Nick Vertucci And Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is a real estate mogul and serves by the philosophy that whatever happened to your past does not dictate your future. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NVREA. Nick was brought up by a loving and humble family that always provided for him whenever necessary. He suffered a massive blow at the age of ten when his dad died, and his mother had to work extra hard to cover up for the income that the husband was bringing home. At the age of eighteen, Vertucci stopped living at home, and his life grew to be even worse than before.

At this point, he started a business of selling computer parts and in 2000 dot com crash entered the stock market and business world leading to the loss of his assets, and for almost 18 months he did not have an income. A friend of his invited him to a real estate seminar and developed the need to join the growing industry. It was not long before Nick became a considerable success in the real estate sector and becoming a millionaire. Nick Vertucci promised to use his knowledge in teaching others how to be successful in various fields. Through this, he founded the NV Real Estate Academy in 2014.

NVREA was recognised as one of the fastest growing private institutions. Nick Vertucci appreciated his entire team for having worked hard and facilitating their daily operations within the corporation. Through his experience, he has published a book called Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed that will mentor people going through the same to becoming lucrative investors. Nick Vertucci is known for four statements that are seeing, believing, mapping and executing an idea that cuts across the mind. NVREA believes in serving its students and integrity within the company.