Steve Ritchie is currently the Chief Executive Officer and president of one of the world’s largest pizza supply company. He was brought up at Louisville in Kentucky, where he also currently resides with his family.

The pizza company, Papa John’s, has popularity in more than 45 countries in the world. The company has employed more than one hundred and twenty thousand corporate and franchise team members in 50 states and territories in the world. Get Additional Information Here.

The firm has employed Steve for more than twenty years. In the two decades, he led various department roles. The roles he was allocated to serve made him gain more experiences and his leadership skills grew positively.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s had started as a customer service representative where he was being paid on an hourly basis. He became a franchise owner in 2006, and this helped him understand how to handle Papa John’s restaurant on a local level.

He served in some leadership roles of which he was successful in all of them. Due to his hard work, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer position in 2014. Steve Ritchie’s leadership skills and passion for serving was very evident, and this made him be shortlisted as one of the best of those who may succeed in the company in 2015. On 1st January 2018, the 43 year old by then, Steve Ritchie was named the President and Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s.

Being the company’s President and CEO, Mr Steve Ritchie is mandated to drive the strategic plan of the firm hence promoting brand awareness. He had to maintain the growth of the company globally. Since the company’s market deals with people as an individual, Steve’s primary focus is on people.

He understands that once the company’s brand is the best, people will be willing and proud to work for, order from and even partner with it. Steve is also among the members of the board at Papa John’s and pizza company headquarter at Louisville in Kentucky. Papa John’s ranked as the world’s third-largest pizza delivery company. It’s also famous for best customer satisfaction services.


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