Infinity Group Australia Assisting Australians to Create Wealth through Unmatched Wealth Creation Strategies

Many people in Australia are focused on ensuring that they create wealth within a specified period. You might think that creating much wealth is all about accumulating different types of assets and then giving them time to appreciate where you can dispose the assets with a significant return on investment. If you think that this is the best strategy is the best for you to create wealth, then you are several steps behind. You should understand that wealth creation is a process that involves managing your current financial expenditure and ensuring that you can account for the money you are receiving.


Infinity Group Australia is a financial service company that helps you to create wealth by offering practical solutions that are just tailor-made to meet your financial needs. The company will help you to manage bills as there is no way you will create significant wealth if your monthly bills will keep on increasing. Sometimes you get your monthly payments and all over sadden your bank balance is zero because you have used much of your money in paying for your monthly bills. Infinity Group Australia will help you to formulate a monthly budget that will include your daily consumption where you can trace your expenditure and thus understand where your money goes.


After determining how you have been spending your money, you will come up with a strategy that ensures that you eliminate unnecessary expenditure and use the surplus money in wealth creation. Infinity Group Australia intervenes in one of the most critical situations, where you spend much of your monthly income, which is mortgage repayment. The firm, through a personal banker, will help you to pay a significant proportion of your loan within the first few months so that you can reduce the size of your mortgage to a manageable level by lowering future interest rates.


From the Infinity Group Australia reviews, it is clear that the company does not only assist you in creating wealth through cost reduction and management of your monthly income. The firm has property investment strategists who will help you to determine an investment plan that works for you. The firm will also ensure that your assets are protected, and they generate maximum yields so that your dream of creating wealth can be achieved within a short period. What makes the services of Infinity Group Australia stand out among other financial services is that there is no trick involved. It all goes down to strategic planning and using your current financial status to propel yourself to the next level. Learn more:

“Our integrity is not for sale,” says Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe to Match Group

With companies like Tinder already in the industry, when Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble in September 2014, there wasn’t much buzz about it as people didn’t expect it to go so far. With the little attention that it got, Whitney Wolfe took the opportunity to establish a company that would take over the industry right under her competitors’ noses.

Less than five years in business, Bumble has grown to a 1 billion dollar worth and has accumulated more than 10 million clients worldwide. Seeing that Bumble had become a worthy opponent, in 2016, Match Group, owner of Tinder and PlentyOfFish dating apps attempted to acquire it for 450 dollars, an offer that was firmly rejected by Whitney Wolfe. Less than a year later Match Group launched a complaint against Bumble under the claims that Bumble was infringing patents under the ownership of Tinder.

Finally, Whitney, founder, and CEO of Bumble has responded to the claims with an elaborate letter in which refers to the complaint as baseless and accuses Tinder of being bitter over the fact that she refused to sell Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is the definition of a strong woman in business.

Whitney Wolfe Graduated from the Southern Methodist University with a degree in International Studies. During her time in college, Whitney sold bamboo tote bags to the victim of the BP oil spill. She attracted the attention of the celebrity stylist Aufdenkamp who joined forces with her to launch the Help Us Project. Upon the completion of her college studies, Whitney began working with orphanages in the South East part of Asia.

At 22 years of age, Whitney moved back to the US and began working at the hatch lab through which she was introduced to Chris Gulczynski of Tinder. She started working for Tinder as the VP of marketing and came up with the name Tinder. Despite doing such incredible work in her department, Whitney left Tinder on a bad note accusing the company of sexual harassment in a lawsuit which was settled for a million dollars in her favor.

Owing to her experience in Tinder, Wolfe came up with the idea for bumble, a dating platform for women that has recently launched BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF apps for making friends.