Has there ever been a time when you thought about doing something that you never thought you would do?

Michael Lacey first started his career off going to college which is something that most people do. This is something that made him understand that he had to do the career that he was trying to. Michael is an American mathematician which means that he was born and is doing his career here in the United States. He worked hard in his life to get where he is today but is still working hard to get even further in life. He has worked hard and has been rewarded with many awards that talks about the hard work that he has done. He has been known to be one of the smartest people in the United States which is something that many have not done. He has worked with many other people teaching them how to something similar with the career that they have picked. This makes it where he is able to talk about all the things that he has done in life along with the advice that can encourage the younger people that are working to become the same thing.


When he was younger there was a time when he thought that this was not going to be the career that he was going to do but when he got further into his life he understood that this is something that he enjoyed doing. Not only this but there are so much out there that can be done when they are a mathematician. He also has worked with many students that have gone on to do something similar to what he does which is why they are working with him. He has also mentored many people who now have their post docs. This is something that he takes pride in when he is working with them and something that he will continue to do for many more years to come. This career is really something different compared to the others that are there in the world and are rising.