Edwin Miranda On Ever-Changing Marketing Strategy

Edwin Miranda is a marketing professional who formerly worked as the CEO of a drug-making organization in Florida. For Miranda, taking the journey on marketing firm is similarly both a project and a challenge. Marketing agencies closing doors are also replaced with consultants. However, consultants cannot cope with big companies, and the prices for smaller firms cannot be challenged.

But Edwin Miranda has a different opinion for the dying agencies, and he believes the closing of marketing firms is not worth the cost as some companies would portray. According to Miranda, most of the marketing companies out there have no proper balance between productivity and creativity. While in previous years things have focused more on productivity, creative directors and artists have shifted on to the consultants. Unfortunately, that deserted marketing agencies without any talent of keeping them competitive.

By looking on the unfolding things, Edwin Miranda commenced by ensuring he had a whole creative department which had the best brains that are not only productive but also creative. That is how Edwin Miranda arrived at working with a team of productive and innovative individuals in his marketing agency KOI IXS. By using the strategy, he managed to create great teams and got hands-on with every group not just to ensure they worked excellently as a team but to make certain his vision was clear.

Edwin Miranda never wanted his organization to dwell in the past as he looked forward to ensuring his firm always advanced with ever-changing technology. As a result, Miranda hired technology specialists to assist the promoting teams in building strategies on matters of using new technologies. That way, KOI IXS never had to play catch-up whereby the company is always upgraded readying itself for those technologies being developed. Currently, Miranda takes pride in achieving his dreams and believes that for every flourishing company, there is an expert excellent team behind.r

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