Wealth Solutions’ Richard Blair and His Philosophy

The top services provided by Wealth Solutions allow clients to manage, protect and grow their assets. Richard Blair provides clients with a resourceful advisor and partner as the company’s founder and is highly qualified with a number of certifications including CFS, CES, RICP and CAS and experience. Wealth Solutions, a RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm out of Austin, Texas.


Wealth Solutions Process of Financial Planning


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has the belief that a good financial plan that allows the meeting of financial goals is something everyone needs. His goal is to provide clients with retirement planning and wealth management. There is a three pillar approach followed by Wealth Solutions which allows for quick discovery of the financial situation and retirement needs of clients. This makes it easier to develop a plan that is customized to each client’s individual needs.


The first pillar aids in laying out financial roadmaps by the identification of growth opportunities, tolerance for risk, goals and strengths. It is easy to get a great financial roadmap when you understand the client. The second pillar is designed to fit investment goals and liquidity needs, by developing a strategy for the long term. The assets are managed and reallocated to ensure they perform at the maximum level in the portfolio while minimizing the impact of negative marketing trends. The third pillar involves meeting the insurance needs of each client by figuring out the goals they have set and developing strategies for their achievement. This includes annuities and long term care in addition to insurance.


About Richard Blair


His family’s teaching background was what influenced Blair to offer financial advice and services to families, individuals and small businesses. He saw first hand from his mother and grandmother how teaching increases both confidence and knowledge which lead Richard Blair to form Wealth Solutions to serve people around Austin, Texas in 1994. The firm is still providing objective and unbiased advice without conflict of interest to its clients. Richard Blair has skill and knowledge that allow him to give advice that enables clients to increase investments to meet the needs of retirement.


To learn more, visit http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/.