Richard Liu Qiangdong, A New Business

Richard Liu Qiangdong has taken up his place in the world by using the computer technology known as e-commerce which is a direct sales tactic that allows people to buy and sell goods and products online. The business that he created is a major success and it is no wonder because the result of him jumping into the risk oriented business that is online entrepreneurship is a big bet on oneself. His accumulation of knowledge is developed slowly by his life experiences and his real world education which is what his parents fostered in him as a younger individual.

As a matter of fact his parents not only taught him the importance of having an education but also to be able to work hard and to have a mindset that is geared towards excelling in a major way at life with whatever ambition Richard Liu Qiangdong set his focus towards. The business that Richard Liu Qiangdong created has now earned a profit of over twelve billion dollars and what is better is that the business is successful to this day because of his earlier discipline that he developed growing up.

He went to school at a sociology institution to earn his bachelors degree and it was during that time interval that he learned the meaning of success which was doing what has not been done before. With this information Richard Liu Qiangdong stretched himself to learn coding and computer programing before he even set foot into the real world.

When he did go off to aquire new life experiences he got a job at Japan Life which at the time was a supplement shop. He used his profound knowledge of computer programming to set himself up with a nice gig as the director of computers at Japan Life. His efforts continued until he finally concocted the JD business.

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Carsten Thiel and Hoffman La-Roche Pharmaceuticals

Carsten Thiel is an innovator in the field of biotechnology. He has been working on breakthrough medical therapies. Thousands of people have much better health because of him. He thinks that medical protocols have to be reexamined and keep up with the times. He was an excellent student and wound up studying chemistry in Marburg. He was born in Berlin. Later he studied in England where he learned about organic chemistry and biochemistry. He achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree. Eventually he obtained a PhD. in Molecular Biology. He entered into the pharmaceutical field at a company called Hoffman La-Roche a biotechnology business. He began there as a product and communications manager. From here he was able to use his various skills to improve his position within the company.

Soon Carsten Thiel was handling key account management and scientific marketing. He began to achieve one career success after another within the company. He achieved in many roles that he took on in the biochemistry field. He thought it important to provide excellent customer service and to be able to bring a product of the company to the market place. At one point he was put in charge of bringing the weight loss pill Xenical to market. He had been marketing to medical providers but now he would be marketing to the general public. He was conservative in marketing approach and because of this and other reasons Xenical has been a success.

Carsten Thiel spends some of his day with the Company Board and investors. Everyone needs to be thinking alike. He also spends time with customers. He needs to travel to be successful at this. He keeps in close contact with the people who manage and run the company. He is a true asset for the company Hoffman La-Roche Pharmaceuticals.

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Carsten Thiel Shows You How To Be Successful

Everyone wants to be productive but only a small segment of the population is as truly productive as they can be within this world.

Why is this?

Well, it can range and have a few different reasons. They may be lost in life, they may be in a dead-end job, they may not like what they are doing, there might be health problems, there might be environmental issues that stop them from being productive. Most individuals might find themselves distracted by different sites such as Facebook, Imgur, Twitter and others that continue to eat up their time. But people like Carsten Thiel can show you how to be productive.

Carsten Thiel and His Routine

Carsten Thiel wakes up a little early and makes certain to stay in touch with his family at the start of the day. Staying in touch with his family and reaching out to them at the start of the day allows him to start his day correctly, impressing upon him the many reasons as to why he goes to work and why he does what he does. He will make certain to have a simple breakfast and have a little drink, usually coffee, alongside his meal.

He cherishes the early morning moments because they are moments of peace and clarity, they are moments where one can think, plan, and stay focused. He makes certain to use this part of the day wisely to be as sanguine and clear-minded as possible within these early moments so he can start the day with solid momentum.

After the early morning ritual, he usually jumps to his email and makes certain that there is no pressing matters or issues that must be dealt with as soon as possible. He quickly scans the news and then heads on into work. He makes certain to do two things throughout each day, focus on things that will matter then but making certain that those things matter within the long run as well.

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OSI Industries Merger With Turi Foods And Other Deals Which Have Made The Marked The Company’s Spectacular Journey

The OSI Industries is one of the most popular companies when it comes to value added meat and other food products. The company has branches in different locations around the world and is still expanding. However, the company has not always been a market leader. As a matter of fact, their story is one of resilience and a relentless effort to ensure that they made it in their industry despite the odds. When the company was started in the 60’s, it was simply referred to as Otto and Sons and its vision was to become a local meat and meat products supplier.

It was a deal to supply MacDonald’s which their meat products which made the founder realize that his company had potential to move beyond its hometown and go national. At the time, the current company CEO, Sheldon Lavin, was working as an investment banking adviser in charge of the OSI Industries account. The company felt that he was qualified and knowledgeable enough to become part of their team, and so they invited him. Sheldon joined the team in 1976 and this was the turning point for OSI Industries. It is Sheldon’s leadership which has led the country to their current presence in Europe, China, Australia, and the Middle East.

Recently, the company made a huge stride into the Australian market when they merged with Turosi Pty Limited, an Australian based food processing company. The company is based in Victoria Australia and has been one of the top suppliers of value-added meat products to establishments such as specialty chicken retailers, Quick Service Restaurants, Food Service Markets and Retail Outlets in the Asian and Pacific Regions. The two companies are now set to start on a journey of becoming one huge and successful food processing industry. They will continue with their operations in their respective companies and plants in Eagle Farm, Blacktown, New South Wales, and Broadmeadows.

It is such mergers and business partnerships which have made it possible for OSI Industries to expand their operation to encompass their entire Middle East, Asia, Australian, and even African region.