Gulf Coast Western

Leading the Industry

Gas and oil leader Gulf Coast Western are changing the way we process precious commodities such as gas and oil. Since 1970, they have been partnering with the nations top suppliers to make sure expansion within the industry continues. Mathew Fleeger CEO takes an ethical approach to business strategy “My strategy was simple. I would grow my business around honesty, integrity and creativity, and I expect the people around me to be the same way.”

Expansion and Growth

Expanding one’s prospectus is what business-making is primarily about. As an entrepreneur and before taking the reins at GCW in 2007, Fleeger had been on the fast track. But admits that too much, too soon can lead to consequences. “I was focused on expansion in the beginning and it led me to make an asset acquisition that seemed good on the surface.” With continued research Fleeger was able to better assess the company. “When I suspected it was not as I perceived it, I shut it down and cut my loses. I continued to do my due diligence which allowed me unravel it before it caused any more damage to my company.” Insights such as these, has catapulted to new industry heights.

What’s on the Horizon?

With main focuses on waste management, and tanning along with gas and oil industry expertise Fleeger and GCW are paving the way for improved standards. As more and more competitors enter the arena, the more we see different aspects of the gas and oil field. Fleeger looks to the future of the industry with renewed vigor. “The trend that excited me is the innovation and American ingenuity taking place in our oil industry. The advancements in technology have created opportunities and efficiencies that weren’t there even five years ago.”