resources for business-to-business communication, and he went on to form his own company. As his company developed alongside the digital revolution, he moved into the emerging field of computer database management where he has stayed ever since.

Philosophy of Business

Today, as Everest Group moves into new markets such as digital printing and background checks, he relies on the team he has put together over the years to take care of daily operations while he devotes his own energies to looking ahead and planning long term. As a leader of a business, he believes it’s important not to get bogged down in detail but rather focus on the big picture. See This Page to learn more.

Vinod Gupta has seen radical changes in his field since he got out of college, and he has embraced them all. Looking to the immediate future, he is excited by the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence and wants Everest Group to be part of this upcoming revolution. Despite all his success, he has experienced many failures and learned from them.



Roseann Bennett And Canine-Assisted Therapy


Roseann Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist, with over ten years’ experience. She works primarily in New Jersey as in in-house therapist with children and their families, providing treatment planning, case management, and crisis management. In 2009, she along with her husband, opened up Center for Assessment and Treatment. When opening this treatment center, Roseann’s goal was to provide services to the community and marginalized families who could not afford to have health insurance.


At the Center for Assessment and Treatment, while working with children, Roseann Bennett wanted to introduce canine-assisted therapy to her patients. Canines have been proven to be effective for therapy because they provide calmness to children, a safety net that is good for them. Children also feel comfortable with dogs because they are great companions and do not judge, making them a perfect method for helping children open up during therapy.


Roseann Bennett has therapy dog, Jack, at her center to help her patients relax. However, Jack will not be used if there is a more effective and established treatment for the patient. Therapy dogs and service dogs can be confused for the same thing, but there are differences. Service dogs are trained to help a person with special needs, where as a therapy dog address emotional needs, such as with people who have anxiety disorders or autism. The introduction of canines to therapy began in 1976, when Elaine Smith saw that a chaplain had brought a dog and was helping everyone it stopped to visit. That is when she began a facility with trained dogs to help people. The best breeds of dogs for therapy include; Greyhounds, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers to name a few. View Related Info Here.


Others who would benefit from a therapy dog is an individual going through depression, anxiety, or people who have suffered from traumatic experiences. Pets are mood boosters and their affection can make such an impactful difference. Roseann Bennett will always use “Canine-Assisted Therapy” with her patients, because they not only provide calmness, but a way to communicate, especially when feeling alienated.


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Vinod Gupta Shares His Experiences In The Database Industry


Vinod Gupta developed a highly successful database firm that he eventually sold for $680 million. He now owns and operates Everest Group which invests in other similar firms and provides consulting services to them based on his decades in the industry. Gupta specializes in underperforming companies which he helps turn around, becoming competitive and profitable.

When he started out in the database industry he identified a need that he could fill This was in the 1970s when people needed to look at the Yellow Pages for information on businesses and people instead of the internet. Vinod Gupta first built a database filled with all of America’s mobile home dealers. He sold this database to mobile home manufacturers who wanted additional locations to sell their products through.

He realized that businesses in other industries could use similar lists. Vinod Gupta eventually named his company American Business Information and it was the Google search of its day. When he sold this company it was named Infogroup and it remains as a huge database and marketing firm based in Papillion, Nebraska.

He says that nowadays the information is far more detailed than it had been back in the 1970s when it was essentially the name of the business, their address, and phone number. Vinod Gupta says that companies now can use Infogroup’s database to do things like finding out the name of every restaurant within a set distance of a landmark or how many hotels are in a particular neighborhood. Visit This Page to learn more.

He leaves the management of day-to-day affairs at Everest Group to his team. His company is better off with him focusing on the long-term success of it and who they will achieve growth. Vinod Gupta says it is impossible to pay attention to things happening on a daily basis while pursuing long-range goals.


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