Guilherme Paulus Contributes to the Growth of the Brazilian Economy through Investments in the Tourism Sector

CVC recently purchased two tour operating companies in Argentina. The company acquired 60% of Ola Transatlantica Turismo and 60% of Travel and Tourism Services Biblos, a move CVC has been looking at for quite some time now. With the purchase, CVC is now the third largest tour operator in Argentina behind Decolar and Almundo. Despite many viewing the economic situation in Argentina as a crisis, CVC sees it as an opportunity to internationalize its operations further.

Additionally, these purchases are aimed at increasing the number of Brazilian tourists who visit Argentina given it is 50% cheaper for them. This move will give Brazilian tourists more travel packages to Argentina leading to increased business opportunities for local airlines and the hotel industry, while also increasing tourism revenues for Argentina. Given the ongoing economic crisis in Argentina, an investment from an international company such as CVC is welcome as the country works on correcting the current economic situation.

Guilherme Paulus founded Brazil’s largest tourism operator CVC in 1972 together with Carlos Cerchiari. However, Carlos Cerchiari left the business four years later, and Guilherme had to carry on alone. Since then, however, he has grown the tour operator into an international operator with investments from global companies such as the Carlyle Group which invested $750 million in 2013, taking control of 60% of the company. However, this move opened up more investment opportunities for CVC such as the one above and Guilherme could not be happier.

In the hotel and resort industry, Guilherme Paulus opened up GJP Hotels & Resorts in 2005 after seizing a business opportunity in the sector. The establishment offers tourists a range of 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star restaurant and accommodation to choose from when they visit Brazil. Since beginning operations, GJP Hotels & Resorts has opened up operations in 14 locations with 3, 000 rooms which have served more than 95, 000 visitors to date. The company has so far created employment for more than 5, 000 people.

Guilherme Paulus is the sort of businessman who seizes an investment opportunity when he sees one. In 2006, he bought Webjet, a transportation company with only one charter plane at the time. This gave him the opportunity to ease the movement of tourists across Brazil while contributing to the growth of the Brazilian economy. By the time he was selling the company in 2011, Webjet had grown into the third largest airline in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus serves as an executive at CVC. Through building relationships with companies, clients, and employees, he has grown the company into the largest tour operator in Southern America. Consequently, the company now trades on the Sao Paulo Stock exchange. Guilherme Paulus also strongly believes in giving back to the community and does so whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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