EOS Lip Balm Review: An Organic Solution Your Lips Have Been Craving

You may already be familiar with EOS Lip Balm and the fact that they have such an extensive line of flavors, ranging from the basics to limited edition flavors available only during limited time runs. If you aren’t already familiar with them, EOS Lip Balms are the little round, colorful containers that you see at most of the major retailers who sell home and beauty products. Their spherical design and toned down colors make EOS Lip Balm reminiscent of Easter Eggs. Here’s just a small taste of a few of the top EOS Lip Balm flavors on the market today.

The EOS Shimmer Balm is a beautiful addition to to everyday wear or for a fancy event you might be attending. Whether it’s a nice on the town, a beautiful gala event, or you’re attending your favorite concert, the shimmer balm accentuates your luscious lips in all the right ways. Shimmer Balm can have a multitude of applications. You can build up your look for a more glam appeal or keep it simple and shiny to wear all day, every day. This balm protects your lips while adding a touch of style to its presentation, making your lips pop at the slightest hint of light. The Shimmer Balm comes in two key flavors: sheer pink and coral.

Fun and flirty Sheer Pink is perfect if you really are interested in glam or just to pull off a fresh spring look. Coral is perfect for a summer jam and it really brings out the life in your face. Both are paraben-free, all natural formulas that are also free of phthalates, gluten products, and petroleum based ingredients.