The Artful Renowned Doctor Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden was born Austin Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Doctor Walden attended another school to receive her Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship for being a surgeon. She ran her practice in New York up until 2011, moving back to Austin. Doctor Walden worked in her for eight years and counting. Out of 851 women in the field, Doctor Jennifer Walden is one of them. Jennifer Walden is one of the dozen surgeons to work in Texas. The doctors spoke on how difficult it is to stay in the medical field. It takes about six to seven years to get a medical degree and a fellowship to be a surgeon, yet delaying that chances of having kids for some women. The cosmetic doctor also states she is fine with having to prove to the mainly male-dominated field every year.

Women are the biggest clients to get cosmetic surgery, either to remove saggy skin or anything they request to be gone. Jennifer Walden understands this better than the average male cosmetic surgeon. Walden says her patients feel more comfortable with her about specifics parts of their bodies. That her patients do not feel judged because of the type of modifications they are requesting. Dr. Walden tells her patients about surgeries will get someday or had done in her life. She moved back home after her time in New York for her family and her fellow Austin citizens. SHe realized her community wanted cosmetic work done like everyone else in the world. To know more about her click here.

Jennifer Walden took classes on women and psychology. She wanted to help women in ways that a talk session wouldn’t do. She became a surgeon to help give women that confidence boost and sense of self again. Dr. Walden says that being a doctor is to help people and she wants to continue helping women. Jennifer Walden is happy to help her fellow women. She wouldn’t do her job if it was for vanity, and if it wasn’t helping people or causing strife in her gender.