Our Successes at Rocketship Education

The Rocketship education’s ultimate vision seeks to ensure that every child achieves their dream of reaching their fullest potential in life. Unfortunately, for the longest time ever, it has been believed that the quality of education which your child gets is dependent on where you live and how rich you are. The Rocketship education came in to eradicate the notion that, a good education can only be achieved by the rich. It has created a sustainable culture of creating equal accessibility of education even to the less advantaged in the society.

Rocketship education has been ranked in the top 10 best performing schools in Califonia. We appreciate the fact that we still have a long way to go in realizing our dreams despite the fact that we are doing very well so far. We are extremely proud that our school has been able to instill the virtue of persistence, responsibility, and respect for our children despite the good performance in class. We have also been able to supplement institutional studies with social-emotional culture and positive comportment intrusions.

It’s intriguing how perfectly we have been able to engage the community around us in the children’s academic life. Our teachers and the leadership of the school ensure that they visit families of students studying at Rocketship to learn more of their experiences outside of school. By so doing we develop very strong ties with our parents which gives them the morale to support and be loyal ambassadors of our school.

Consistency in the management team has enabled parents to keep trusting in us all through the years. The Business Operations Manager has been able to create a culture which helps the staff focus on teaching and performance.

Believing in our children’s potential is what drives our success as a school. Right now, we can confidently stand and say that we have successfully gone against the status quo of educational inequality.

We are definitely very proud of our achievement so far, and we can do a lot better if we focus. Basically, at this pace, what would render Rocketship education unable to attain our vision of eradicating the education attainment gap in our lifetime?