Bennett Graebner: The Executive Producer Behind Some Of Television´s Biggest Reality Shows

Bennett Graebner is someone who has been having an excellent career within the film and television industry and is someone who has made a considerable impact on several tv shows across America. Bennett Graebner is the producer of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. These two tv shows have amassed millions of dollars and are known for being some of the biggest reality tv shows currently. These two flagship shows have showcased the incredible amount of skill and experience that Graebner has within this industry.

Because of the phenomenal work that  Bennett Graebner has done through the course of his career, he has been given several awards and recognition. Some of the more commonly known honors that he has been given include a Teen Choice Award, an honor by the BMI Film & TV Awards and an award from the ASCAP. The shows that he has produced have all gained an incredible response and stand as some of the biggest culturally influencings shows on television. The outstanding part about this is that the key demographic of these shows remains to be the eighteen to thirty-year-old bracket, which is one of the hardest viewer bases to work in.

One of the biggest reasons why Graebner has been able to stand as such a notable producer for several shows is because of his strong understanding of shows narratives and flow. He believes that having a compelling narration that viewers can relate to is incredibly important and something that drivers the shows to success. He states that several times, he follows certain guidelines that help keep the show moving and which help him produce high-quality content (Ideamensch). However, Graebner doesn’t just work on television, he works in reality tv, which is significantly harder to produce. He, however, believes that reality television also needs to follow certain guidelines in order to make them interesting and compelling.

Bennett Graebner’s ability to communicate well with people and be a team player is also something that has helped him grow within this industry. He believes that individuals need to communicate well to ensure that there is smooth production of a show, and lives with that idea in mind.

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